Managing Key Issues That
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Managing Key Issues That Deter Students From Complete Online Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Get to know how to manage various issues that prevent you from completing your online class programs. Know more tips to complete your online class here;

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Managing key issues that deter students from complete online programs

Managing Key Issues That

Deter Students From

Complete Online Programs

Some statistics related to online learning
Some Statistics Related To Online Learning

  • The e-learning market is expected to be worth $107 billion by the end of this year

  • Almost 46% of students are now taking at least one course online. By 2019 almost half of the student population would have opted for an online course

  • Some MOOCs generate around 200,000 of registrations for open online courses.

  • Yet, only 90% of students complete the program

  • And those that do, do not opt for another online program

Why do they drop out
Why Do They Drop Out?

Lack Of Motivation

Lack of Time Management Skills

Failing To Seek Help

Failing To Understand the Concept of Online Education

Tackling each of these roadblocks
Tackling Each of These Roadblocks

1) Motivating Yourself To Complete An Online Program

Unlike a traditional classroom setup, online classrooms can get very lonely

Join a forum for fellow students and actively engage in discussions

Social media groups are also a great idea to connect with classmates

Divide reading tasks and other assignments between members of these groups. Rather than having to read the entire text of 500 pages, divide these into small

sections and get each of these participants to explain the concept

Stay connected with other students- collaborating is the key to handling loneliness while studying

Stay connected with classmates

Tackling each of these roadblocks1
Tackling Each of These Roadblocks

2) Time Management Skills

Schedule a time for study every day. Keep all distractions at bay during this time of the day.

Don’t leave anything to the last minute. Deadlines have a domino effect in an online course- you just have to miss one and before you know there are a dozen deadlines staring at you

Check Daily for Updates. Make sure you stay updated on the latest news and things related to your online program. This prevents you from being caught off guard about any changes in the syllabus or otherwise

Tackling each of these roadblocks2
Tackling Each of These Roadblocks

3) Failing To Seek Help

Online programs are flexible but rigorous. An average class may require you to complete at least 30- 40 pages of reading per week.

It is not surprising to find students doing all-nighters to complete these reading tasks.

Rather than always trying to keep pace, students should speak to teachers and ask for help

Sites that offer online class help are also very helpful. They help to meet deadlines on assignments and tests

Tackling each of these roadblocks3
Tackling Each of These Roadblocks

4) Failing To Understand The Concept of Online Education

Online education is good for highly motivated individuals who are either looking to update their skills or planning to take an additional skill that supplements regular education

It is not ideal for students who are used to asking questions during lectures or prefer to interact with lecturers after class.

They also require a certain proficiency with technology

How do online class help professionals help
How Do Online Class Help Professionals Help

They help you complete assignment deadlines or take tests if you haven’t prepared for tests

They are ideal if you do not like a subject or find it irrelevant to the majors, but passing is a prerequisite

They are also useful for busy professionals starved of time and juggling regular jobs with online courses

What is take my online class now
What is Take My Online Class Now?

Take My Online Class Now facilitates students in finding qualified subject matter experts to provide online class help

They compare different service providers, rank them and suggest professionals who guarantee good grades

They also broker with the service provider to ensure that deadlines are met

They also hold their fees in escrow and release it only when the student is satisfied with his grades

What does take my online class now offer
What Does Take My Online Class Now Offer

Full service package that includes help for the entire program

Emergency deadline service to help you meet urgent deadlines

Essay packages that help you complete essays

Exam package to not only your take online class but pass the tests as well

Homework package to exclusively deal with homework assignments only

Discussion Post package to participate and actively engage in discussions

Managing key issues that deter students from complete online programs

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