capacity building workshop overview tea conference baton rouge la n.
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Capacity Building Workshop Overview TEA Conference Baton Rouge, LA PowerPoint Presentation
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Capacity Building Workshop Overview TEA Conference Baton Rouge, LA

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Capacity Building Workshop Overview TEA Conference Baton Rouge, LA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capacity Building Workshop Overview TEA Conference Baton Rouge, LA
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  1. Capacity Building Workshop OverviewTEA ConferenceBaton Rouge, LA Mike Ginnaty Director, Project Scope and Cost Management

  2. Capacity Building Workshop Third workshop, others held in 2007 and 2008 Held in Minneapolis on Aug 11-13 Funded by AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning Additional funding for participant travel provided by FHWA Hosted by University of Minnesota and Mn/DOT

  3. Attendance FHWA from CO, GA, DE, Washington DC 1 MPO from Las Vegas, NV 14 DOT’s represented from WA, ID, GA, FL, CO, OR, OH, UT, NV, MD, MT, WV, CA and MN Academia from TX and CO

  4. Workshop Objectives To build expertise and capacity for planning and engineering professionals to implement the NCHRP Report 574 guidebook on cost estimating and cost management To learn how states are moving forward with the implementation of the guidebook or other initiatives related to cost estimating and cost management To share advances and lessons learned from other states’ initiatives on cost estimating To develop action plans for initiatives in support of cost estimating and cost management implementation

  5. Agenda Opening Remarks FHWA, AASHTO, and Mn/DOT Overview of NCHRP 574, Total Project Cost Stu Anderson, Texas A&M NCHRP 8-60, Risk Analysis Tools and Management Keith Molenaar, University of Colorado

  6. Agenda continued Agency Experiences California DOT, Jack Young Washington DOT, Terry Berends FHWA, Craig Actis Oregon DOT, Raymond Mabey Nevada MPO, Paul Judd Florida DOT, Greg Davis Minnesota DOT, Jean Wallace and Mike Ginnaty

  7. Action Items: Developed action plans around themes of: • Organization Integration • Project Management • Performance Measures and Performance Measures • Tools and Resources • Communication • Risk Assessment and Risk Management • Other (accelerated projects and alternatives contracting techniques)

  8. Capacity Building Workshop Website

  9. Action Plans: National recommendation to DOT’s for standardized CE/CM strategies Identify the value for DOT’s to implement CE/CM strategies Project Management development, broaden skills with an emphasis on risk management Define the scope and delivery approach to establish the baseline cost estimate

  10. Action Plans continued: Compare forecasted total project cost to actual costs Define performance measures for project/program estimates Document how states are customizing various cost estimating tools and guidance Best practices, what is being used by whom Establish national forum on CE and risk analysis

  11. Action Plans continued: Communicating the benefits of risk management to transportation stakeholders Strategies and tools for program-level risk management Linking risk assessment with risk management, document tools, methods and techniques Addressing CE/CM in accelerated projects CE and risk management for alternative contracting techniques