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Cross-cutting Issues

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Cross-cutting Issues - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cross-cutting Issues. And other things your project document must include. The design matrix addresses…. Results: goal, purpose, specific objective(s), outputs Activities Inputs, including costs → budget Indicators & means of verification Pre-conditions, assumptions, risks.

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cross cutting issues

Cross-cutting Issues

And other things your project document must include

the design matrix addresses
The design matrix addresses…

Results: goal, purpose, specific objective(s), outputs


Inputs, including costs → budget

Indicators & means of verification

Pre-conditions, assumptions, risks

matrix does not cover
Matrix does NOT cover:

Background, setting, trends (context/situation analysis)

Justification of the project – why have one?

Process of project formulation – who was involved

Identification & analysis of stakeholders

Details of approach % methodology

Institutional / organisational setting, including institutional network

Proposed management structure

Personnel qualification requirements / CVs

Reporting and feedback … more?

other cross cutting issues like
Other cross cutting issues like…

Gender implications and effects

Likely impact on the environment

Climate change aspects

Implications for organisations and institutions

Impact on poverty, poverty reduction

Post-project period sustainability – organisational, financial, technical

think about
Think about….

What is important to the decision-makers

What will appeal to the financiers

What will get support of beneficiaries & losers

What will make the project easier to implement and manage

check your project as a whole for
Check your project as a whole for:

Relevance: Are we doing the right thing?

  • (context, problem analysis, stakeholder analysis, objective analysis),

Feasibility: Are we doing things right?

  • (activity plan, resource planning, indicators of objective fulfilment)

Sustainability: Will the results last?

  • (analysis of risks and assumptions)
different types of project descriptions
Different types of project descriptions

Direction for internal (departmental) projects

Terms of Reference: direction for external projects

Direction for research: response to calls for proposals

Tenders: proposals for executing others’ projects.

Tune your focus & emphasis according to type.

internal projects
Internal projects

Often do not need major attention on background & justification – the leadership already knows this;

Be very clear on the information on situation before, during and after introducing change;

Emphasize benefits in terms of better work processes, happier employees, more satisfied clients;

Emphasize higher productivity & efficiency to leadership.

project document as tor for consultants
Project document as ToR for consultants

Make background and expected results VERY CLEAR

Make sure you have clear statements about personnel requirements – not number but functional qualifications

Make consultant-client-financier relationships very clear

project document for research
Project document for research
  • Make the value / benefits of the research results very clear;
  • Explain methodology fully in plain language;
  • If non-academics will evaluate the proposal, make all methodological terms understandable;
  • Give attention to monitoring, evaluation & feedback mechanisms
    • (who will use it? How will they know about it?);
  • If applying for funds in a competitive process, follow ALL instructions carefully.
project document in tendering
Project document in tendering

Make sure you have understood the expected results;

Give clear description of approaches and methodologies;

Show how proposed staff meet required competence levels;

Show clearly how the client and beneficiaries will be involved throughout;

Have clear communication strategy.