the french revolution n.
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The French Revolution

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The French Revolution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The French Revolution. Chapter 18. The Crisis of the French Monarchy. The Monarchy Seeks New Taxes Necker’s Report Colonne’s Reform Plan and the Assembly of Notables Deadlock and the Calling of the Estates General . The Revolution of 1789.

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the crisis of the french monarchy
The Crisis of the French Monarchy
  • The Monarchy Seeks New Taxes
  • Necker’s Report
  • Colonne’s Reform Plan and the Assembly of Notables
  • Deadlock and the Calling of the Estates General
the revolution of 1789
The Revolution of 1789
  • The Estates General Becomes the National Assembly
  • Fall of the Bastille
  • The “Great Fear” and the Night of August 4
  • The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
  • The Parisian Women’s March on Versailles
the reconstruction of france
The Reconstruction of France
  • Political Reorganization
  • Economic Policy
  • The Civil Constitution of the Clergy
  • Counterrevolutionary Activity
the end of the monarchy a second revolution
The End of the Monarchy: A Second Revolution
  • Emergence of the Jacobin
  • The Convention and the Role of the Sans-culottes
europe at war with the revolution
Europe at War with the Revolution
  • Edmund Burke Attacks the Revolution
  • Suppression of Reform in Britain
  • The Second and Third Partitions of Poland, 1793, 1795
the reign of terror
The Reign of Terror
  • War with Europe
  • The Republic Defended
  • The “Republic of Virtue” and Robespierre’s Justification of Terror
  • Repression of the Society of Revolutionary Republican Women
  • De-Christianization
  • Revolutionary Tribunals
  • The End of the Terror
the thermidorian reaction
The Thermidorian Reaction
  • Establishment of the Directory
  • Removal of the Sans-culottes from Political Life
in perspective
In Perspective

Results of the Revolution

The French revolution ended in failure?

Solid middle class established

Peasants better off

Social and political gains

Absolute monarchy never re-established

  • Old social system destroyed
      • Replaced; new system based on equality, ability, and the law
  • Triumph of Capitalism
  • Secular democracy
  • Foundation of modern nation-state