Using microsoft internet explorer
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Module Two. Using Microsoft Internet Explorer. What is a Web Browser?. Web browser: a program used to display and interact with documents available through the World Wide Web.

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Using microsoft internet explorer

Module Two

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer

What is a web browser
What is a Web Browser?

Web browser: a program used to display and interact with documents available through the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web: all the resources and users on the Internet that are using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http://)

URL: (Uniform Resource Locator) the address or path to a file on the Internet or on a disk drive attached to a computer

Domain Name: locates an organization or other entity on the Internet.

Internet explorer basics
Internet Explorer Basics

Back button: Click to return to the previous page.

Forward button: Click to go to the next page in a series of pages you have already visited.

Stop button: While a file is loading, click to stop.

Refresh button: Click this to update the current page if all the latest or expected information did not appear. Helpful if you are seeing old information on a page that is updated frequently or if graphics appear to load incorrectly.

Home button: Click to go to your home page (the first page you see when you open your browser).

Search button: Click to open a window for searching the World Wide Web

Favorites button: Click to open a window that displays links to sites in your favorites list.

History button: Click to open a window that displays a list of Websites you have already visited.

Entering a url
Entering a URL

Two ways to manually (not by clicking a hyperlink) enter a URL:

  • Use the File Menu a. Click on File then Open b. Type the URL in the white space next to Open:c. Press the Enter key or click OK

  • Type the URL into the Address bar

  • a. Click in the address bar to select the text (it will be hi-lighted in blue) b. Press the delete or backspace key to erase what is there c. Type the URL. Be sure to start with http://