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THE EVERGREEN. Human Brain + Artificial intelligence= Human dream job. Introduction.

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the evergreen


Human Brain + Artificial intelligence= Human dream job


Our dream job is focusing more on the lines of technology, environment and social responsibility. First of all there is a human brain which is natural for all human beings, secondly there is Artificial Intelligence which enables us to make the rational machines. The combination of the two helps the human being to realize his/her dream job. 

human brain vs artificial intelligence
Human Brain vs Artificial Intelligence

It is considered that human brain is more supreme than the machine. A process of “synthetic telepathy” would have become the upstream source of communication. The area of neuropsychology is vast and complex. There would be brain computer interface and it is envisioned that every human being would have a chip somewhere or the other.

the needs of rational machines
The needs of rational machines

For success, the human brain needs to be assisted by rational machines. There is also a possibility that with the number of people involving themselves in service industry and others would require more man power to do various other works related to sanitation, rescue operation in disasters, hazardous activities like mining, quarrying, and other high risk activities especially affecting a human beings health. 

our vision
Our vision

Ten years from now, we envision that our company would be Maze Inc. that would work towards creating a safe, clean environment by manufacturing and designing electr-mechanical machines called robots. These robots would help in the works which are not safe for human beings.


For instance, working in mines and quarries that is deemed hazardous for human beings. That would help in elimination of child labour and other such illegal cases of trafficking. The people would be given better opportunities and it will improve the standard of living. Also, these mechanically engineered machines could help in those tasks which are risky, impossible, and dangerous for normal human beings.


To sum up the use of artificial intelligence to facilitate the human being activities is in our dream job. This is not for the weakness of the human brain but for increase the level of success.

thank you

Human Brain + Artificial Intelligence= Human Dream Job