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Famous Art

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Famous Art. Alternate year. Venus de Milo. Greek, carved between 100-130 BCE A statue of Aphrodite Purchased by the French Resides in the Louvre Arms were already broken. Notre Dame de Paris. Begun construction in 1153, Gothic architecture-rose window, flying buttresses, pointed arches

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Famous Art

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    1. Famous Art Alternate year

    2. Venus de Milo • Greek, carved between 100-130 BCE • A statue of Aphrodite • Purchased by the French • Resides in the Louvre • Arms were already broken

    3. Notre Dame de Paris • Begun construction in 1153, • Gothic architecture-rose window, flying buttresses, pointed arches • 226 ft high

    4. Leonardo DaVinci, The Last Supper • Italian, 15th century mural • In the refectory of a convent in Milan • Final major restoration was finished in 1999 but not without controversy • Scene is when Jesus announces that someone will betray him

    5. Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa • Renaissance artist from Italy • Painted 1503-1519 • Painting from in the Louvre • Was a favorite of Napoleon • Was stolen once • Was attacked once • Is kept under glass and garded

    6. MichaelangeloBuenarroti, Creation of Man • Fresco 1508-1512 • Sistine Chapel

    7. Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earing • Dutch, c. 1665, Baroque (“Dutch golden age”) • Great drama, rich deep color, intense light • Genre painting

    8. Francisco Goya, The 3rd of May • Spanish, romantic period, 1814 • Shows the horrors of war (French/ Spanish • Considered one of the first modern paintings

    9. Auguste Rodin, The Thinker • French Impressionist sculptor • Cast in 1902 (28 versions exist) • Represents an internal struggle • In the Rodin Museum, Paris

    10. Claude Monet, Waterlilies • French impressionist painter • Was successful in his lifetime • You can visit his house and garden • He painted many of these • Les Nympheas- mural

    11. Jean Renoir, Bar at FoliesBergeres • French, impressionist, 1882 • At the Courtauld Institute of Art, London • There’s a mystery to this…what is it that makes it this way?

    12. Georges Seurat, A Sunday Afternoon at the Grande Jatte • French, Pointillist – painted 1884-86 • Painted over two years. A play of an optical theory- different dots of color placed next to one another reads as blended. • Is housed at The Art Institute of Chicago

    13. Pablo Picasso, Guernica • Painted in after the horrific bombing of the city of Guernica in 1937 by German and Italian war planes at the request of Spanish Nationionists • Picasso painted this for display at the world’s Fair and is over 25ft long! • Depicts the horrors of war.

    14. Marcel Duchamp, Nude descending a Staircase • Painted in 1912, French, modernist (cubist/futurist) • Caused a fuss at the Armory Show

    15. Salvador Dali, Persistence of Memory • Spanish painter, Surrealist • Things look real but they are doing what you don’t expect

    16. Rene Magritte, Son of Man • A Belgian surrealist painter • Look for objects combined in odd ways • Apples, men in bowler hats • Sky doing odd things!

    17. Frida Kahlo, Self portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird • 1940- Mexican painter • She specialized in self portraits • There is a lot of symbolism • What can you identify?

    18. Andrew Wyeth, Christina’s World • American painter. Painted in 1948 • The girl is Wyeth’s neighbor • A mysterious mood • House is in Maine • Painting at MOMA

    19. Christo and Jeanne Claude, wrapped Reichstag • Environmental art- a husband/wife team • Working to create a new way to look at familiar landscapes • Jeanne-Claude died in 2009

    20. Famous Art What can you remember? How can you be inspired?

    21. Your final project A conversaton with an artist or a work of art…. ART IS A DIALOG BETWEEN CREATOR AND VIEWER….your time to talk What assignment did you really love? What would you have fun doing? Would you like a challenge? What would that be?

    22. What can you do? • Recreate your own version of a work. • Do a parody • Be inspired by the colors, shapes… the ideas… • Go from 3-d to 2-d or vice versa

    23. A few examples Not to restrict you but to give you a few ideas

    24. Your version

    25. Parody