haultruck vs pickup n.
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HAULTRUCK vs. PICKUP. Care to guess who was the winner?. Background & Investigation.

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haultruck vs pickup


Care to guess who was the winner?

background investigation
Background & Investigation
  • On a rainy night, a pickup was coming up out of the pit and hit a mud puddle covering his windshield, headlights and the entire pickup. This rendered the pickup virtually invisible; the driver never slowed down, just turned on his windshield wipers and continued on his way.
  • As he approached a truck dump area, one truck was leaving the dump and turning to the left.
  • The haul truck operator never saw the pickup and the pickup went under the right side of the haul truck. The haul truck operator stated that she felt "something“ and stopped. When she got out on her deck and saw pieces of the pickup she immediately called a mayday.
  • The only apparent reason the driver lived is because the right front tire probably caught the front of the pickup and pushed it down leaving a livable space in the cab. If the operator had travelled any farther forward, the right rear duals would have finished flattening the pickup.
  • He received some cuts and a broken clavicle. His seatbelt also kept him in the driver's seat. The driver should have been crushed, he was one extraordinarily fortunate individual.

Rear of haul truck with debris field and a portion of the passenger side front of the pickup visible.


Hydraulic & transmission fluid tanks

Remains of driver compartment & seat visible