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NETC@RDS for e-EHIC A Step Towards the Introduction of the electronic European Health Insurance Card. PROJECT KEY ELEMENTS. Background and Challenges. Pan-European initiatives to foster mobility & skills inside the E.U

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Netc rds for e ehic


A Step Towards the Introduction of the electronic European Health Insurance Card

Background and challenges
Background and Challenges

  • Pan-European initiatives to foster mobility & skills inside the E.U

  • Since June 2004: common EU Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – ensures access to health care when abroad inside the EEA

  • EHIC: Eye-readable document – minimum common denominator – only a temporary solution on the way forward to an e-EHIC

  • But in 25 Member States + other EFTA countries – different levels of care entitlement, different levels of IT infrastructure

  • Announced decision on long-term course – 2008+

  • NETC@RDS challenge: to demonstrate potential of harmonising different solutions – by applying modern IT capabilities

Project at a glance

Full Market Validation

20 partners from 10 Member-States : Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovak Republic and Slovenia + Estonia, Netherlands, Norway and Polandas observers

All partners: not-for-profit institutions onbehalf national or regional health authorities

Number of pilot sites: 70

Time schedule: May 2004 – March 2006

Possible extension till Oct 2006

Budget: 5 M€ (50% e-TEN)

Project at a Glance

Netc rds for e ehic

Service Evaluation

Pilot in Greece

(Olympic Games 08/2004)

Summary of the Greek pilot results

There were 79 emergency cases treated by 8 amongst 14 pilot units. 13 NETC@RDS cases.

The feedback concerning technical functionality, easy use of the demonstrator and acceptance was very positive. Differences between NETC@RDS and EHIC could be shown.

Netc rds for e ehic

Pilot Early Assessment

  • Users found the service simplified and speeds up the process

  • No training problems (system found simple and usable)

  • The common interface was useful, but common procedures also needed

  • Further improvements would increase benefits gained

  • Administrative / legal problemsidentified and provisionallysolved

Overall positive response - the system proved to be useful

Netc rds for e ehic

Service Evaluation

Technical Issues (Greek pilot)

(n = 20)

(n = 20)

Technical problems were only experienced by reading national Health Insurance Cards not defined in NETC@RDS. The problem with the EHIC is the high rate of transcription errors.

Netc rds for e ehic

Target for 2006

Running Portal

SmartCard database

EHIC database

EHIC & SC database

Netc rds for e ehic

2002 2003 2004 2005

2006 2007 2008 2009

Phasing eEHIC with national schemes





Phase A1

Phases A2-A3 Pilots

Initial Deployment

Visual EHIC

Visual EHIC



EHIC Phase 3 :


Phase 1 :


Phase 2 :



French card next generation

French HIC Vitale 1

German Health Memory Card

German Health Smart Card

Austrian HIC Tests

Austrian HIC Full Deployment

Lombardia New Health Smart Card Full Deployment

Lombardia Health Smart Card

Slovenian Health Insurance Card

Upgrading with EHIC data & functions

Other Health Insurance eye-readable or electronic entitlement documents