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The Extended Essay

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The Extended Essay - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AHS International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. The Extended Essay. Introductions…. Mrs. Puglisi School librarian and Extended Essay Coordinator for the AHS IB Diploma Program Manage and instruct both students and advisers in the extended essay process. What is the Extended Essay?.

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The Extended Essay

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    1. AHS International Baccalaureate Diploma Program The Extended Essay

    2. Introductions… • Mrs.Puglisi • School librarian and Extended Essay Coordinator for the AHS IB Diploma Program • Manage and instruct both students and advisers in the extended essay process

    3. What is the Extended Essay? • A piece of INDEPENDENT research / investigation on a topic chosen by the student in cooperation with a supervisor at school • Started in December of junior year and completed in January of senior year • Compulsory for all diploma students • Externally graded • The result of approximately 40 hours of work by the student

    4. Where Does EE Fit into the IB Diploma Program?

    5. **Note that if a student earns an Elementary in both essays, this will result in a failing condition. Also note that the regulations were amended in May 2010 to state that an E in either the EE or TOK essay will result in a failing condition

    6. Extended Essay Subject Areas(EE research question cannot be used for other internal assessments!) • Biology • Business and Management • Chemistry • Classical Greek and Latin • Computer Science • Dance • Design Technology • Economics • Environmental Systems and Society • Film • Geography • History • Human Rights • Information Technology in a Global Society • Literature and Performance • Mathematics • Music • Peace and Conflict Studies • Philosophy • Physics • Politics • Psychology • Social and Cultural Anthropology • Theatre • Visual Arts • World Religions • World Studies • Language Group 1 and 2

    7. Guidelines for Choosing a Topic • Should be interesting to you! • Should be limited in scope and sufficiently narrow to study the issue or problem in depth • Should present an opportunity to collect information or data to evaluate or analyze • Students comfortable in using the relevant theories and vocabulary of the field of study

    8. Some Past EE Topics • What is essential for a fossil energy independent household? • An analysis of John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”  • United Nations Failure to Cease the Genocide in Rwanda  • How Can the Use of Micro-Lending Principles Positively Decrease the Poverty of American Indian Reservations?  • Non-governmental Organizations Impact on Child Soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan • The History and Significance of Pablo Picasso’s Masterpiece, Guernica. • To What Extent did Islam Serve as a Political Ideology during the Iranian Revolution of 1979? • Is the Military Doing Enough to Help Soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? • The Effect of Low Dissolved Oxygen Levels on the Population of the Maryland Blue Crab in the Chesapeake Bay.

    9. Extended Essay Supervision • The student is responsible for asking a teacher with background or expertise in the chosen area • The supervisor will meet with you throughout the process to monitor progress • 3-5 hours of meeting time is expected for this project

    10. Role of Supervisor CAN • Help you formulate a well focused research question • Provide you with guidance on your subject • Read and comment on your draft • Ensure proper documentation CANNOT • Give you a research question • Edit your draft

    11. This is an Opportunity for you to.. • Explore an international subject you are interested in • Expand your knowledge on a topic that you studied in class • Explore a topic you’ve not had time to study in class but was always interested in learning more about • Study an issue or problem you are passionate about ( for example, a personal interest or your cultural heritage) • Select a topic that will give you foundation for your intended major in college • Use this experience as a talking point in college essays and interviews • Create an outstanding research/writing sample for colleges

    12. Student Support • Mrs. Puglisi • EE Supervisor • CD- 50 Excellent Extended Essays • Subject Reports online • Bound Essays in the library • Mini–lessons conducted twice a month • Information folder • QuestiaSchoolOnline Library

    13. Today we will… • Review the contents of your EE folder • Complete the contact information sheet – LEGIBILY! • Create an account on the AHS website and add the EE and CAS classes

    14. Questions?