Summer textbook issues
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Summer Textbook Issues. Planning to Succeed. Closing out the old year. Campus inventories and audits Preparation Supplies Training of counters Using on-loan counters Spot check counting or full count Collecting money from schools for losses Purchasing replacements for losses

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Summer textbook issues

Summer Textbook Issues

Planning to Succeed

Closing out the old year
Closing out the old year

  • Campus inventories and audits

    • Preparation

    • Supplies

    • Training of counters

    • Using on-loan counters

    • Spot check counting or full count

  • Collecting money from schools for losses

  • Purchasing replacements for losses

  • Distributing replacements for losses

New implementations
New Implementations

  • Work closely with your district people to make sure you have in writing what they want you to order

  • Work closely with your publisher rep to make sure you complete all forms correctly

Planning is the key
Planning is the Key

  • What do you need to do?

  • Where will you do it?

  • When will things happen?

  • Who will be impacted?

  • How will things get done?

Planning your orders
Planning your Orders

  • Keep accurate records of everything you plan to order.

    • Log in material as it arrives so you can follow up on missing material.

  • Collect data

    • Student populations

    • Teacher populations

      Things to consider

      Maximum enrollment from current school year


      Changes in campus configuration

      Special areas (SPED, B/ESL

      Replacement of losses and worn out books

Ordering fwo consumables
Ordering FWO Consumables

  • Set up a file with copies of your orders from previous years

  • Include copies of emails from your publisher reps

  • Look at the number of textbooks on your state charge list

  • Check to see if you have extra copies left over

  • Check to see if your schools use them

Order early!

Annual order
Annual Order

  • Have your student and teacher population ready.

  • Know what technology material needs to be ordered/renewed

  • Know which state adopted consumables you need.

  • Know the grade levels and subjects where you expect growth.

Summer textbook issues

  • Work with your SPED-EVI people to find out what material needs to be ordered per student IEP

    • Keep yourself in the loop regarding schedule changes

Out of adoption
Out of Adoption

  • Send a list of material going out of adoption to your schools late in the school year.

    • What you will pick up?

    • What they can throw away?

    • When you will pick up?

    • How it needs to be prepped for pick up?

Where will you do it
Where will you do it?

  • Where will your material be received?

    • How much material are you receiving?

  • Where will your material be worked?

    • What area

  • When do your campus deliveries need to start?

    • How much material?

    • What is your vehicle and staff capacity?

      • Size of loads, Loads per day,

  • Where are your campus delivery locations?

    • Work around campus construction

    • Work around summer campus activities

    • Work around custodial staff

    • Consider textbook security concerns

Who will be impacted
Who will be impacted?

  • Warehouse Manager

  • Custodial Manager

  • Maintenance Supervisor

  • Campus administration

When will things happen
When will things happen?

  • Time line

    • Start deliveries of FWO consumables

    • Start deliveries of instructional material

    • Pick up dates for worn out, OA, EVI

    • Target end date

      How many pallets will you need to get out to schools?

      What is your delivery capacity?

      When do campus deliveries need to start to be able to get everything to the school before your target end date?

How will it get done
How will it get done?

  • Summer help

  • Tracking what has come in

  • Marking material

  • Dividing material for campus distribution

  • Delivering material to schools

Post summer analysis
Post Summer Analysis

  • What worked

  • What went wrong


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