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Diverse Learners. What we will cover this evening:. SENCO role in the school Teacher Aides at KNS A diverse learner – what does this mean? IEP process. KNS Annual Plan.

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What we will cover this evening
What we will cover this evening:

  • SENCO role in the school

  • Teacher Aides at KNS

  • A diverse learner – what does this mean?

  • IEP process

Kns annual plan
KNS Annual Plan

Objective - The learning needs of all children will be met. There will be a staff development focus on catering for the needs of diverse learners.

Diverse learners

  • Teachers will have greater understanding of and feel more confident in catering for; learning differences (strengths), children with learning difficulties and differences (diverse learners) within the classroom programme.

  • Effective information tracking systems will be developed and implemented so that teachers are well-informed regarding children’s diverse learning needs.

  • Appropriate and timely support and PD will be available for teachers to enable them to meet children’s needs.

Senco role
SENCO Role confident in catering for;

  • PD for staff

  • IEP systems

  • Teacher aides

  • Outside agencies – RTLB, RTLit,Speech therapists, occupational therapists, BLENZ and KimiOra

  • Transitions – into school, between classrooms and to college

  • Monitoring System

  • Developing the whole child

Developing the whole child
Developing the whole child confident in catering for;

What is a diverse learner
What is a diverse learner? confident in catering for;

KNS Staff believe that a diverse learner is someone who:

  • Learns in different ways

  • Has different learning styles

    • Visual

    • Tactile

    • Audial

  • Has different

    • Strengths

    • Interests

    • Needs

    • Language

  • Someone who is not captured by ‘traditional ways’ of teaching

  • One size does not fit all

What is an iep
What is an confident in catering for; IEP?

  • A plan that shows how the classroom programme will be adapted to fit the child – using their strengths to enhance their learning abilities

  • A plan that brings together the child’s learning needs, aspirations, personality and cultural background

  • An outline of where the students are going and what their successes might look like

  • It is a living document – it is regularly updated to reflect the child’s changing development

When does a child need an iep
When does a confident in catering for; child need an IEP?

IEP’s are necessary when:

  • Additional teaching strategies are needed to address a student’s particular learning needs

  • The programme needs to be differentiated

  • Barriers to learning have been identified, requiring adaptations to regular teaching strategies

  • Times of transition require extra attentions to planning, teaching and learning

School iep template
School IEP Template confident in catering for;

Monitoring confident in catering for;

  • Implement a school monitoring system

  • Support parents, children and teachers

  • Physical, social, emotional and academic

Transitions confident in catering for;

  • Transitions into school, between classrooms and into high school

  • Transferring important information of children year to year and to high schools