Midas Touch-- Begin with a myth
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Midas Touch-- Begin with a myth Midas was a king of a city-state in the ancient Greek, he obtained a magical ability gifted by Bacchus -- everything he touches turns to gold. Low Carbon Tourism City. ---Karamay. Midas Touch Urban Planning& Design. LTD. About Midas Touch Core concept

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Midas Touch-- Begin with a myth

Midas was a king of a city-state in the ancient Greek, he obtained a magical ability gifted by Bacchus -- everything he touches turns to gold.

Low carbon tourism city

Low Carbon Tourism City


Midas Touch Urban Planning& Design. LTD

About Midas Touch

Core concept


About midas touch
About Midas Touch

Established -- in 2005.

Predecessor -- Copenhagen Shanghai branch of city planning and Design Institute

Leaders -- the expert Mr. Marten in the Ministry of construction and City Planning Committee of experts in Paris & Dr. Suzuki that is specially allowanced by the Tokyo government.

Staff -- more than 50 industry elites.

About midas touch1
About Midas Touch

Midas Touch has been providing the professional service for dozens of cities as well as corporate clients.

Lijiang, China

Hamburg, Germany

Long term cooporative partners
Long-term Cooporative partners

About Midas Touch

China international engineering consulting company

The urban construction design Co. Ltd.

Shanghai architectural design and Research Institute of Tongji University (Group) Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Tongji Institute of city planning and design

Shanghai Pudong New Area planning and Design Institute

American AECOM group

American long run investment group

Lin Tongyan international engineering consulting (China) Co., Ltd.

Dead Leung Ban real estate consultants (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.

KDG design consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Canada

USA JY design firm

USA EWS firm

About Midas Touch


Gained City Planning excellence award of International society of city and regional planners in The forty-sixth International Planning Conference held in the capital of Kenya,Nairobi

Core concept
Core Concept

People oriented, suit the circumstance.

Swot analysis
SWOT Analysis

S (strength)

W (weakness)

O (opportunity)

T (threat)

Why it isessential to develope tourism

in Karamay?

Boost the economical diversification

Render the economy develope sustainably

Karamay spirit
Karamay Spirit


The most desolate place/ has the greatest energy/ The deepest layer/ spews the most precious solution/ The most silent warrior/ has the firmest heart/ Karamay/ is a beauty among the desert

-- Ai Qing , 1980.

Karamay spirit1
Karamay Spirit

Chinese TV serial The West Sacred Land, took the twentieth Century 50's to 90's as the background, narrated touching stories that during the exploitation and construction of Karamay oilfield, the first generation of oilmen used their iron will and lofty sentiments, sacrificed their entire youth to the construction of Karamay in the arduous times and environment.


Scene investigation


Scene investigation


Scene investigation

Low carbon oil tourism city
Low-carbon Oil Tourism City

Global trend

Inherent advantage

An innovative city gaining tourists attraction

The main aporias
The Main Aporias

Backward public transformations

Lack of the tourism city brand recognition

Unadaptable climate circumstance

Enhance the public transportation
Enhance the Public Transportation

Land transportation

Water transportation

Air transportation

Lack of the tourism brand recognition
Lack of the tourism brand recognition

Land Mark


The celebrity effect


Eiichiro Oda

The celebrity effect
The Celebrity Effect

The cooperation between the local star and the international star

Transform the climate
Transform the climate

1. Large scale of green lands.

2. Utilizing the solar energy

3. Utilizing the wind power

4. Constructing man-made lakes.

5. Handling the municipal wastes.

we appreciate

your consideration!