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RESIDENCE INN 2013 MARKETING PLAN As of 1/25/2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. 2013 Marriott International Confidential & Proprietary Information RESIDENCE INN 2013 MARKETING PLAN As of 1/25/2013

  2. 2013 RESIDENCE INN • Power Brand: Third largest MI brand in profit contribution, revenue and hotel count. MI’s strongest performer in RevPAR index at 126.0 and second highest in guest Recommend scores. • Category Leader: Long-standing U.S. extended stay leadership in aided awareness, market share, and premiums vs. purpose-built competitors stemming from distribution advantage and market tenure. OVERVIEW POSITIONING Thrive – For today’s marathon business traveler, Residence Inn is specifically designed to restore and sustain your physical, mental, and emotional energy so you can Thrive on Long Stays. “It’s not a room. It’s a Residence.TM” CORE MESSAGE GLOBAL “The Marathon Business Traveler” – Extended Stay FBT who views extended stays as “marathon” business trips when compared to shorter business trips. They place a high priority on being productive but also require a balance to stay in peak condition. They want to keep all parts of their life going so they can achieve their personal best. TARGET DISTRIBUTION North America: 621 Europe: 2 CALA: 1 Middle East/Africa: 1 Total: 625 Pipeline Growth: 155 (Approximately 37 openings in 2013)

  3. 2013 RESIDENCE INN KEY DRIVERS • Aging US Product: Aging product and younger competitive product resulting in low scores on up-to-date. • Consumer Awareness/Competitive Marketing: RI has very high consumer awareness in the US, but globally there is overall low understanding of the extended stay category and the brand’s product offering compounded by lack of “suites” name vs. competition. Competitors in the US have larger ad spends than RI, despite RI’s larger distribution, putting RI at risk in awareness, consideration and trip share. • Declining Performance vs. Competition: While GSS remains strong, in competitive brand tracking RI lags Homewood Suites on many key metrics (Recommend, Satisfaction, and Service). RI hotels with Homewood Suites in comp set underperform on RevPAR index. MACRO BUSINESS OBJECTIVE Increase RevPAR Index through extended stay business. • “It’s not a room. It’s a Residence.TM” - Key Proof Points: • Upscale Spacious Suites – Separate spaces for guests to sleep, eat, work and relax. • Full Kitchens – Full kitchens with full-size appliances so guests can eat what they want, when they want it. • Strong Value Proposition – Strongest value in an upscale environment with free Wi-Fi and hot breakfast. CORE MESSAGE GLOBAL TARGET • Primary: “The Marathoner” – Upscale, extended stay FBTs who are optimistic about travel and want the ability to be productive and continue their life's pace and routines in an environment that helps them renew and restore their energy so they can perform at their best. • Demographics • 69% male • 62% married • 41 years old is mean age • $136k mean HH income Secondary Targets: Business Travel: Extended Stay Consultants & Engineers/IT Professionals Personal Travel: Families – Suite Kids Vacations – Family trips with parents and children. • Trip Profile: 54% family vacation; 87% Suburb or highway; 87% Travel by car; 81% Kids 5-12 years • Demographics: Equal mix moms & dads; Ages 35-49; $75-150 HH income; Above avg. # of BTs • Psychographics • Strong proponents of a balanced lifestyle due to extreme BT. • Sophisticated and look for professional treatment. • Used to top notch service at stores and restaurants. • Place a high priority on work & productivity, but want to fully enjoy life. • 76% college+ educated • 82% Caucasian • 60% suburban • 23 BTs/7 XS trips KEY COMPETITORS Homewood Suites: Strong competitor who despite 50% smaller distribution beats RI on product per Brand Tracking Embassy Suites: Aggressive marketer with a strong value proposition and F&B offering Hyatt House/Staybridge Suites: Emerging competitors to watch, backed by large portfolios Full Service/Select Service: more than 90% of 5+ night trips each year; 25% of the trips could be at extended-stay

  4. 2013 RESIDENCE INN MACRO BUSINESS OBJECTIVE: Increase RevPAR Index through extended stay business. STRATEGIES METRICS OBJECTIVES • Statistically significant lift in core messaging, key perception metrics, and intent to consider via ad tracker. • Lift consideration and trip share via Brand Tracker. • Media impressions/unique visitors per month (UMVs). • Incremental personal travel room nights and revenue. • Increase engagement and bookings from • Incremental revenue from Marriott Rewards communications. • Brand voice activation across all touch points. • Establish RI as the dominant extended stay brand by “acting big” in marketing efforts. • Enhance “It’s not a room. It’s a Residence.TM” ad campaign with goal of continuing to connect to extended stay travelers on an emotional level. • Focus attention on RI’s substantial number of renovated and new properties to combat the brand’s aging persona. • Create innovative PR strategies to communicate RI’s family leisure benefits/features to media & social community. • Activate relevant portfolio leisure strategy platforms to drive personal travel business, with a focus on families. • Activate high-impact internal channels (Marriot Rewards and • Develop tools to provide properties with the resources/guidance needed to activate and pull-through RI positioning and marketing efforts. • Investigate a source marketing communications strategy. Increase consideration and trial among extended stay business travelers. Capture mind share of family travelers to drive consideration and ultimately personal travel bookings. Develop a platform for global brand growth and field support NORTH AMERICA

  5. 2013 RESIDENCE INN CHANNEL/ ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM/ACTIVITY METRICS • Enhance “It’s not a room. It’s a Residence.TM” ad campaign by focusing on best performing assets and augmenting video assets to drive consideration of RI’s purpose-built benefits and improve up-to-date perception • Leverage halo openings in urban locations to position brand’s portfolio growth, highlight its updated designs and unique service culture • Generate buzz on extended stay category and establish RI as leader by combining traditional and social media outreach to business outlets , opinion leaders, and brand advocates • Expand “Residence Inn Celebrates Moms” initiative spotlighting how RI caters to families & personal travelers • Focus attention on RI’s new room design and lobby makeover to combat aging persona • Expand media efforts to include Residence Inn’s international markets that also serve as major source markets to U.S. • Focus social media strategy on developing relationships with RI’s target guests and encourage engagement • Provide relevant and compelling content, for the RI audience in social media assets • Continue development of marketing/sales tools in BrandWorks • Pull-through partnerships/promotions on-property • Assist in activation of the ES Factor Advertising Campaign Public Relations Social Media Field Marketing/ Sales Support • Statistically significant lift in core messaging, key perception metrics, and consideration via ad tracker • Media impressions/unique visitors per month (UMVs) • Customer engagement on social media, specifically Facebook, YouTube & Twitter • BrandWorks utilization • Brand Voice activation across all touch points NORTH AMERICA

  6. 2013 RESIDENCE INN CHANNEL/ ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM/ACTIVITY METRICS Extended Stay Segment Marketing Partnerships Packages/Promotions • Continue working with the Extended Stay sales team to develop marketing programs, trade show strategies and sales initiatives to increase extended stay business • Leverage portfolio power of three MI extended stay brands to capture ES business via a cross-brand marketing strategy • Investigate a source marketing communications strategy • Participate in segment marketing efforts (e.g. multicultural, amateur sports, etc.) • Leverage cross-brand leisure sponsorships (e.g. small group such as weddings, small business, etc.) • Develop RI brand specific partnership with the American Red Cross • Utilize enterprise partnerships, where appropriate (e.g. Amex, airlines, Hertz, etc.) • Create an ES-focused, non-rate driven promo strategy utilizing Marriott Rewards and partners such as Amex • Utilize Experiences platform to develop a relevant weekend leisure/family and long term stay package strategy • Lift in awareness/consideration • Bookings/incremental revenue • Access to potential new guests • Bookings/incremental revenue • Access to potential new guests • GSS increase (MBT needs) • Lift in awareness/consideration • Bookings/Incremental revenue • Access to potential new guests • Bookings/Incremental revenue NORTH AMERICA

  7. 2013 RESIDENCE INN CHANNEL/ ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM/ACTIVITY METRICS eCommerce • Mobile • Hotel Websites • • Retargeting • Paid Search • OTA • Marriott Rewards • Mobile – create consumer validated mobile experiences to differentiate RI within the larger portfolio mobile initiative. Enhance mobile paid search. • Hotel Websites – ensure proper photography and floor plans; leverage property and brand promo messaging • - update global pages and ensure they work effectively on both .com and tablet devices • Retargeting – participate in relevant retargeting efforts • Paid Search – focus on extended stay and family messaging, continue long term stay cross-brand strategy, expand mobile PPC presence, activate/test new opportunities • OTA – develop family-focused weekend leisure communications/promotion strategy utilizing the OTAs • Develop programs and communications that tap into Marriott Rewards customers with a propensity to stay on extended stay BT and family personal travel stays • Investigate leveraging high-profile openings for Elite events • Continue support of MR’s “Portfolio Reveal” campaign • Investigate utilizing Refer a Friend program for family blogger outreach efforts • Utilize targeted messaging opportunities on Rewards pages • Mobile – bookings/revenue and engagement • Hotel Websites – brand standard compliance and utilization of promotional messaging • - site bookings/revenue and engagement • Retargeting - bookings/revenue • Paid Search – bookings/revenue • OTA - bookings/revenue • Engagement • Lift in awareness/consideration • Bookings/incremental revenue NORTH AMERICA