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  1. FLOETEA ZERO A Delightfully Refreshing tea beverage: 1.FLOETEA IS associate degree INNOVATIVE tea PRODUCT made of NATURAL TEA LEAVES 2.IT IS A HEALTHY, LOW CALORIE, LOW CARB beverage WITH NATURAL LEMON FLAVOR 3.FLOETEA ZERO could be a DELICIOUS, HEALTHY SWEET tea DRINK made of NATURAL TEA AND NO more SUGAR WHY FLOETEA ZERO IS HEALTHY? ZERO more SUGAR: Floetea Zero is free from more sugar. The tea is sugary employing a high purity Rebaudioside, a natural substance extracted from Stevia leaves. the merchandise doesn't increase the glucose level and thus sensible for even diabetic conditions ZERO PRESERVATIVES Floetea is free from more preservatives. The tea product is of course preserved from microorganism contaminations once prepacked. However, once gap the initial package, we tend to request customers to seal the package well store in a very cool and dry place. ZERO/LOW CALORIES:

  2. Floetea has zero or terribly low hot price as compared to many effervescent sodas and syrupy juices and powders. Floetea contains either zero or terribly low quantity of carbohydrates that is usually one amongst the main contributors of high calorie CONTAINS POLYPHENOLS Floetea contains polyphenols that square measure micronutrients that gift in bound plants as well as tea Leaves. It’s a robust inhibitor and has multiple health advantages CONTAINS vitamin C Floetea contains vitamin C (Vitamin C), that's usually gift in our common fruits and vegetables. it's a robust inhibitor & it support our traditional body functions. ZERO more colours Floetea doesn't contain more colours that square measure usually gift in alternative soft drinks like effervescent colas, sodas, by artificial means flavoured powders preparations. FLOETEA could be a HEALTHY different TO sugared POWDERS & COLA FLOETEA & FLOETEA ZERO REFRESHES & ENERGIZES. We all relish the style of hot tea. Here we tend to square measure introducing a beverage preparation from natural tea - FLOETEA. tea is extremely fashionable in western countries and it's usually another beverage to switch effervescent soda, cola and sugared powders & syrupy juices. Typical non-alcoholic beverages and fruit flavoured powder merchandise could also be loaded with sugar and many presently within the market contain over thirty grams of more sugar. additionally, bound soft drinks might contain artificial sweeteners, artificial colours, artificial flavors, preservatives etc. FLOETEA & FLOETEA ZERO contains FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) accepted ingredients and doesn't embrace any

  3. unhealthy chemicals or artificial colours, additives etc. It comes in your favorite and acquainted NATURAL TEA style.FLOETEA could be a powder mix to organize sweet tea beverage that contains a awfully low quantity of natural sugar and solely forty Calories in 240 cubic centimetre drink. It contains healthy nutrients, natural antioxidants, Polyphenols etc. FLOETEA ZERO is additionally a powder mix to organize sweet tea that contains zero quantity of natural sugar & carbohydrates, zero atomic number 11 and solely five Calories/240 cubic centimetre drink. It additionally contains healthy nutrients, natural antioxidants, Polyphenols etc. FLOETEA & FLOETEA ZERO square measure a tasty, healthy, and delicious selection