Castelul huniazilor
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Castelul Huniazilor. Groza Andreea Loredana a-IX-a A. It was built in XV century by Iancu de Hunedoara , the site of an ancient fortification, on a rock at the foot Zlasti which rivers flow.

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Castelul huniazilor

Castelul Huniazilor

Groza Andreea Loredana

a-IX-a A

  • It was built in XV century by Iancu de Hunedoara, the site of an ancient fortification, on a rock at the foot Zlasti which rivers flow.

  • It is an imposing building with tall and diversely colored roofs, towers and turrets, windows and balconies adorned with laces Stone. The castle was restored and turned into museum


  • The building is considered one of the representative parties fifteenth century, representing a mixture of Romanesque (polygonal shape) and late Gothic fashion. Inteventiile placed at the beginning of the seventeenth century affected the original architecture of the chapel. Existence in the Middle Media painting was largely damaged, parts of it may be observed in the altar area and the entrance (the consecrated cross).


  • This tower is part of the consolidated precincts corresponding fifteenth century, the room was originally used by Franciscan father, John of Capistrano, John Corvin confessor until the second half of XV century.

Room diet
Room Diet

  • Is a space dedicated to ceremonies, conducted in the mid-fifteenth century in late Gothic style. The changes in the seventeenth century have left a beautiful fresco secular, current form due to the restoration works of the period 1956-1968.

Bethlen wing
Bethlen wing

  • Built in the first half of the seventeenth century between the old tower and the tower side drummers over the inside walls of old, is composed of the bedrooms downstairs and living upstairs. In the nineteenth century was added a gallery, crafted by neo-Gothic architecture canons.

Knights hall
Knights Hall

  • Is completed in 1452 and is built in late Gothic style, functionality being the dining room at ocaziifestive, as suggested by typological correspondences of German environment.