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Mate Selection and Marital Success

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Mate Selection and Marital Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mate Selection and Marital Success . By: Amber , Dominika , Meghan and Brendan HHS4UI. What is Mate Selection and Marital Success ?.

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mate selection and marital success

Mate Selection and Marital Success

By: Amber , Dominika , Meghan and Brendan



What is Mate Selection and Marital Success ?

  • Greater marital success is a result of a dating experience that enables the partners to get to know each other (free choice marriage) while arranged marriages are not successful because you are forced to meet their partner.
  • Intimacy within the relationship is very important in marriage , while many people believe that they should test their sexual relations with one another before marriage .
murstein s market e xperience p erspective
Murstein’s Market Experience Perspective
  • Murstein suggests that mate selection is similar to buying a car as you should test drive different partners before settling down and committing to one.
  • Murstein suggests that marrying your first love is not a great idea, because you may not yet have a good idea of what you want in a long-term partner.
  • Whyte argues against Murstein’s market experience perspective saying, that “you cannot ‘test drive’ various partners at the same time”.
  • Whyte suggests that arranged marriage practices are more likely to allow young people to meet and consider a number of potential partners at the same time before settling on one.
does cohabitation work
Does Cohabitation work?
  • Cohabitation is viewed as a trial or a test to see how a couple can be together in a real life setting rather than just on dates.
  • Woman who cohabitate with a partner are more likely to divorce the partner that they cohabited with rather than men.
  • Many couples within this field do not believe this relationship as permanent because they do not commit to the relationship by putting all the resources together.
love leading to success
Love leading to success
  • Love is a factor of marital success but dating and cohabitation are not.
  • If you have a higher sexual expression then it will develop better intimacy , commitment or devotion within a relationship but it can also lead to preceding the development of relationships if you’re permissive.
  • Couples who remember being intimate and in love have the happiest marriages not relating to their dating experience.
negotiating satisfying relationships
Negotiating Satisfying Relationships
  • Forming a couple relationship is a major life transition.
  • Marriage is considered the happiest and easiest transition in life due to being organized and supported by friends and family.
  • On the other hand , you are committing to a life long partnership .
  • Individuals have to resolve the problem of being together in a relationship compared to being alone , to develop the influencing strength of love.
  • Couples and cohabitating couples must portray certain roles for the relationship to work and to show commitment and stability.
discussion questions
Discussion Questions ………
  • 1.Is the experience of dating a good way for partners to get to know each other before marriage and making a commitment?
  • 2.Is intimacy and being truly in love a factor of being happy within marriage?
  • 3.Do you think “test driving” someone before being in a committed relationship is a good idea?
example of a successful marriage
(Example of a Successful Marriage)
  • The End
  • By: Amber , Dominika , Meghan and Brendan