academic senate meeting september 9 2004 n.
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Academic Senate Meeting September 9, 2004

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Academic Senate Meeting September 9, 2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agenda Call to Order Approval of Agenda: Approval of Minutes: Treasurer’s Report: Old Business: Summer updates New Business: Committee Appointments: 2005-06 Calendar Accreditation Proposal Report on administrative reorganization Equivalency Criteria for overload Committee Reports:

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Presentation Transcript
academic senate meeting september 9 2004

Call to Order

Approval of Agenda:

Approval of Minutes:

Treasurer’s Report:

Old Business:

Summer updates

New Business:

Committee Appointments:

2005-06 Calendar

Accreditation Proposal

Report on administrative reorganization


Criteria for overload

Committee Reports:

If you are on any committees that have met this school year, please be prepared to provide a brief update regarding the committee.

Other Business:

Academic Senate MeetingSeptember 9, 2004
committee appointments academic senate
Committee AppointmentsAcademic Senate

CIC- 1 Seat

Equivalency (L4)



Program Review

Education Master Plan

Faculty Fun?

committee appointments shared governance
Committee AppointmentsShared Governance
  • College Council-2 Seats (L6)
  • LSSP BAG (L2)
  • Matriculation
  • ITRT
  • Distance Learning
  • Web Design
  • Commencement
  • LRC
  • Staff Development
  • Basic Skills
  • Christmas Planning
committee appointments district
Committee AppointmentsDistrict
  • Budget Model
  • Chancellor’s Cabinet
  • KH Implementation?
  • Mission Statement?
accreditation proposal
Accreditation Proposal
  • Launch Accreditation Process
  • Provide Experienced Leadership
  • Establish “faculty roles and involvement in accreditation process…”
  • Organizational plan with:
    • Broad representation and participation
    • Establishes timeline

Accreditation Proposal

  • Faculty Accreditation Team Leader
  • 3 Standard Leaders
  • Compensation:
    • Standard leaders receive $1500/year over two years.
    • Payable $750/semester
  • Faculty Team Leader and Standard Leaders work collaboratively with administrators who will share workload and responsibilities

Accreditation Proposal

  • Accreditation Advisory Committee:
    • Accreditation team leader
    • 3 faculty standard leaders
    • VP Instruction
    • VP Student Services
    • Academic Senate President
    • CIC Representative
    • Classified Representative
    • Student Representation
standard committees
Standard Committees

Accreditation Proposal

  • Faculty Standard leader
  • Administrative representative-Resource person
  • Faculty representatives
  • Classified representatives
  • Student representative

Accreditation Proposal

  • Accreditation Advisory Committee:
    • Guides process
    • Establishes timeline
    • Makeup of standards committees
    • Compiles and writes final report
  • Standard Committees
    • Required research
    • Write standard
  • Academic Senate is liaison to Senate from Accreditation Advisory Committee
report on administrative reorganization
Report on Administrative Reorganization
  • Wednesday May 12- Executive Council met with Dr. Dyer-Informed of reoganization
  • Thursday, May 13- Announcement was sent to the college
    • Gale Lebsock- Director of Business Services
    • Jill Board VP for Student Learning for Student Services
    • Bob Weisenthal Associate Dean for Student Life
    • Lisa Couch Assistant director of Human Resources
  • Graduation May 14
  • Executive Council met:
    • Cliff Davis
    • Corey Marvin
    • Lucila Cirre
    • Claudia Sellers
    • Jim Manion
  • Expressed considerable concern about:
    • Process:
      • Why did the decision come so late in the year?
      • Why did we not have an open process
      • Why was the senate not consulted?
    • The value of the reorganization:
      • Why resurrect an organizational structure that we had moved away from?
      • Impact on new VP of Instruction
      • Impact on faculty?
dr dyer s responses
Dr. Dyer’s Responses:
  • A belief that it was an administrative reorganization and that she had the right to make the decisions.
  • That because of various timelines/deadlines, she did not have adequate time to receive input.
  • That she was not aware that the previous reorganization, creating a single student life VP had been achieved through a shared decision making process 
  • That the reorganization would enable her to redistribute responsibilities equitably and would take considerable load off of the new VP of instruction.
  • That we were losing representational opportunities by not having a CSSO. 
  • Title V: To paraphrase, the senate shall be “consulted collegially” in making decisions regarding academic and professional matters.
  • “rely primarily upon the advice and judgments of the Academic Senates.” (rather than mutual agreement)
  • “…District and College governance structures, as related to faculty roles…”
  • Question: did the reorganization impact faculty roles?
  • Section 53021:

 (a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, community college districts shall actively recruit from both within and outside the district work force to attract qualified applicants for all new openings.

(c) For purposes of this section, a new opening is not created when:

(3) a position which is currently occupied by an incumbent is upgraded, reclassified, or renamed without significantly altering the duties being performed by the individual;

Question: Were duties of the Dean of Student Services altered significantly?

proposed actions
Proposed actions:

a. That the decision be rescinded or put on hold

b. That the senate president makes a statement to the board describing the lack of shared governance at Cerro Coso.

c. That we attempt to find a positive resolution that would benefit future working relations with the administration

  • June 6_ A letter was sent to Dr. Dyer stating:

.. Senate Executive Committee agrees not to impede the reorganization that you have described; however, we expect the following demonstrations of a renewed commitment to shared governance:

    • A statement to the entire Academic Senate that acknowledges the lack of shared decision-making involving the Senate that resulted in the reorganization.
    • A joint statement with the Senate President that reaffirms a common commitment to the shared governance process and future inclusion of the Senate in all decisions respecting academic and professional matters, as granted by Title 5 Regulations
    • Participation of the Senate in the assignment of duties and responsibilities to the VP of Instruction and the VP of Student Services.
    • The opportunity for the Senate to discuss, assess, and make recommendations regarding the effectiveness of reorganization, mid year and again at the conclusion of the 2004-05 school year.
  • June 28, Dr. Dyer sent an email to faculty.
  • Executive Counsel reviewed administrative responsibilities
  • Senate president has had multiple discussions with VP and president regarding responsibilities
  • Executive Council is scheduled for monthly meetings with the president
  • Mid year review of the effectiveness of the reorganization needs to be planned by the Senate.
  • Has the Senate been consistent in previous reorganizations?
  • Has the Senate been as proactive as it should be in asserting its rights and responsibility when it comes to the elimination of positions?
  • Have Senate representatives to governance committees been as effective as possible in communicating back to the senate as a whole and acting as liaisons in the decision making processes?
  • How can the senate embed its voice into the decision making processes at the college in a way that transcends college and senate presidents, and ensures that the senate is instrumental in decision making, even during the most chaotic of situations?
  • Do we need DACS with the current Department structure
  • What about multi-discipline departments?
  • Do we still need an equivalency committee?
criteria for overload
Criteria for Overload
  • How is it equitably determined who will get overload?
    • Adjunct versus FT
    • FT within a department
  • What is the criteria for determining who may exceed overload cap?