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Unit 6 Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 6 Review

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Unit 6 Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 6 Review. Suppose you are preparing a party for your grandpa’s birthday. Now you are checking the fridge to see what you have, write them down. Cheese. bean. Fish. lettuce. Milk. juice.

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Suppose you are preparing a party for your grandpa’s birthday. Now you are checking the fridge to see what you have, write them down.








Mary came to help you preparing the dishes, she asked something about the food and drinks. Now complete the dialogue according to the previous exercise.

M: What food does we have?

Y: ____________________________________.

M: Do we have any drinks?


M: which do you like, milk or juice?

Y: Neither. _________________is Coca Cola.

We have some cheese, fish, beans and lettuce.

Yes, we have milk and some juice

My favorite drink


You are planning to make a cake, so you are searching the Internet for the recipe.

The Recipe

A cup of butter; a cup of cocoa powder; a cup of flour; a teaspoon of baking powder; a cup of sugar; a little salt; 4 eggs

Write down the recipe on your paper to see what you need, and do the following exercises according to the recipe.


Choose your response

  • “ ______________ do we need?”
  • How much eggs B. How many eggs
  • 2. “ ______________ do we need?”
  • How many sugar B. How much sugar
  • 3. “ _____________ fish in the recipe?”
  • Is there any B. Are there some
  • 4. We need _________.
  • some flour B. any flour
  • 5. “_____________?” --- Not much.
  • A. What’s up B. How much?

You are going to buy the things that are needed now. Talk with the shopkeeper Mrs. Li about what you need. Complete the dialogue.

How is it going?

You: Hi, Mrs. Li, ______________________________?

Mrs. Li: Ok. _________________________________?

You: I’d like a small case of eggs.

Mrs. Li: A small case of eggs, ______________________?

You: I also want some butter.

Mrs. Li: ___________________________?

You: A cup of butter. And I also want a box of Coca Cola.

Mrs. Li: Ok. Any other things?

You: No. _______________________________________.

Mrs. Li: Great! Here you are!

What do you need today

Anything else

How much butter do you want

I think that’s all for today


The following passage is about how to make a cake. Read it carefully, and then do the exercises.

  • Break the egg into a bowl.
  • Beat it till it is puffy.
  • Add flour and cocoa powder to the egg, mix them well.
  • Add some sugar and butter .
  • Add some yogurts to it.
  • Mix them well. Put it into the oven for 40 minutes.