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Transportation Overview

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Transportation Overview. Transportation East. Transportation East 428-2450. Transportation West. Transportation West 428-2480. Student Misconduct Referrals. Campus Administration. Actions Taken. Referrals. Drivers Given Direction. TRANSPORTATION DEPT. Valuable Information -

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Transportation Overview

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student misconduct referrals
Student Misconduct Referrals

Campus Administration

Actions Taken


Drivers Given Direction

transportation dept


Valuable Information -

air conditioning
Air Conditioning
  • RRISD only began purchasing A/C buses in 2004.
  • Air conditioned buses are assigned to maximize their effectiveness.
    • Generally, buses serving the most number of students on the longest routes are given A/C.
    • Field trips are picked by drivers to earn extra money. Many trips start directly after their route so whatever bus is on the route route is used on the field trip. Coaches pickup their buses during the school day. They are assigned spare buses that are usually not air conditioned. We try not to pull A/C buses off routes for field trips.
    • We strive to provide A/C buses for weekend out of town trips when possible since there is not a route conflict. The volume of trips in-town is often larger than available A/C buses.

12 Years Old

18 Years Old

50 Buses

fleet issues
Fleet Issues
  • The district is adding 10 new routes most years. Coach demands grow by 5 buses for every new middle school added.
  • If the district decides to continue to provide service at the same historical levels; 32 additional buses must be added to the fleet by 2013.
  • Ideally, all of the buses would be less than 12 years old in order to maintain an efficient fleet. Meeting this standard would require an additional 90 buses to be purchased by 2013.
vehicle maintenance1
Vehicle Maintenance
  • Buses are inspected by the driver every time they leave the bus facility (up to 4 times per day).
  • Buses receive a complete preventative maintenance inspection every 2,500 miles.
  • Additional preventative maintenance is scheduled for major items such as transmissions on a mileage basis.
  • All vehicle maintenance records are computerized to ensure timely repairs.
  • The mileage and age of the fleet creates additional exposure for breakdowns.
  • Projections are initially made in January and modified monthly until the end of school for the next year.
  • Projections are made through a matrix of growth, current students by grade, and demographic trends.
  • Transfers and boundary changes make a significant impact on projections.