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HIT Policy Committee

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HIT Policy Committee. Information Exchange Workgroup Proposed Next Steps Micky Tripathi, Chair David Lansky, Co-Chair August 19, 2010. Information Exchange Workgroup. Chairs: Micky Tripathi MA eHealth Collaborative Co-Chair: David Lansky Pacific Business Group on Health Members:

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HIT Policy Committee

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hit policy committee

HIT Policy Committee

Information Exchange Workgroup

Proposed Next Steps

Micky Tripathi, Chair

David Lansky, Co-Chair

August 19, 2010

information exchange workgroup
Information Exchange Workgroup


  • Micky Tripathi MA eHealth Collaborative


  • David Lansky Pacific Business Group on Health


  • Judy Faulkner Epic
  • Connie W. Delaney University of Minnesota, Nursing
  • Gayle Harrell
  • Michael Klag Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  • Deven McGraw Center for Democracy & Technology
  • Latanya Sweeney Carnegie Mellon University
  • Charles Kennedy WellPoint, Inc.
  • Paul Egerman
  • James Golden Minnesota Department of Health
  • Dave Goetz Dept. of Finance and Administration, TN
  • Jonah Frohlich California Health & Human Services
  • Steven Stack AMA
  • George Hripcsak Columbia University
  • Seth Foldy DHS, Wisconsin
  • Jim Buehl CDC
  • Jessica Kahn CMS
  • Walter Suarez Kaiser Permanente
  • David A. Ross PHII
  • Hunt Blair Vermont Medicaid
  • George Oestreich Missouri Medicaid
  • Dianne Hasselman Center for Health Care Strategies
  • Donna Frescatore NY State Health


charge to the ie workgroup
Charge to the IE Workgroup
  • Breakthrough areas where policy barriers prevent providers and/or states from being effective enablers of broader and deeper health exchange
    • Specific clinical transactions already identified as important to meaningful use
    • Critical issues that get unearthed by the over $1.5 billion programs in state-level HIE, RECs, Beacons, and NHIN Direct
  • IE WG will also act as conduit for state-level policy issues that need HITPC attention
    • For issues in IE WG charter, Identify and recommend solutions to such issues to HITPC
    • For issues outside of IE WG charter, navigate to most appropriate HITPC WG(s) and facilitate/coordinate as necessary
proposed task forces
Proposed Task Forces

1. Provider Directories

How can we work to ensure interoperability and access across provider directories being created under the State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program?

How can we leverage existing directories (i.e. immunization registries, SureScripts, Federation of State Medical Boards etc) in the creation of an authoritative directory?

How can we promote economies in directory development across states/regions?

Who has responsibility for directory maintenance and data management?

What entity will have governance (ownership) of statewide directories?

What policies are needed for different directory models: central repositories and federated record locators

What business models will support authoritative directories?  How will sustainability be achieved? 

How do you maintain up-to-date information on providers?  What will incentivize providers to update their information whenever it changes?

How do public health and Medicaid uses affect directory design? 

proposed task forces1
Proposed Task Forces

Public Health

How to leverage provider directories for public health communications and alerts?

How to leverage public health provider directories for HIE?

How can we promote economies in public health interoperability development across states/regions?

What are best ways to manage tension between declining budgets in state public agencies and increasing demand for public health capabilities driven by MU requirements?

Implementation of public health MU reporting and data exchange requirements.

Harmonization of state and federal public health reporting requirements.

Need to ensure we harmonize the standards used in NHIN Direct and public health reporting systems (e.g., PHIN).

Public health agencies have limited capability and funding to update their data collection systems.  Can we establish a universal HIE migration path for public health so every state and local agency does not have to reinvent the wheel? 

Can we utilize ONC adopted standards for EHRs to facilitate this evolution?

What policies and resources can be employed to enable increased uniformity in public health data platforms (health care providers have EHR certification, what can be done for public health)?

next steps
Next Steps

For Sep 14 HITPC meeting

Work plan and deliverables for each task force

Identification of next set of focus areas

For Oct 20 HITPC meeting

Provider directories recommendations

Perspectives on key public health issues (align with MU Workgroup)

Identification of emerging state-level implementation issues