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A Church for everyone

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Make me a sanctuary. Exodus 25:8. A Church for everyone. Visual – Exodus 26:31 Auditory – Exodus 28:31-33 Practical – Tactile/Kinaesthetic – Exodus 30:7-11. Drama in the desert. Find: Yours Bible characters. Modes of learning. Out of 10: Auditory - 2 Visual - 4

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drama in the desert

Visual – Exodus 26:31

  • Auditory – Exodus 28:31-33
  • Practical – Tactile/Kinaesthetic – Exodus 30:7-11
Drama in the desert
modes of learning


  • Yours
  • Bible characters
Modes of learning

Out of 10:

  • Auditory - 2
  • Visual - 4
  • Practical – Tactile/Kinaesthetic - 4
who comes to worship

Exodus 20:10 – all ages

  • Family profile BUC Family Ministries Manual, page 105.
Who comes to worship?
those who worship are different


  • Family groups
  • All ages
  • Different learning modes
Those who worship are different
churched people

Responses to Jesus

ages 5-13 32%

ages 14-18 4%

ages 19-death 6%

58% never do respond, or stop attending church

Barna Research Group

Churched people
make children part of the life of the church

See children as regular members

  • Children link the church & community: mums & toddlers club, Holiday Bible Schools, weekly clubs
  • Develop children’s spiritual gifts
  • Make church a place where they can invite their friends by being child inclusive
  • Greet them by name
  • Listen to their needs
  • Every SERMON is to have a corner for children – Gospel Workers, p 208, EGW
Make children part of the life of the church
how can we include everyone

By being:

  • Interactive
  • Intergenerational

BUC Children’s Ministries Manual, Tell a Child, Tell the World, pages 93-130.

How can we include everyone?
how did jesus preach

He lectured. Sermon on the mount; from a fishing boat and while walking.

  • Led discussions. He never forced decisions but encouraged people to make them.
  • Asked questions. “In the 125 teaching situations recorded in the Bible from Jesus’ ministry, over two thirds of the time the learner asked the questions in response to what Jesus had either said or done. The Master knew that words had to be linked with actions if learning was going to take place. Jesus asked his learners to become active participants in the learning process.” (The Christian Educators Handbook). “By being drawn out from the listeners rather than by simply being declared by Jesus, the correct answer was more convincingly and permanently impressed upon their mind.” (ibid).
How did jesus preach?
how did jesus preach1

Used stories and parables.

  • Used life situations to illustrate points. Every lesson was hand-tooled and chosen to fit the demands of the situation and the need of the learner.
  • He was committed to Scripture. He believed in what He was teaching.
  • He was creative. It is difficult to find Jesus ever doing the same thing in the same way.
  • He never disengaged from His culture. His language was always adapted to the person’s experience, his occupation, social problem, customs, family life and religious concepts.
How did jesus preach?
worship survey committee

Everyone has a say

  • A minority cannot control
  • Forward planning is the key to success

BUC Children’s Ministries Manual, p 81-84.

Worship survey/committee
sample morning service

Prelude music – adults, teens, children.

  • Introit – retiree.
  • Invocation – preacher.
  • Welcome – teen boy and girl.
  • Hymns of praise – beginner children and parents.
  • Scripture – read or mimed by an all age group.
  • Collection – deacons and boys.
  • Children’s story – by a Grandparent
Sample morning service
sample morning service1

Special music – youth group

  • Sermon – preacher to remember:
    • Learning modes and ages
    • Every sermon to include a corner for children (Gospel Workers, page 208)
  • Closing hymn – elder on platform
  • Benediction - preacher
Sample morning service