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Performance Testing of Rich Internet Applications & Web applications PowerPoint Presentation
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Performance Testing of Rich Internet Applications & Web applications

Performance Testing of Rich Internet Applications & Web applications

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Performance Testing of Rich Internet Applications & Web applications

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  1. Performance Testing of Rich Internet Applications & Web applications UKTMF summit 2009

  2. Overcoming 2009 Challenges for load testing web applications • Respond successfully to business pressure “do more with less” • Test increasingly complex web applications: AJAX, Silverlight, FLEX (amf3), GWT (google web toolkit), SAP Web, Oracle Forms, Siebel Web, Oracle E-business, OBI, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Hyperion, ……

  3. Respondsuccessfully to business pressure • Economically: Complete more tests and be more cost effective • Points you can have an impact on: - Flexibility of your load testing software - Time required to execute the entire engagement

  4. Respondsuccessfully to business pressure • Strategically: • Webapps are increasingly important within companies • Do it in a shorter time frame for your SLA and a shorter time to market • Maintain scenarios and compare performance of new releases

  5. Respond successfully to business pressure • Technologically • use a modern tool • Made for web applications • Supports the latest technologies: PoC & advices, sizing of infrastructure when addressing new needs arising from evolving development frameworks • Handle the latest webapps just as easily as older/simpler ones

  6. Reduce the cost of your load testing platform Increaseyourproductivity: Use modern tools adapted to today’s web applications to get a better ROI: • Easy and fast to install on any platform • Scenarios are faster to create & maintain • Efficient to generate the required load • Precise monitoring and reporting

  7. Time allocation for your engagments Time spent Older tool Recent tool

  8. Reduce the cost of your Load Testing platform - Know the alternatives to better allocate your value adding ressources • Retain your testers with a wider scope during the assignements (less scripting & more analysis) • More time to test, to give better recommandations & reports = maximise value to your client

  9. Load test the latest web applications • What’s a RIA ? Definition : a Rich Internet Application is capable of delivering a rich experience to the user: • More connected • More interactive • More intuitive • What technologies are used ? AJAX based frameworks, FLEX, AIR, Silverlight, GWT, etc…

  10. Challenges for Testing RIA (1/4) • Faster development of webapps = Faster Testing required • More complex test cases due to increased user interactions • Browser server interactions are different from standard webapps which impacts the behavior of servers

  11. Challenges for testing RIA (2/4) • Manage specific formats encapsulated in HTTP requests • Example for Flex content with AMF binary messages:

  12. Challenges for testing RIA (3/4) • A highernumber of asynchronous requests to deal with • Switch fromparrallel to sequential mode for the requests of a page • A higher number of dynamic parameters • Need to be able to definecomplexcorrelation  « rules » to automate the future design of your scenarios

  13. Challenges for testing RIA (4/4) • Specific behaviour to take into account : • Polling: Involving the browser to query the server at regular intervals • Streaming (or « push »): the client sends a single request to the server and the server responds each time a pertinent information is available

  14. Challenges for Testing Complex Web Applications • Oracle E-Business Suite • Oracle Forms: handling the protocol + recent HTTP/S portal • Siebel Web • Complex HTTP/S with numerous dynamic parameters, specific format & AJAX • SAP Web • Numerous dynamic parameters

  15. mandotory elements to look for in a load testing tool to : Produce a realistic test • Script all major test cases • Variable extractor • Response validation • Advanced Variable managment • Realistic load policy • Errors managment

  16. Mandotory elements to look for in a load testing tool to : Make your results talk to: • Know where your bottlenecks are • Must employ advanced monitoring for: • O/S • DB • Application Server • Builld useful graphs and reports • Compare results with SLA and/or Reference tests • Take corrective actions

  17. A few best practices • Tips to take home to test your web applications • Test earlier in the development process • Test each new release and compare with previous • Start your test campaign with solid test plan • Spend time on what is the most important • Produce report understandable by all

  18. Neotys team Thank you for your availability and your interest. Please download an evaluation version of Neoload on We stay at your disposal for additional information, feel free to contact us on : Or by phone on + 33 442 180 830