the complexity of acquisition in the dod bureaucracy
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The complexity of acquisition in the DoD Bureaucracy

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The complexity of acquisition in the DoD Bureaucracy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The complexity of acquisition in the DoD Bureaucracy. Warfighter Integration. Acquisition is a serious matter... . Acquisition is a serious matter... . That was funny, but this is real. “ Get a computer on a Desk” References , Policy and Guidance. MARADMIN 083/99 MARADMIN 121/02

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get a computer on a desk references policy and guidance
“Get a computer on a Desk”References, Policy and Guidance







Marine Corps Strategy 21

MCO 2400.2

MCO 2410.2B

MCO 3090.1

MCO 3093.1C

MCO 3093.2

MCO 4855.10B

MCO 5210.11D

MCO 5210.13C

MCO 5211.5

MCO 5239.1

MCO 5271.1A

MCO 5271.3

MCO 5720.76

MCO P1070.12K

MCO P5211.2B

Message: Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)

Metadata Registration Memo

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Bulletin, Availability of electronic records management guidance for PKI digital signature authentication and secured transaction records

Naval Power 21

Naval Transformation Roadmap

Navy Marine Corps Portal Policy Guidance Memorandum Number 1

Navy Marine Corps Portal Policy Guidance Memorandum Number 2 (Alignment)

Navy Shore-Based Oracle Database Enterprise License Agreement

NCES Definition Study

NMC Record Disposal Man

NMCI Application Rule Set

Office of Management and Budget Information Quality Guidelines 2-2002

OMB Bulletin 12-16-2004 Issuance of Office of Management and Budget's Final Information Quality Bulletin for Peer Review

OMB Circular A-11

OMB Circular A-119

OMB Circular A-130

OMB Circular A-76

OMB EGov Strat

DoD CAC Policy Memo

DoD CIO Memo PKI 8-12-00

DoD Collaboration Tool Interoperability Standards

DoD DAR Policy Memo

DoD Data Administration Changes

DoD Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

DoD Enterprise Software Initiative

DoD ESI DFARS Additions

DoD Interim Acquisition Guidance

DoD IRM Strategic Plan

DoD IT Portfolio Repository (DITPR) Guidance for 2006

DoD IT Registry Guidance for FY05

DoD Memo: Clinger-Cohen Act Compliance Certification of Major Automated Information Systems for Fiscal Year 2005

DoD Memo: Component Support Department of Defense IT Portfolio Review Process

DoD Memo: Encryption of Sensitive Unclassified Data at Rest on Mobile Computing Devices and Removable Storage Media

DoD Memo: Protection of Sensitive Department of Defense Data at Rest on Portable Computing Devices

DoD Memo: Removal of Personally Identifying Information of DoD Personnel from Unclassified Web Sites

DoD National Defense Appropriations Act FY04 Sec. 8084 a-c

DoD Support for SmartBUY

DoD Telework Policy

DoD Web Site Admin Policy

DoDD 8115.01 Portfolio Managment

DON ASN FMC Enterprise Resource Planning Memo

DON ASN RDA Enterprise Software Initiative Memo

DON BPA Best Practices

DON Business Initiative Council

DON Business IT Pre-Certification Guidance

DON CIO Letter Inherently Governmental and Commercial Activities

DON CIO Memo 19 December 2005: DON Business IT System Pre-Certification and Registration Guidance

DON CIO Memo 21 Oct 2005: DON Deputy Chief Information Officer (Marine Corps) Fiscal Year 2006 Tasking

DON CIO Memo 21 Oct 2005: DON Deputy Chief Information Officer (Navy) Fiscal Year 2006 Tasking

DON CIO Memo: Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer Telework Program

DON CIO Memo: Department of the Navy Electronic Records Management and Record Electronic Mail Management

DON CIO Memo: Department of the Navy Open Source Software Guidance

DON CIO Memo: Minimum Criteria For Funding Information Technology Investments

DON FISMA Guidance

DON Forms Management Program Manual 5213.1

DON Functional Area Manager

DON Guide IT Perf Measure

DON ILC Charter 1-18-01

DON IM/IT Strategic Plan FY 2006-2007

DON Information Requirements Reports Manual 5214.1

DON IT Cap Plan Guide

DON IT Infrast Arch, 1.0

DON IT Invest Eval Hdbk

DON IT Registration Database Guidance for FY05

DON IT Registration DB Guidance 2004

DON IT Standards Guidance

DON IT Wrkforce Strat Pln

DON Mgmt Soft Apps

DON Objectives for 2007

DON PKI Implement Plan

DON Policy for Issuance, Use, and Management of Government- Provided Mobile (Cellular) Phone, Data Equipment and Services, and Calling Cards

DON Policy on the Use of Extensible Markup Language (XML)

DON Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Implementation Guidance Update


DON Smart Card Reader

DON Smart Card Tech.

DON Spectrum MOU

DON Standard Subject Identification Code (SSIC) Manual 5210.2

DON Strat Vision Spectrum

DON Strategy for Achieving Consistent Information Assurance (IA) Training, Certification, and Workforce Management

DON Sup DoD IT Port Rev Proc

DON Telework Policy

DON Under Virt Corr 11-01

DON Web Policy Message

DON XML Naming and Design and Rules

DON XML Policy

DTG 021419Z FEB 99: Department of the Navy Information Technology Enterprise-Wide Investment Policy

DTG 081547Z FEB 07: Department of the Navy Privacy Impact Assessment Guidance

DTG 091502Z APR 07: DON Civilian Information Assurance Workforce Identification, Tracking, Monitoring, and Reporting

DTG 091749Z MAY 07: DON Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Guidance

DTG 161552Z MAY 07: Updated DON Guidance for BEA Compliance Assessment to Address Additional Requirement of the RPILM IRB

DTG 171952Z APR 07: Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

DTG 202041Z AUG 07: DON Security Guidance for Personal Electronic Devices (PED)

DTG 221246Z AUG 07: DON Federal Information Security Management Act Goals for FY 2008

DTG 232026Z JUL 07: Safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information from Unauthorized Disclosure

DTG 242018Z MAY 07: Continuity of Operations Planning Across the Department of the Navy

eGovernment Act of 2002

Elec Sign Commerce Act

Executive Order 13011

Executive Order 13103

Executive Order 13111

Executive Order 13231

Executive Order on Critical Infrastructure Protection

Federal CIO Council Strategic Plan FY 2007-2009

FOIA of 1991

FORCEnet Requirements / Capabilities and Compliance Policy

FY 2006 IT Budget Guidance

GIG ES Core Enterprise Services Implementation Memo

GISRA of 2000

GPEA of 1999

GPRA of 1993

Homeland Security Presidential Directive/Hspd-7

How to Use the Federal Register

HSPD-7 Crit Infra Ident Prior Prot

HSPD-8 National Preparedness

Info Infra Prot. Act

Information Assurance Training, Certification, and Workforce Management; DoD Directive 8570.1

Information Technology Exchange Program Implementation within the Department of Defense

Inhert Gov Comm Act Guide

IPv6 Interim Transition Guidance

IPv6 Memo

IPv6 Transition Plan Coordination and Interim Tasking

IT FY 04 Budget Guidance

IT Policy Guidance on FY2005 IT Expenditures

Joint Pub 3-13 Doct on IO

JROC DMS/COE/NCES Requirements Memo

Knowledge Management Strategy Memo

Legacy Applications Transition Guide








OMB Memo 00-10 GPEA

OMB Memo 00-13 Privacy

OMB Memo 00-15 GPEA

OMB Memo 03-18 (eGov Act)

OMB Memo 03-19 FISMA

OMB Memo 03-22

OMB Memo 96-20

OMB Memo 99-05 Privacy

OMB Memo 99-18 Privacy

Open Source Software Memo













OSD Memo: DoD-Wide Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) / Lean Six Sigma (LSS)

OSD Policy for FY07 OMB A-11, Exhibits 53 & 300, and NDAA, section 32

Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995

PDD 63 Crit Infra Prot

Pres. Mgmt Agen, Person.

Privacy Act of 1974 (Amd)

Radio Frequency Authorization (RFA)

Remote Access to Enterprise E-mail From Non-DOD Computers

Sea Power 21

SECNAV Memo of 22 Aug 05: Designation of the Department of the Navy Deputy Chief Information Officer (Navy) and the Department of the Navy Deputy Chief Information Officer (Marine Corps)

SECNAV Memo: Designation of the Department of the Navy Deputy Chief Information Officer (Navy)

SECNAV Memo: DON Critical Infrastructure Protection

SECNAV Memo: Transformation Through Lean Six Sigma

SECNAV Memo: Transformation Through Lean Six Sigma: Round One

SECNAVINST 2075.1: Department of the Navy Use of Commercial Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Devices, Services, and Technologies

SECNAVINST 2400.1 Electromagnetic Spectrum Policy and Management

SECNAVINST 3501.1A: Department of the Navy Critical Infrastructure Protection

SECNAVINST 5000.2C: Implementation and Operations of the Defense Acquisition System and the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System

SECNAVINST 5000.36A: Department of the Navy Information Technology Applications and Data Management

SECNAVINST 5070.2D Naval Library and Information Centers


SECNAVINST 5210.16 DON Forms Management Program and Information Requirements (Reports) Management Programs

SECNAVINST 5210.8D DON Records Management Program



SECNAVINST 5239.3A: DON Information Assurance Policy


SECNAVINST 5430.7N: Assignment of Responsibilities and Authorities in the Office of the Secretary of the Navy




SECNAVINST 5720.47B: Department of the Navy Policy for Content of Publicly Accessible World Wide Web Sites

SECNAVMAN 5239.1 Information Assurance Manual

Section 508

Section 515 of Pub Law 106-554 H.R. 5658 / 21DEC2000

Task Force Web Message

TPPU Concept for Net Centric Operations

Withholding of Information that Personally Identifies DoD Personnel

2006 DoD CIO Strategic Plan

2006 Enterprise Transition Plan

2006 Quadrennial Defense Review

AF-CIO Policy Memorandum 02-03: Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) Policy

ALMAR 068/97: Marine Corps Access to the Internet Permissible and Prohibited Conduct

ALMAR 135/98: Direction of Marine Corps Information Technology in the Future; Interoperability and Standardization

ALMAR 148/95: Marine Corps Policy and Guidance for Global Command and Control Systems

ALMAR 154/98: Information Technology Advisory 98-02: U.S. Marine Corps Common/Component Configurations

ALMAR 227/98: AIS Program Management

ALMAR 232/96: Chief Information Officer and Information Management Implementation Process

ALMAR 388/97: Guidance for Internet Use: Publication of Unclassified Information on the World Wide Web (WWW)

Army Regulation 25-1: Army Knowledge Management and Information Technology

ASD NII Memo: Electronic Mail Records and Electronic Mail Retention Policies for the Department of Defense (DoD)

ASN RDA Memo 11-2-2005: Managing Changes to the DON IT Applications Operating on NMCI

CJCSI 3020.01: Managing, Integrating, and Using Joint Deployment Information Systems

CJCSI 3170.01B: Requirements Generation System

CJCSI 6211.02B: Defense Information System Network and Connected Systems

CJCSI 6212.01B: Interoperability and Supportability of National Security Systems and IT Systems

CJCSI 6900.01A: Telecommunications Economy and Discipline Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996

CMC Message: Phase 1 Rationalization of Legacy Applications and Software for the Transition to the Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)

CMC Message: Preparing for Legacy Applications Transition to the NMCI

CMC Message: Use of the Legacy Applications Transition

CNO Guidance 2007

Defense Business Enterprise Architecture, System Accountability, and Conditions for Obligation of Funds for Defense Business System Modernization

Department of Defense Memo: Ensuring Quality of Information Disseminated to the Public by the Department of Defense

Department of Defense Smart Card Senior Coordinating Group

Department of the Navy Information Technology Policy Guidance for Fiscal Year 2007 Expenditures

Department of the Navy Memo: Designation of Department of the Navy (DON) Application and Database Management System (DADMS) as an Authoritative Data Source

Department of the Navy Privacy Impact Assessment Guidance

DITPR-DON Registration Guidance for 2006

DoD 5220.22-M: National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual

DoD Appropriations Act Fiscal Year 2001, Sec 8102

DoD Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2000, Sec 8121

DoD Appropriations Act for FY 2002, Sec. 8104

DoD Auth FY01 Sect 1061

DoD Auth FY99 Sec 2223

DoD Auth. FY01, Sec 811

fix it h r 1232
Fix It ! : H.R. 1232
  • - Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act
  • - March 2013 Introduced in House of Representatives
  • - Feb 25, 2014 Passed in the House
  • - What does it do and will it fix the problem? (not a law yet so many unknowns)
    • - Changes to Chief Information Officers
    • - Development and implementation of the Federal Data Center Optimization Initiative
    • - Government wide IT asset inventory and elimination or consolidation of duplicative websites
    • - Create a stance that cloud computing is beneficial. Allows establishment of cloud service working capital funds.
    • - Prohibits an executive agency from issuing a solicitation for certain covered contract vehicles unless the agency performs a business case analysis and obtains approval from the Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy (FPP).
    • - Directs the OMB Director to: (1) establish a Federal Infrastructure and Common Application Collaboration Center to serve as a focal point for coordinated program management practices and to develop and maintain requirements for the acquisition of IT infrastructure and applications commonly used by federal agencies, and (2) designate Assisted Acquisition Centers of Excellence (AACEs) to develop areas of specialized acquisition expertise within various executive agencies. Sets forth authority for AACEs to implement best practices, assist agencies in expedient and low-cost interagency acquisitions by engaging in repeated and frequent acquisition of similar IT requirements, and assist with recruitment and training.
    • - Requires the OMB Director to submit to Congress: (1) a five-year strategic plan to develop, strengthen, and solidify IT acquisition cadres; and (2) a plan for improving management of IT programs and projects.
    • - Directs the FPP Administrator to prescribe regulations requiring a comparative value analysis to be included in the contract file when the federal government purchases services and supplies offered under the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative from sources outside such Initiative.
    • - Permits executive agencies to state in solicitations that awards will be made using a fixed price technical competition under which all offerors compete solely on nonprice factors and the fixed award price is pre-announced in the solicitation.
    • - Requires additional information concerning blanket purchase agreements and IT investments to be made available to the public.
    • - Establishes guidance with respect to the validity of open source software as a procurement option required to receive full consideration alongside other options (in merit-based requirements development and evaluation processes promoting choices based on performance and value) in a manner free of preconceived preferences based on how technology is developed, licensed, or distributed within the federal government. Prohibits such guidance from modifying the federal policy of following technology-neutral principles when selecting and acquiring information technology.
    • - Requires federal computer standards to include guidelines necessary to enable effective adoption of open source software. Directs the OMB Director to issue guidance for the use and collaborative development of open source software within the federal government.
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