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Marty Abbott Director of Education American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages PowerPoint Presentation
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Marty Abbott Director of Education American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Marty Abbott Director of Education American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

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Marty Abbott Director of Education American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

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  1. Marty Abbott Director of Education American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

  2. Internationalizing the Curriculum • Curriculum/Textbook/Instructional Materials • Professional Development for Teachers • International Links and Networks • Business Partnerships • Focus on World Languages

  3. The Power of Language Learning! Celebrate! Educate! Communicate!

  4. The Year of Languages • Raise awareness of the benefits of knowing another language and motivate people to learn languages. • Promote multilingualism and cultural understanding in the U.S. • Provide information about the teaching and learning of languages • Support the lifelong learning of languages

  5. The Year of Languages • Advancing the concept that every American should develop proficiency not only in English, but in other languages as well.  • Launching a media campaign that will yield sustained attention and public awareness for years to come.  

  6. The Year of Languages • Promoting and participating in the development of a language policies in the government/humanitarian, business/corporate and academic arenas. • Encouraging and supporting research on all aspects of language learning.

  7. The Year of Languages • Establishing a national foundation for language education innovation, awarding scholarships for those seeking to be language educators, and providing a forum for sharing important programs and ideas.

  8. The Year of Languages • Promoting and participating in curriculum change through collaboration between national, state and local educators and government leaders. • Building professional unity on national language issues, bringing together the various constituencies in language education and encouraging collaborative advocacy.

  9. Structure of the Initiative • ACTFL as Sponsor • Member organizations • Government agencies and NGO’s • Business and corporations • Publishers and other exhibitors • Individuals

  10. Structure of the Initiative • National Honorary Committee • Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) • Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT) • Governor Mark Warner of Virginia • Dr. Maya Angelou • Jean-David Levitte, Ambassador of France • Reginald Weaver, President of the NEA • Thomas James, Dean of the School of Education, UNC-CH • Dr. Humphrey Tonkin, University of Hartford • Dr. Gonzalo Gomez Dacal, University of Salamanca, Spain • ACTFL Working Committee • Christine Brown/Marty Abbott, Co-Chairs

  11. Participant’s Kit • General Information • Sample press releases • Sample proclamations • An article for use in newsletters • Year of Languages Logo   • PowerPoint Presentation • Catalogue of Promotional Materials

  12. November 2004 Kick-Off Kick-off of 2005 Year of Languages at the ACTFL Annual Convention in Chicago with announcements of the ACTFL-sponsored events and testimonials of support from noted people from the political, business, and entertainment arenas.

  13. December 2004Media Focus on print, television and radio media. Organizations are encouraged to build interest in 2005 The Year of Language by contacting local and regional press.

  14. December 2004Media ACTFL Event: Press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. with public statements of support from the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Education, Secretary of Commerce, and the Secretary of Defense.

  15. January 2005Language Policy The focus on language policy will encourage local, state and national policy makers to examine the role of languages in their schools, and work and business environments.

  16. January 2005Language Policy ACTFL Event: An interactive teleconference with chief policy makers broadcast from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which will engage language educators, business leaders and policy makers in a discussion of national, state and local initiatives that focus on language use and language learning.

  17. February 2005International Engagement Activities that highlight the importance of international engagement will be encouraged by participating organizations. Building relationships with countries around the world will be featured as well as sister city initiatives and study abroad programs.

  18. February 2005International Engagement ACTFL Event: A panel of Fulbright Exchange participants as well as representatives from other international programs will be featured at a symposium on the importance of study abroad programs and using language beyond the classroom.

  19. March 2005Connecting Languages to Other Areas This focus will encourage activities that show the interrelationships between languages and other subject areas or professional fields.

  20. March 2005Connecting Languages to Other Areas ACTFL Event: A panel discussion of languages and the connections to other fields will feature scientists, mathematicians, sociologists, and artists.

  21. April 2005Higher Education This focus will provide a forum for discussion of enrollments, curricula, programs, and initiatives in the higher education institutions in the United States. Symposia that focus on higher education initiatives that promote advanced levels of languages will be featured.

  22. April 2005Higher Education ACTFL Event: Students who have participated in the National Security Education Program (NSEP) will be featured along with programs that combine engineering or business with language, such as the University of Rhode Island.

  23. May 2005Language Advocacy This month participating organizations are encouraged to identify ways that language learning and multilingualism can be promoted in their own communities. Highlighting languages in the media will be a primary mechanism for promotion.

  24. May 2005Language Advocacy ACTFL Event: In conjunction with the JNCL Delegate Assembly, events will be held on Capitol Hill to highlight the importance of languages at the federal level including building our language capacity as a nation through various programs and initiatives.

  25. June 2005Adult Learning and Language Use During this month, language learning and language use by adults will be featured. Organizations that offer programs for adults to learn languages will be highlighted as well as ways that languages are used in work and leisure situations.

  26. June 2005Adult Learning and Language Use ACTFL Event: A symposium on Language Use in the Work World will feature policies and practices found in the U.S. business world.

  27. July 2005Languages and Communities This focus will encourage participants to feature the languages and cultures found in their own communities. Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs and other service organizations, as well as libraries should be tapped for participation at the local level.

  28. July 2005Languages and Communities ACTFL Event: The annual Folk Life Festival sponsored by the Smithsonian Museum will feature communities throughout the U.S. and their respective languages and cultures.

  29. August 2005Parents The important role that parents play in providing language opportunities for their children will be highlighted. Information on the brain research and other important benefits for students will be emphasized as well as the important role that parents play in supporting language programs.

  30. August 2005Parents ACTFL Event: The National Council of PTAs will co-sponsor a forum that will provide parents with cogent benefits and rationales for beginning to learn languages at an early age. K-12 programs that highlight language learning will be featured.

  31. September 2005Heritage Languages Emphasis will be on promoting the learning and maintenance of heritage languages including Native American as well as endangered languages and American Sign Language.

  32. September 2005Heritage Languages ACTFL Event: A nationwide teleconference will feature heritage languages found in various regions of the USA and efforts being made to preserve those languages.

  33. October 2005Early Language Learning The benefits of early language learning will be emphasized as well as various program models that can be used at the elementary level. Participating organizations will be encouraged to make presentations at PTA meetings and to School Boards highlighting the rationale for beginning language programs in elementary schools.

  34. October 2005Early Language Learning ACTFL Event: A Saturday festival featuring elementary students who are studying languages will be organized with presentations of songs, skits, and artwork.

  35. November 2005Celebrating Accomplishments & Looking Ahead Culmination of 2005 The Year of Languages at the ACTFL Annual Convention in Baltimore. Using the momentum to build a better future. The first National Language Teacher of the Year winner will be announced.

  36. December 2005Culture Participating organizations are encouraged to highlight the learning of culture during this month.

  37. December 2005Culture ACTFL Event: Culminating cultural program at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. sponsored by ACTFL and various embassies.


  39. How can you participate?