overcrowded classrooms
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Overcrowded Classrooms

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Overcrowded Classrooms. Tierra Redmond, Claire Barbieri Rachel Foreman & Perry Langley. Future Teacher Perspective. In the past, did you feel that you did not obtain as much knowledge because you were in a class with too many students?

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overcrowded classrooms

Overcrowded Classrooms

Tierra Redmond, Claire Barbieri

Rachel Foreman & Perry Langley

future teacher perspective
Future Teacher Perspective
  • In the past, did you feel that you did not obtain as much knowledge because you were in a class with too many students?
  • Did you ever feel ashamed to possibly share your own ideas because you were concerned with the thoughts of your peers?
  • Were you lacking a bond with your teacher?
  • What will you do in the future to ensure that you create a bond and a positive learning environment for your students?
Over time, the amount of students in today’s public school classrooms has increased, which tends to be overbearing for both educators and students. Imperative factors of these overcrowded classrooms can possibly lead to uneducated and unsuccessful students. As educators we must do as much as we can while realizing there are some things we can’t control.


concerns of a teacher of an overcrowded classrooms
Concerns of a Teacher of an overcrowded classrooms
  • Teachers have less space for lesson preparation.
  • Large amount of unnecessary supervision.
  • Rarely are teachers able to form a bond with students.
  • Excessive amount of time can be spent on disciplining students due to disruptions.
  • Stressed educators can not be good educators.
Students in overcrowded classrooms typically do not receive the best education as to those students who have more one on one time with their instructor.
negative effects of overcrowding for students
Negative Effects of Overcrowding for Students
  • Well-behaved students are often overlooked and lack the attention they need from teachers.
  • Decreased concentration due to the distractions in overcrowded classes.
  • Students often lack understanding of certain lessons due to the distractions in the class.
  • Less space for the students to work independently or with groups.
  • Some students lack the confidence and desire to share their ideas with a large group of students.
student affected by overcrowded classrooms
Student Affected by Overcrowded Classrooms
  • Typically minority/poverty students are in overcrowded classrooms; because of the little funding in their public schools.
  • The student to teacher ratio is tied to social identity because students from a lower class communities attend schools where there is an inadequate amount of funding to pay more teachers.
hammond high school in lake county
Hammond High School in Lake County
  • Hammond High School is one of several schools in Lake County (Indiana) that academically suffer.
  • Typically there is a 25 to 1 student to teacher ratio
  • Majority of these students are minority

-of the 923 students 453 are black, 362 are Hispanic, and 71 are white.

  • 731 of the 923 students are on reduced or free lunch.
hammond high school
Hammond High School
  • In 2008-2009, of the 239 10th grade students that took the ISTEP+ Exam, 75.7% (181 Students) did not pass and 24.3% (58 students) did pass
  • The graduation rate of Hammond High School in 2009 was 61% (158 students)
  • Diploma Type: 19 Students (Honors Diploma), 71 Students (Indiana Core 40 Diploma), 68 Students (Received General Diploma or Waiver)
carroll high school in allen county
Carroll High School in Allen County
  • Carroll High School is also an overcrowded school, yet succeeds academically.
  • There is a 28 to 1 student to teacher ratio.
  • The enrollment by ethnicity is of 1,925 students, 1,718 are white, 57 are Hispanic, 39 are Asian, 26 are Black, 12 are American Indian, 14 are Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, and 59 are Multiracial.
  • 260 out of the 1,925 are on free or reduced priced lunch.
carroll high school
Carroll High School
  • In 2008-2009, of the 454 10th grade students that took the ISTEP+ exam, 12.8% (58 Students) did not pass and 87.2% (396 students) did pass
  • The graduation rate of Carroll High School in 2009 was 94.5% (449 students)
  • Diploma Type:149 Students (Honors Diploma), 199 Students (Indiana Core 40 Diploma), 76 Students (Received General Diploma or Waiver)

From the statistics, we have come to the conclusion that the factor of overcrowding can happen in two different areas, but the students that are most likely to suffer are those from a minority or lower class background.

taking action
Taking Action!
  • We are going to write a letter to Dr. Tony Bennett to ask himwhat he believes can be done to improve education for minority students. Also, another issue that we are concerned about is with overcrowding affecting certain groups of people. We want to get a better understanding of the government’s plan of continuing to observe how overcrowded classrooms affect students.