declaration of network independence n.
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Declaration of Network Independence PowerPoint Presentation
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Declaration of Network Independence

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Declaration of Network Independence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Declaration of Network Independence
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  1. Declaration of Network Independence Striving for an Enlightened Network Rick Ringel Distinguished Engineer Technology and Product Management Group Inter-Tel, Inc. ETEL

  2. Who is ? • Small/Medium Enterprise for 35 years • Comfortable in Existing Network • Prepared for Emerging Network • 2005 “Product Portfolio of the Year”

  3. What Is Progress? Measure Relative Against Existing Network OR Measure Absolute Against an IDEAL Network (The Enlightened Network)

  4. Declaration of Network Independence that among these are We hold these truths to be self-evident, Identity Identity->Existence->Life that all EndUsers are created equal, Mobility that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, Mobility->Movement->Passage->Freedom->Liberty Administrator And the Pursuit of Innovation

  5. Unalienable Right to Identity Independent of devices, modes, service providers or access networks Create, destroy, and transfer ownership Control When, How, What, and With Whom Privacy & Association Property Equality

  6. Unalienable Right to Mobility Connect to any access network from any location, with any device, at any time Move between service providers while retaining identity Liberty

  7. Unalienable Right to Pursue Innovation End Users have a right to create applications that interact with the Network on their behalf, or on behalf of many Users. Individualism

  8. Wrap Up We mutually pledge to each other our Vision, our Standards, and our sacred Interoperability. There will be Conflict There will be Compromise

  9. Otherwise…

  10. VoIP is Not Simply Voice over IP This is a Fundamentally Different Network ETEL Network IMS SIPConnect IM Colaboration SRTP Open Source P2P CCXML Web 2.0 B2BUA WI-FI