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Michigan Service Scholars

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Michigan Service Scholars. Oakland Community College Service Learning Program. What is Michigan Service Scholars?. A $1000, Non-competitive scholarship program A way to gain experience related to your interests and/or career

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michigan service scholars

Michigan Service Scholars

Oakland Community CollegeService Learning Program

what is michigan service scholars
What is Michigan Service Scholars?
  • A $1000, Non-competitive scholarship program
  • A way to gain experience related to your interests and/or career
  • A way to connect with your community and see the positive impact you make
what do i have to do
What do I have to do?
  • MSS Member Students…
    • Complete 300 hours of community service over the course of one year
    • 60 hours can be done in training

That’s only about 7 hours per week if you worked 45 weeks!

who can apply
Who Can Apply?

In order to Apply you Must..,

  • Be a US Citizen or Legal Resident and at least 17 years of age
  • Be a student at an MCC Member College (Check that one off because you are!)
  • Be committed to the program and to completing your 300 hours
what types of service projects can i do
What Types of Service Projects Can I do?
  • Volunteer Recruiting
  • Volunteer Infrastructure
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Student Teaching (at a non-AYP school)
volunteer recruiting
Volunteer Recruiting
  • Definition
    • Getting people interested in volunteering at your organization
  • Example
    • MADD is going to have a Strides for Change walk and they need people to volunteer for the checkpoint station. You spend 2 hours a day for 2 weeks passing out flyers and having other students sign up to help.
community service
Community Service
  • Definition
    • Helping a non-profit organization through volunteer service.
  • Example
    • Cleaning up a park, volunteering at a local hospital, mentoring at a school. These hours can be done at any non-profit agency.
  • Definition
    • Mentoring is a structured and trusting relationship that brings young people together with caring individuals who offer guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee.
  • Example
    • You are paired up as a Mentor with Mentor Connection. You spend one hour a week with your mentee, and time preparing for your visits.
  • Definition
    • Similar to a mentor, but the focus is on academic assistance such as homework help, or working on a specific subject when the student needs a little extra help.
  • Example
    • You work with Hispanic Outreach twice a week to go to a local elementary school and help 2 kids with their homework in English.
other notes on service hours
Other Notes on Service Hours
  • The Service Learning Program will be offering events/opportunities on-campus that you may be able to help with for hours
  • SCAN – the Student Community Action Network will serve as a vehicle for much of our training! More to come!
what about the 1000
What About the $1000?
  • When you register, you are put into “the system”
  • We track your hours together, you send them to me every month
  • After you’ve completed 300 hours, you will:
    • Complete your exit form
    • Complete your exit survey
    • Have one of your Community Site Supervisors complete their survey
what about the 1000 continued part 1
What about the $1000Continued Part 1…
  • After you file all 3 items, your information will exit “the system”
  • You will be able to log on to the new Americorps Education Award website to check the status
  • When you request the $$, it should take 2-3 weeks to get to you.
  • The money is available to you for up to 7 years after you exit the program
what about the 1000 continued part 2
What about the $1000Continued Part 2…
  • You will always have to check with the institution about using the Americorps Ed. Award
  • Everyone is different when it comes to financial aid – you have to check
  • You will receive more info on this matter in training!
the process
The Process:
  • Register Today: Fill out Member Application
  • Go to Training
  • Set up your service project through the Service Learning Program (Me!)
  • Have fun and log your hours! email them in to me the 4th Monday of the Month!
  • After you’ve completed 300 hours, you will:
    • Complete your exit form
    • Complete your exit survey
    • Have one of your Community Site Supervisors complete their survey
what do i need for training
What do I Need for Training?
  • Provide a Driver’s license or State issued ID card
  • Provide a Social Security Card, United States Birth Certificate or Passport, or Other Proof of Legal Residency
  • Provide Current/working e-mail address
when is training
When is Training?

There are several dates for Training. If have 15+ OCC students apply, we will host a training on campus

Current Training Dates:

  • To Be Announced for 2008
questions suggestions
Questions & Suggestions?
  • If you still have questions, contact me by email:


  • If you have suggestions for possible projects, others students who might like to join, ideas on special trainings we could have, let me know!