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Overview of the Palm Handheld PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of the Palm Handheld

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Overview of the Palm Handheld - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of the Palm Handheld

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  1. Overview of the Palm Handheld • This module gives a brief overview of the Zire 22 and some of its basic functionality. • We will examine the following functions: • Parts of the PDA; • Entering Data via the onscreen keyboard; • Using Graffiti; • Setting Format and General Preferences; • Resetting the Palm – Hard & Soft Resets; • Beaming Software; • Installing Palm Desktop Software. VIP Tone Pty Ltd (Aust)

  2. About the Tungsten E2 Stereo Headphone Jack Speaker Infrared Port Expansion Slot Stylus Screen Note Pad Contacts Tasks Calendar 5 Way Navigator USB Port

  3. About the Z22 1. InfraRed Port 2. Colour Touch Screen Display 3. On / Off Button 4. Calendar Button 5. 5 Way Navigator 6. Home Button 7. Menu Button 8. Grafitti 2 Writing Area 9. Sync Button 10. Find Button 11. Contacts Button 12. Mini USB Sync & Charging Connector 13. Writing Stylus

  4. Entering Data with via the keyboard • Open any application (such as Address Book). • Tap any record, or tap NEW. • Tap “abc” or tap “123” to open an onscreen keyboard. • Tap the characters to enter text and numbers. • Tap DONE to close the onscreen keyboard

  5. Entering Data with Graffiti 2 Graffiti characters are similar to uppercase letters that are formed witha single-stroke. Your writing turns into text wherever the blinkingcursor appears on the handheld screen. Graffiti writing is easy, fun,accurate, and fast (up to 30 words per minute). It’s worth taking a fewminutes to learn. • Open any application (except Note Pad) • Tap any record, or tap NEW • Tap the line where you want the text to appear • Write Graffiti Characters in the Graffiti writing area

  6. Graffiti Tips • To display Graffiti Help (shown above), tap the Menu icon , tapEdit, and then tap Graffiti Help. • Write big and press firmly. Draw strokes that nearly fill the Graffitiwriting area to improve accuracy. • To delete characters, set the insertion point to the right of thecharacter you want to delete and make the backspace stroke(a line from right to left) in the Graffiti writing area. • Write at natural speed. Writing too slowly can generate errors. • Do not write on a slant. Vertical strokes should be parallel to thesides of the Graffiti writing area.

  7. Preferences – General You can set your handheld’s auto shutoff interval and sounds, and prohibit anyone from beaming information to your handheld. 1. Tap the Applications icon . 2. Tap the Preferences icon . 3. Tap the pick list in the upper-right corner and select General.

  8. Preferences – Format Use the Formats Preferences screen to set the country default and the display format of the dates, times, and numbers on your handheld. 1. Tap the Applications icon . 2. Tap the Preferences icon . 3. Tap the pick list in the upper-right corner and select Formats.

  9. Reset Button Resetting the Palm – Soft If your handheld does not respond to buttons or tapping the screen,you need to perform a reset to get your handheld running again. • Performing a soft reset • A soft reset tells your handheld to stop what it’s doing and start overagain while retaining all records and entries stored in your handheld. • Use the tip of an unfolded paper clip (or similar object without asharp tip) to gently press the reset button inside the hole on theback panel of your handheld.

  10. Resetting the Palm – Hard • Important: With a hard reset, all records and entries stored in yourhandheld are erased. Never perform a hard reset unless asoft reset does not solve your problem. You can restoreany data previously synchronized with your computerduring the next HotSync operation. See the onlineHandbook for instructions on restoring your data. • Hold down the power button on the front panel of your handheld. • While holding down the power button, use the tip of an unfoldedpaper clip (or similar object without a sharp tip) to gently press andrelease the reset button. • Wait for the Palm™ logo to appear and release the power button. • When a message appears warning that you are about to erase allthe data stored on your handheld, do one of the following: • Press the upper scroll button on the front panel of the handheldto complete the hard reset and display the Digitizer screen. • Press any other button to perform a soft reset.

  11. Beaming Me Up • To beam an application: • Open the Applications Launcher. • Tap the Menu icon . • Tap App, and then tap Beam. • Tap the application you want to transfer. • Note: Some applications are copy-protected and cannot bebeamed. These are listed with a lock icon next to them. • Tap Beam. • When the Beam Status dialog box appears, point the IR portdirectly at the IR port of the receiving handheld. • Wait for the Beam Status dialog box to indicate that the transferis complete before you continue working on your handheld.