National stress awareness day wednesday 7 th november 2012
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National Stress Awareness Day Wednesday 7 th November 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Stress Awareness Day Wednesday 7 th November 2012. Defining Outcomes for Wellbeing at Work In-house training slides. Trainer briefing notes. Thank you for promoting NSAD 2012 within your organisation NSAD is run by the Charity arm of ISMA UK now in its 14 th year.

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National stress awareness day wednesday 7 th november 2012

National Stress Awareness DayWednesday 7th November 2012

Defining Outcomes for Wellbeing at Work

In-house training slides

Trainer briefing notes

Trainer briefing notes

  • Thank you for promoting NSAD 2012 within your organisation

  • NSAD is run by the Charity arm of ISMAUK now in its 14th year.

  • Each year we help hundreds of organisations raise awareness of employee wellbeing through our network of training providers and our free health and wellbeing downloads

  • Around 50 trainers volunteer their time freely to help promote NSAD within organisations

  • As NSAD is run through the charity arm of ISMAUK we offer corporate sponsorship packages to help promote us to promote NSAD across the UK

  • The following slides have been developed to assist you in delivery of the NSAD 2012 programme.

  • If you have any questions regarding NSAD 2012 please contact the Board Director responsible for this years programme:

  • Renee Clarke –

Organising a successful nsad 2012

Organising a successful NSAD 2012

Below is a quick checklist to help you organise your NSAD 2012 programme. This year’s theme is “Defining Outcomes for Wellbeing at Work”. You will find the downloads to accompany this guide on our website.

Start by thinking about:

Who is your audience: staff, clients, patients, customers, passers by?

Who should be involved in the event: HR, Health Promotion, Occ Health, Health and Safety?

How will you advertise the event: Comms team, marketing posters, word of mouth?

What will the day involve: Training, Massage, Health checks, EAP providers, Occ Health?

Will you be giving away any freebies: Leaflets, Balloons, Samples, Stress Balls, Stress Cards?

Are your stress/wellbeing policies up to date or do they need amending?

Where will the event take place: Training room, canteen, open area?

Will you provide a healthy lunch?

Will you seek delegate feedback from the event, if so who will collate the information

There is lots to think about but the main thing is that you make the day fun and interactive

Delivery of the session

Delivery of the session

The first page of the “Defining Outcomes for Wellbeing at Work” is an overview of what wellbeing is and the benefits of improving our wellbeing.

This page is an introduction to the ‘Nef 5 Ways to Wellbeing’ that looks at a set of evidence based actions that help improve personal wellbeing. Evidence suggests that a small improvement in wellbeing can help to decrease some mental health problems and also help people to flourish. This year’s NSAD is looking and ways we can improve our general wellbeing and that of others.

Delivery of the session1

Delivery of the session

Exercise 1

Under each of the headings ask the group/individual to think about 2 activities they can do at home and work that will enhance their wellbeing. The following slides will give you suggestions for each idea.


Be active

Take notice

Keep learning


Delivery of the session2

Delivery of the session

  • Connect – At home

  • Put time aside to connect with your family

  • Eat dinner together at least 4 times a week

  • Listen to the opinions of your family and make them count

  • Connect – At work

  • Talk to someone rather than send an email

  • Listen rather than just hear what colleagues say

  • Do a car share so you can get to know someone a little better

  • Speak to someone new

Delivery of the session3

Delivery of the session

  • Be active – At home

  • Make time for an activity the whole family can be part of

  • Walk to the shops instead of taking the car

  • Make a morning stretch part of your day

  • Dig the garden or spring clean the house

  • Be active – At work

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift

  • Get off the bus one stop earlier

  • Organise a lunchtime walking group

  • Walk to see someone rather than send an email

Delivery of the session4

Delivery of the session

  • Take notice – At home

  • Take time to sit in the garden and appreciate the small things we often take for granted

  • While out walking listen to the birds sing and take notice of the environment around you

  • Turn the TV and music off and ‘just be’. By taking time out you will notice new things about your home environment which previously passed you by

  • Take Notice – At work

  • Buy a plant for your desk to help you connect to nature

  • Take a lunchtime walk and take notice of the surrounding area

  • Take notice of the people you work with and comment on something new (dress, shoes, hairstyle etc )

Delivery of the session5

Delivery of the session

  • Keep Learning – At home

  • Take up a new hobby – something you have always wanted to do that will engage your mind

  • Learn a new language or join a class

  • Watch programmes that educate rather than preach

  • Keep Learning – At work

  • Attend a training session on something new

  • Set up a book club or recipe sharing group

  • Make the most of your break times to read or research a new project

Delivery of the session6

Delivery of the session

  • Give – At Home

  • Volunteer your spare time to help others

  • Offer to help your elderly neighbors with their shopping

  • Smile at someone new

  • Give – At work

  • Start a fundraising committee and run activities that raise money for charities such as Macmillan, BHF, Cancer Research

  • Offer someone a lift home/car share

  • Offer to make a colleague a drink

Delivery of the session7

Delivery of the session

Exercise 2

This exercise is based on a personal action plan and is a follow on from exercise 1 of the Defining Outcomes for

Wellbeing at Work pack.

Ask individuals to complete the action plan for the one area of wellbeing they would most like to change.

By writing the goal down they are making a commitment to being one step closer to improving their wellbeing.

Delivery of the session8

Delivery of the session

Healthy Lifestyle Handout

This handout is for information only and covers the following topics:

Healthy eating

Physical Activity



Healthy weight


The information is in an easy to understand format and there are various links that delegates can use to gain more in-depth knowledge on the topics.

7 th november 2012
7th November 2012

Thank you for taking the time to be part of NSAD 2012

The Board of ISMA wishes to express its thanks to you and your team for helping raise awareness of stress in the UK

If you would like any further information on NSAD please contact or call 01562 634926 2011