arms race limitation and reduction l.
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Arms Race, Limitation and Reduction

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Arms Race, Limitation and Reduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Arms Race, Limitation and Reduction. Rocky . Introduction:. Brief overview of the Cold War (1960) Any developments that have occurred Worsened political tension Military advancement THESIS:

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  • Brief overview of the Cold War (1960)
  • Any developments that have occurred
    • Worsened political tension
    • Military advancement

Although the many policies proposed to promote arms reduction and/or limitation achieved some success, the general failure of all armament-prevention policies to hinder arms competition resulted in the continuance of the U.S.-Soviet arms race.

salt i
  • The earliest of armament prevention agreements
  • Purpose: To limit / freeze armament production
  • Success: ‘Eh…’
    • Both nations found the terms “iffy” (failure)
    • Both nations agree on smaller agreements, relations improved (… win.)

Interim Agreement between the United States of America and The Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics on Certain Measures with Respect to the Limitations of Strategic Offensive Arms

  • Temporary agreement in preparation for SALT II
  • Purpose: (Same as SALT I)
  • Success: ‘Eh… not so much’
    • Both countries honor terms of the interim treaty (achievement)
    • Both countries disagree after on smaller issues, e.g. submarine production and ICBM deployment (larger failure)
salt ii
  • A more complete treaty than the Interim agreement
  • Purpose: (same as SALT I and Interim Agreement)
  • Success: ‘Naw…’
    • Terms honored until 1986 (achievement)
    • US accuse Soviets of violation of treaty (failure)
    • Arms race / armament expansion is not stopped (failure)
start i and m a d s d i
START I (and M.A.D., S.D.I.)
  • A stricter treaty, an extension of SALT talks
  • Purpose: (Same as SALT I and II), increased restrictions; to combat nuclear proliferation
  • Success: ‘… well, what do you THINK?’
    • Treaty seems U.S.-biased (failure)
    • SDI is criticized and threatening (failure)
    • Relations are awkward, Soviets want to delay negotiations (FAILURE)
general development
General Development

Success:‘Pretty much…a failure.’

  • Anti-nuclear groups become more popular (small achievement)
  • Soviets accused of secretly funding western disarmament groups (achievement)
  • 40,000 nukes in the world (failure)
  • US defense increasing by 250 billion (failure)
  • Bombs are more deadly (failure)