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Chapter 2: ROAST MUTTON - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 2: ROAST MUTTON. Describe what Bilbo is feeling at the beginning of Chapter 2. * Party wasn’t a bad dream – really happened. * Thought had left w/o him – relieved but irritated because they didn’t say good-bye. * Feels trifly disappointed. 2. What does Gandalf tell Bilbo?.

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Describe what Bilbo is feeling at the beginning of Chapter 2.

* Party wasn’t a bad dream – really happened

* Thought had left w/o him – relieved but irritated because they didn’t say good-bye

* Feels trifly disappointed

2. What does Gandalf tell Bilbo?

They left w/o him – but left him a message

3. What does the message say?

* Will pay him 1/14 of profits

* Travel expenses guaranteed

* Funeral expenses their responsibility (if necessary)

* Gone ahead to make requisite preparations

* Waiting for him at Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, at 11 am sharp


4. Describe the course they take on their adventure.

* Pass through hobbit-lands – wild respectable country of decent folk – good roads, inn or 2

* Lands where ppl. spoke strangely & sang unfamiliar songs

* Lone-lands: no ppl. left – no inns – roads grew steadily worse – dreary hills dark w/ trees – everything seemed gloomy

AMBLING: go at slow easy pace; strolling

WANING: to decrease in strength

5. Where do they camp for the night?

Among Misty Mts.


INQUISITIVE: asking questions

DRATTING: confounding; condemning

6. What do they see in the distance & decide to move towards?

Red light over trees

7. What do they tell Bilbo?

It’s his/burglar’s turn – go & find out

about light – if it’s safe – if can’t get back

to hoot like barn-owl (twice) or screech-owl (once) & they’ll do what they can

CAVALCADE: process of riding on horse

PURLOINED: stole; be dishonest

8. What does Bilbo finally get up the nerve to do?

Pick one of troll’s pockets


9. What happens to Bilbo?

Gets caught by troll - William

10. What does Bilbo say he is? Why?

Burrahobbit – started to say burglar but Trolls too dumb to catch on

11. What do the trolls wonder about Bilbo?

* If they can eat him

* If there are more like him to make pie w/

12. What does Bilbo try to convince the trolls about himself?

* Only one of his kind

* Is a better cook than being cooked

LOUT: awkward, stupid person

13. How does Bilbo get away?

William & Bert start a fight & drop Bilbo


14. What happens in the middle of the fight?

Trolls find & capture Balin

15. What followed?

Trolls captured Dwalin, Fili, Kili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur

16. What do they decide to do with the dwarves?

Mince them fine & boil them

17. What happens to that decision?

Causes another fight – have no water & no one wants to get any

18. What happens to Bert, Tom & William? Why?

* Go back to what they are made of

* Weren’t underground before dawn

19. What had caused the trolls to fight?

Wizard’s voice


INCANTATIONS: spells or charms

SCABBARDS: sheath of a sword

20. What do the dwarves decide to do after destroying the trolls?

Find their hole & look for treasures

21. What did Bilbo have that Gandalf “needed”?

Key to trolls’ door

22. What do they take from the trolls’ hole?

Pots of coins – food – ale