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Growth of Representative Government

Growth of Representative Government. Reasons for Growth of Representative Government. 1.) Colonists were familiar with the parliamentary system in England, and because they needed a lawmaking structure , they could resemble it in the colonies

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Growth of Representative Government

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  1. Growth of Representative Government

  2. Reasons for Growth of Representative Government
  3. 1.) Colonists were familiar with the parliamentary system in England, and because they needed a lawmaking structure, they could resemble it in the colonies 2.) They needed representative government because they were a long distance for the British system. (needed laws closer to home) 3.) There was isolation from other communities 4.) Traditional rights of Englishmen (used to being in positions of authority
  4. Magna Carta 1215 1st document that puts limits on the kings authority. King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta in the streets by the noblemen, who claimed he was trampling on their rights as Englishmen
  5. William Penn Continued…. William Penn believed in representative government He wrote Pennsylvania’s first constitution (limited government)… He granted colonists the right to elect representatives to a legislative assembly He allowed the three lower counties to form their own Legislature
  6. Pennsylvania, William Penn Continued Penn’s colony was an experiment in the possibility of equality, and citizens involved in the government
  7. Representative Government in Connecticut Adopted a plan of government called the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. This was the first written constitution in the colonies and in America, and it described the organization of representative government in detail (laid out the rules for the government)
  8. Representative Government in Connecticut The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut stated that the people had the right to elect governors, judges, and a legislature Was written “by the people” and the fact that it was written down gave it credence (importance)
  9. VirginiaHouse of Burgesses The first representative government assembly in the colonies was the Virginia House of Burgesses The members to this assembly were elected by the people.
  10. Virginia House of Burgesses Representatives (burgesses) immediately began to enact laws to safeguard individual rights This set a precedent for protection of individual rights. (Britain did NOT safeguard individual rights!!
  11. The Mayflower CompactNovember 11, 1620 Written and signed before the Pilgrims got off the ship. Not a constitution, but an agreement to form a self- government (political body) and give it the power to enact laws for the good of the colony. Signed by 41 adult males. Led to adult male settlers meeting in assemblies to make laws in town meetings. THIS WAS A SOCIAL CONTRACT WHERE ALL AGREED TO FOLLOW THE LAWS!!
  12. Mayflower Compact continued… The Mayflower compact is significant because it provided a model for later development of representative governments.
  13. Maryland as a safe haven for Catholics Baltimore permitted high degree of freedom of worship in order to prevent repeat of persecution of Catholics by Protestants.
  14. Maryland Act of Toleration 1649 Toleration Act of 1649 Guaranteed toleration to all CHRISTIANS Decreed death to those who denied the divinity of Jesus [like Jews, atheists, etc.]. In one way, it was less tolerant than before the law was passed!!
  15. To Sum it all up: Religion helped the growth of Representative Government Religious freedom was the cause for the establishment of the American Colonies Religious groups (Pilgrims, Puritans, Quakers…) created communities that were self governed
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