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FrontPage : House/Senate chart on your desk.

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FrontPage : House/Senate chart on your desk. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FrontPage : House/Senate chart on your desk. Some Guy Threw 4,800 Messages in a Bottle Into the Atlantic Ocean and Got 3,100 Responses from All Over the World

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FrontPage: House/Senate chart on your desk.

Some Guy Threw 4,800 Messages in a Bottle Into the Atlantic Ocean and Got 3,100 Responses from All Over the World

Harold Hackett's hobby, tossing messages in a bottle into the ocean, proves that even the most outdated and unreliable form of 'social networking' can still work in our facebooking, twittering world. He sent 4,800 messages via the Atlantic and received over 3,000 messages back from all over the world.

Last Word:Read/OL 5.4 for Monday; in Library tomorrow

in the house

In the House

Leadership and Debate in the House of Representatives

most important and powerful leader of the house
Most important and powerful leader of the House?
  • The Speaker of the House…
    • John Boehner (R – OH)
  • How is he selected?
    • Serves for 2 years, usually more than once…
  • What are the jobs that the Speaker of the House performs?
other leaders
Other Leaders…
  • Majority leader:
    • 2nd highest position
      • Eric Cantor (R – VA)
  • What major jobs does the Majority leader perform in the House?
other leaders1
Other Leaders…
  • Minority Leader
    • Most powerful leader of minority party
    • Nancy Pelosi (D – CA)
  • Leader of the “loyal opposition” in the House…
    • What does this mean?
the senate

The Senate

Leadership and Debate in the “Cool” Senate…

the president of the senate
The President of the Senate
  • Which person does the Constitution appoint as the President (presiding officer) of the Senate?
    • VP Biden is rarely there…why?
  • Besides rarely attending, what reasons can you think of to explain why the VP has very little power in the Senate?

What is the only real Senatorial power given to the VP by the Constitution?

the usual presiding officer
The Usual Presiding Officer
  • While the VP is away (almost all the time), what position/person has the job of presiding over the Senate?
  • What is usually taken into account when selecting the Pro-Temp.
    • How does he get to be the Pro Temp?
  • Currently: Daniel Inouye(D - HI)
the most powerful leader
The Most Powerful Leader?
  • Since the Pro-Temp is only a “temporary leader”, and the VP is never there, another person in the Senate really has the most power…

Which position do you think might be the most powerful?

senate majority leader
Senate Majority Leader
  • This is the most powerful position in the Senate
  • Jobs/duties are the same as in the House
    • But due to the Senate’s lack of a permanent speaker, this person is the most powerful member.
  • Harry Reid (D – NV)
senate minority leader
Senate Minority Leader
  • Basically the same position as in the House…
  • Mitch McConnell (R – KY)