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The Teachers Exciting Adventure.

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The Teachers Exciting Adventure. By Hetty Bostock and James Creavin. The teacher’s surprise (1). “ It’s raining, it’s pouring, the teacher is boring!” sang a student. The teacher reluctantly got up and tried to organise her class.

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the teachers exciting adventure
The Teachers Exciting Adventure.

By Hetty Bostock and James Creavin

the teacher s surprise 1
The teacher’s surprise (1)

“ It’s raining, it’s pouring, the teacher is boring!” sang a student. The teacher reluctantly got up and tried to organise her class.

“ Go to the headmistress you silly rude boy.” she shouted at the top of her voice.

“Nooo!” he hollered.

“If you don’t go now I will cancel your exam, young boy,”

“ I will go now!” he wailed.

Suddenly the teacher got a phone call , it was the SSP which stands for Super Spy Patrol they wanted her to find out where the king’s missing money had gone, but she needed to go to a castle. There was one problem . What would she pack? What would she wear? What would she eat?


The teacher had made a final decision on what she was going to pack. She was going to wear a cream detective suit with a cream tie to match with a magnifying machine. The detective, known as the teacher, had packed some tasty treats! And some extra clothes just in case she needed some.

coming to the castle 2
Coming to the castle! (2)

An hour later the detective came to the castle it was big and gloomy. Next a bat came out from the castle and scared the detective so her pants fell down. She quickly got herself together and moved towards the castle. As she got nearer she had a lump in her throat, she was trembling at the vast castle standing before her. She started to explore the castle and she checked every room except for a room with a big yellow door. She decided to look inside and as she did the door opened it made a creaking sound, she looked inside the room and there stood a burglar!

facing the burglar 3
Facing the burglar (3)

The burglar was tying the king to a chair and stealing all his money. “No,” she screamed as the treacherous burglar stood and waited until the king would give more money. She didn’t know what to do. The detective looked around she wanted to find something to hit the burglar with. Then she found a vase. Finally she crept round the corner she started to aim and “whoops!” she screeched as she tripped over.

the mystery is solved 4
The mystery is solved (4)

The detective didn’t think she was ready to arrest a burglar so she closed her eyes and threw the vase at the burglar and it hit him right in the head so he past out. The teacher released the king and had a picnic with him, which was actually the detectives lunch.

the money is mine 5
The money is mine (5)

The king was delighted to be free he felt that something treacherous was going to happen to him. The teacher had came in a great time before the king got stolen. Next it was time for the teacher to go but before she went the king hollered “As a reward you can have some of the money.”

“Why thank you my King!” she cried.

You might never know what she bought!

read d e cool book
Read D’e cool book

Follow the Adventure of teacher turning into Detective. Help the Teacher find the missing money!!!