Understanding incomplete dialogues
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UNDERSTANDING INCOMPLETE DIALOGUES. 1 DIRECTION / LOCATION. Stranger : Excuse me. … Daony : It’s in the next block , across from the drug store. A. H ave you seen the other block? B. W here is the nearest resort hotel ? C. Could you tell me how it look s like ?

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1 direction location


Stranger : Excuse me. …

Daony: It’s in the next block, across from the

drug store.

A. Have you seen the other block?

B. Where is the nearest resort hotel?

C. Could you tell me how it looks like?

D. Where can I buy some medicine around


Stranger : Do you know …?

Pedestrian : Really sorry, we don’t have it. If we

buy our daily need, we have to go


A. where I can buy gas

B. what I should do in downtown

C. where I can find mini market

D. who has a car around here

Budi : Excuse me, could you tell me the way

to the museum?

Bubu : Sure. …

A. Go straight and turn left. It’s next to the


B. You can call a taxi. It won’t be expensive.

C. I’m sorry but I’m a new comer here.

D. It’s not quite far from here.

2 daily habit activities


Michael : What do you like to do in your spare


Rafael : …

Michael : I do too. I never miss new pictures,

especially actions.

A. I like watching television.

B. I had better stay at home.

C. I’d rather see the movie.

D. I’m fond of painting.

Rossie : Do you work for the American

appliance company?

Donna : Yes. I’m in the marketing section.

Rossie : What does your job involve?

Donna : …

A. I visited factories.

B. I sell new products.

C. I supervise an office.

D. I had to prepare reports.

Meily : Do you like to buy that new mobile


Endah : I can’t afford it. …

A. It’s good and cheap one.

B. It costs too much.

C. I decided to purchase it.

D. I tried to rent it.

Henry : What does your father do for a living?

Dea : … He designs buildings.

A. He has a nice apartment.

B. He works in a hospital.

C. He helps the doctors.

D. He is an architect.

3 making and taking reservation

3Making and taking RESERVATION

Caller : I’d like a round-trip ticket to

Batam for next week. …

Receptionist : Yes, sir. And that would be seven

hundred thousand rupiahs.

Caller : Can I have it delivered?

A. Is one available?

B. May I reserve it late?

C. Will you give a refund?

D. How much is it altogether?

Amira : I would like to order cable.

Officer : Sure, what package do you want?Amira : …?Officer : We have all kinds of movie channel


A. Yes, how many do you need

B. Well, what do you offer

C. Yes, what programs do you like

D. Well, what channels do you watch

Conan : I’d like to rent a family wagon forthree

days. Is it possible?

Mella : I’m really sorry, sir. ... All are the

newest types.

A. We only provide sedans here.

B. You’re not allowed to bring your family.

C. We cannot rent more than two cars a day.

D. You shouldn’t park your old cars in this


4 future plans and activities

4future plans and activities

Dinda : Won’t you come home early tonight?

Heri: No, … I must finish the report.

A. I’ll work late.

B. I didn’t have time.

C. I had to take overtime.

D. I’ll continue it tomorrow.

Taufiq : What is your plan this weekend?

Agus : I’m not sure. …

A. I was going to visit Yogya.

B. I took a vacation to Bali.

C. I may just stay at home.

D. I should have done it.

5 handling guests telephone


Receptionist : I’m sorry, but Dr. Brighton is not

here right now.

Jane: …

Receptionist : Yes, certainly.

Jane : Please tell him I’ll call in at the

office tomorrow afternoon.

A. Can you put me through to her now?

B. Would you give her a message?

C. Will she be back here today?

D. May I talk to her later?

Sheila : Mr.Harry? This is Sheila at

Dr.Gunawan’s office. I’m calling just to

remind you about your dental

appointment tomorrow morning at 10.

Mr.Harry : Thank you Sheila. ...

A. I was calling Dr. Gunawan.

B. Can you leave a message?

C. Could I help you, ma’am ?

D. I’ll see you then.

Receptionist : Good morning. Bunda Hospital.

June : …

Receptionist : Sure. It’s from 09.00 to 02.00 PM.

And you have to make an

appointment first.

A. Can I talk to Dr.Irwan, please?

B. May I ask him when he will arrive?

C. I’d like to know Dr. Irwan’s schedule.

D. I want to cancel my reservation, please.

6 suggestion advice

6suggestion / advice

Adinda : The weather is very cold today.

Baginda : ...I think we need something hot and


A. What about eating ‘SotoPadang’?

B. What about doing some exercises?

C. What about swimming on the beach?

D. What about enjoying some ice cream?

Mira : What should I do to get up early?

Dean : You can try this. Before you go to bed, …

A. You must sleep well.

B. You should set up the alarm.

C. You can review the lesson.

D. You may prepare your meals.

Husni : How about coming over for dinner this


Okky: ... I have overtime tonight.

A. That’s a good idea.

B. That sounds great.

C. Sorry, but I can’t.

D. Sure, why not.

7 giving invitation


Mrs.Ihsan: Mrs.Bakar, next Sunday is my

son’s birthday party. …

Mrs.Bakar: That sounds lovely. What time will it be?

A. Would you be interested in coming?

B. Would you like to have the food?

C. Would you mind going with me?

D. Would you come back soon?

Kenan : Would you and Santo be able to join us

for the Golf game this weekend?

Santi: ... What time will you pick me up?

A. We are very sorry to hear it.

B. We are real Golf players.

C. We can have some fun.

D. We’d be delighted to.

Tina : I’m going down to the coffee shop to

get something to eat. Do you want to

join with me?

Utha: … I’m very exhausted today. I’m just

going to stay in bed.

A. It sounds like great idea.

B. It seems to be fine.

C. I’d love to, but

D. I’d be glad to.

8 past events


Sarifah: How was yesterday’s presentation?

Tengku: I was a bit nervous, but ...

Sarifah: Great. Two thumbs for you.

A. the participants had some discussions.

B. the presentation was dissatisfying.

C. I complained about their report.

D. I did everything well.

Hendra : Who taught you to swim?

Henni : No one. ...

A. Mr. Hermansyah did it.

B. I learnt it on my own.

C. I was at the pool when you called.

D. My father can swim well.

John : Have you ever been to Yogya?

Tiara : Yes. … I spent my holiday with my


A. I think I’ll go there next week.

B. I’d prefer Bali to Yogya.

C. I was there last month.

D. I plan to visit it.

9 conditional sentences


Joe: How do we operate this printer? Does

it print good picture?

Supervisor: Here’s the manual. …, the result will be


A. If you can buy the printer

B. If you could use the printer properly

C. If you follow the instructions correctly

D. If you scanned your picture with this


Lingga : Why don’t you buy that beautiful vase?

Dara: … But, I think I have to save it first.

A. If I lost the vase, I could buy it.

B. If I had money, I would do it.

C. If I had had dollars, I would have done it.

D. If I had bought the vase, I would have put it

at home.

Dani : How was your trip to Bali?

Jeni : … if it hadn’t rained everyday.

A. It was an amazing trip

B. It will be very interesting

C. I would have been in Bali

D. I would have had a wonderful time

10 commands requests


Dwi : Would you mind if I turn off the air


Anto : … Besides, the weather is very cold.

A. No. Go ahead.

B. Yes. Just close it.

C. Yes. I have a bad flu.

D. No. You’d better open it.

Keanu : Could I have a taxi, please?

Voice : Yes, …

Keanu : 24 Grange Drive.

A. what’s your company address?

B. where are you calling from?

C. what’s your taxi number?

D. where were you going to?

Bella : Excuse me. I didn’t understand it. ... what

you said?

Vera : Sure. Listen carefully, OK?

A. Would you like to repeat

B. Would you read it for me

C. Did you finish typing

D. Do you happen to know

Bella : Excuse me. I didn’t understand it. ... what

you said?

Vera : Sure. Listen carefully, OK?

A. Would you like to repeat

B. Would you read it for me

C. Did you finish typing

D. Do you happen to know

Rina: Would you mind if I open the window?

It’s hot in here.

Iwan: No. …

A. Thank you.

B. With pleasure.

C. It is not very hot.

D. It is already open.

11 expressing complaint


Guest : There are dirty ashtrays on the

table in front of my room. It’s


Room service: … We’re really sorry, ma’am.

A. We’ll give them to you.

B. No one can arrange them.

C. I’ll have them removed soon.

D. You have to clean them yourself.

Desy: I can’t believe that the toilet is out of


Manager : … I’ll send the plumber right away.

A. I can fix the toilet soon.

B. Can you write me an e-mail?

C. Really sorry for the inconvenient.

D. Does it make any trouble with you?

Ms. Jean : Yesterday I had your hairdresser take

my hair, but it took too long time.

Today, I need to hurry.

Manager : Really sorry, madam. Now, ...

Ms. Jean : Thank you very much.

A. You can take care of yourself.

B. You’d better come another time.

C. I’ll find a better one for you.

D. I’ll have the hairdresser get it.

12 on going events


Sandra : Please be quiet. ... I’m having a test


Desy: OK. You can trust us.

A. I finished studying.

B. I’m trying to concentrate.

C. I had to prepare the lessons.

D. I worked hard to do it.

Bobby : I don’t see the children here. Where are

they now?

Mandy : ….

Bobby : I see. When will they be back?

A. They were visiting their uncle.

B. They studied English at a course.

C. They will be at school the whole day.

D. They’re in the park watching an exhibition.

13 expressing sympathy


Fitri: My grandpa left our house last night

and didn’t come back. We have

reported it to the police.

Reyhan : Oh, … And he can be with your family


A. It’s his fault to do this.

B. It’s okay. You shouldn’t worry about it.

C. I’m sorry. I hope they can find him.

D. I’m sorry to hear about the police.

Saffanah : I heard that your brother has been

hospitalized for two days because of a

car accident.

Ridhe : Yes, now he is still on recovery.

Saffanah : …

A. I’m glad too.

B. I’m sorry to hear that.

C. I’m happy to be with you.

D. I’m sorry to bother you.

14 expressing possibilities


Rossie : Why hasn’t Lia been here? Have you

got any information?

Tirta: Yes. … She’s got trouble with her car.

A. She should have been here.

B. She will probably be late.

C. She had just called you.

D. She might be sick.

Intan: Are you sure that … his final exam?

Ujang: Definitely. He has been preparing it

for a long time.

A. he will be satisfied

B. he is going to pass

C. he could win

D. he may fail

Helen : There is a knock at the door. Who do

you suppose it is?

Lina: Well, ... She called me this morning.

A. it might be Shanty.

B. it must be Hendra.

C. I will open it.

D. I’ll check it first.

Teacher : Where is Gendra? I didn’t see him this


Dedy : …. I saw him get wet because of the

rain yesterday.

A. He might be sick.

B. You may get wet.

C. He could get home soon.

D. He can walk under the rain.

15 agree disagree


Lambok : In my opinion, politicians never get

anything done.

Ahmad : … They just talk and make promises.

A. Oh, I disagree with that.

B. Yes, you’re right.

C. I don’t think so.

D. I’m against you.

Shifah : Have you seen ‘the Great Dreamer’ at

the theater? I think it’s a very good

movie. It teaches us how to survive

well in life.

Niata : … The film really motivates our

children in reaching their future goals.

A. I don’t think you’re right.

B. I don’t agree with you.

C. I have no idea about it.

D. I couldn’t agree more.