july 2011 officer s call n.
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July 2011 Officer’s Call PowerPoint Presentation
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July 2011 Officer’s Call

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July 2011 Officer’s Call - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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July 2011 Officer’s Call. Promotion Board Lessons Observed. Bold/Audacious PRFs are good: They will get attention ...for better or for worse “Check this out...” “This record reeks for gunpowder!”. Promotion Board Lessons Observed...2. Letters to the board work... The WILL get read

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promotion board lessons observed
Promotion Board Lessons Observed
  • Bold/Audacious PRFs are good: They will get attention
    • ...for better or for worse
    • “Check this out...”
    • “This record reeks for gunpowder!”
promotion board lessons observed 2
Promotion Board Lessons Observed...2
  • Letters to the board work...
  • The WILL get read
  • make it a well written letter
  • make it short and to the point
  • If something is missing, not evident, or you have had issues... WRITE ABOUT IT!
promotion board lessons observed 3
Promotion Board Lessons Observed, 3
  • No PME
  • No Masters...
  • It’s a killer!
  • P or DP... it matter....
promotion board lessons observed 4
Promotion Board Lessons Observed,4
  • How the board works
  • Set up
  • Record scoring
  • time per record....
promotion board lessons observed 5
Promotion Board Lessons Observed, 5
  • Don't have much time to spend on each record...so it is the obvious that stands out
  • PRF and OSB set the tone for the record and for the individual
  • Do what you can... to help yourself
promotion board lessons observed 6
Promotion Board Lessons Observed, 6
  • don’t make the board guess: numbers, strats, duty title, make sure they are real
    • Don’t call somebody a DO or CC if they are not (eventually will look like a downgrade
    • recent strats are good, meaningful strats matter
promotion board lessons observed 7
Promotion Board Lessons Observed, 7
  • PRF Picture is important... fill the space...make sure numbers match...
  • Job progression matters... DO to Chief Pilot?
  • Referral OPRs for PT failures and for non-currents are in there, retest was a 89.1% but still went non-current with a referral.
unified protector
Unified Protector
  • What the heck is going on?
  • The war that got in the way?
  • Crisis and Complexity....& leading
    • This is where great leaders are made
    • and great leaders will emerge
  • Despair_______deconstruction
  • _______________Euphoria?
  • Need to recognize when things are not quite right...ideas....
  • Finding calm in the chaos?
  • Protecting or Preparing?
  • Take care of each other, families, and the mission
  • What is the leadership team doing?
  • I know it is hard for you.......
  • Reclamas
  • AATS and surge levels?
  • USAFE Staff and ASEV
  • Making sure all are aware...
  • Visits to CAOC5?
questions and issues
Questions and Issues
  • need ideas
  • need issues
  • cant talk to your leadership?
    • There are options...