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APPEASEMENT. Throw the dog a bone…. What were some of the feelings that people had after the First World War?. WWI Aftermath. Massive numbers of dead Destruction People didn’t want to see another war like that

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Throw the dog a bone…

Wwi aftermath
WWI Aftermath First World War?

  • Massive numbers of dead

  • Destruction

  • People didn’t want to see another war like that

  • The whole idea of peace, and keeping that peace was brought up and influenced policies.

The league of nations
The League of Nations First World War?

  • The UN – but old school

  • Set up after WWI by President Woodrow Wilson to ensure that no more wars would happen.

    • Mentioned in his 14 points

  • Uphold peace and security, and collective disarmament

  • Ensured that Versailles was upheld…sort of…

Japan tests the league 1931
Japan Tests the League - 1931 First World War?

  • Population grew, Japan needed resources

  • Invaded China – province of Manchuria

  • League’s response?

  • International context

  • #LONfail

Italy tests the league 1935
Italy Tests the League - 1935 First World War?

  • Rise of Mussolini

    • Hitler comparisons

  • Invades Ethopia

  • PM Mackenzie King does nothing

  • Canadian/World Context

  • Mussolini created the Fascist party

    • Tried to make a modern Roman Empire through dictatorship

    • “Il Duce”

  • #LONfail

Hitler s foreign policy was built on three aims
Hitler’s Foreign Policy was built on three aims First World War?

  • To reverse the Treaty of Versailles

  • To create a “Greater Germany” by uniting all German speaking people

  • The creation of Lebensraum - living space for the German people.

The treaty of versailles
The Treaty Of Versailles First World War?

  • Hitler removes Germany from the LON

  • The German Army was limited to 100,000 men

    • Hitler triples it in 1935

  • Germany had to pay reparations to the allies

    • Hitler refuses to

  • Germany had to accept the War Guilt Clause (231)

  • Germany lost 13% of its territories and all her colonies

Hitler showed he didn t care about versailles

Hitler showed he didn’t care about Versailles First World War?

What do you think the response of the League was?

Rhineland 7 march 1936
Rhineland – 7 March 1936 First World War?

  • Initially set up as a buffer zone between France and Germany

  • Enters the de-militarized zone after WWI

    • Sends in soldiers with shovels and light munitions.

  • Wanted to see what Britain and France would do

  • Significance?

Let s be friends
Let’s be friends First World War?

  • Hitler openly defied the Treaty of Versailles and the League did nothing

  • Italy and Japan also had defied the League

  • World was not ready for another WW

  • 1936 – Japan, Italy and Germany agree to support each other.

APPEASEMENT First World War?

  • A policy aimed to prevent aggressors from starting wars by finding out what they want and agreeing to demands that seem reasonable

  • Neville Chamberlain was the British Prime Minister that negotiated with Hitler

King visits hitler 1937
King Visits Hitler - 1937 First World War?

  • “A man of deep sincerity”

  • King loved the idea of appeasing Hitler

    • Canadian position

  • King was a mama’s boy

  • Hitler convinces King of no further aggression

Anschluss 1938
Anschluss - 1938 First World War?

  • Reunification of Austria and Germany

  • Hitler breaks his promise of leaving Austria alone.

  • Gave the Austrian President a ultimatum, and then marched in

  • Took over a country without firing a shot

  • Germany’s population instantly adds 6 million people

LEBENSRAUM First World War?

  • Hitler’s Greater Germany would have a population of over 85 million people

  • Germany’s land would be insufficient to feed this many people

  • Hitler intended to expand eastward towards Poland and Russia

  • Russians and Poles were Slavs-Hitler believed them to be inferior and so Germany was entitled to take their land.

Creation of a greater germany
Creation of a Greater Germany First World War?

  • Hitler wanted a single homeland for all German speaking people

  • After Versailles millions of Germans were living in Foreign countries

  • The Treaty of Versailles had forbidden the union of Germany and Austria- The Anschluss

1938 munich agreement
1938 Munich Agreement First World War?

  • Pact for the annexation of Czechoslovakia’s Sudentenland

  • Czechoslovakia was not present at the conference

  • Significance of the territory.

Chamberlin s fatal mistake
Chamberlin’s fatal mistake First World War?

  • Chamberlin is invited by Hitler to discuss the annexation of Czechoslovakia

  • Eventually appeases Hitler and allows it

  • Czech’s are pressured by Britain and France to give up territory

  • 1939 march into Czech territory – Munich betrayal

Chamberlin video

Chamberlin Video First World War?

Molotov ribbentrop pact
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact First World War?

  • Hitler (fascist) and Stalin (communist)

  • Expansion of both countries territories

  • Two front war

  • SU was suspicious of the West

    • Wasn’t at the Munich agreement

  • Hitler and Stalin divide Poland secretly.

Wwii is ready to go

WWII is ready to go First World War?

Chamberlin First World War?

  • Is Chamberlin responsible for the start of the Second World War, or was he right in adopting appeasement as his foreign policy?