introduction to unit ci 350 jennifer naymick n.
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A Week in Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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A Week in Africa

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A Week in Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Unit CI 350 Jennifer Naymick. A Week in Africa.

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A Week in Africa

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let the journey begin

This unit plan is based on a journey to Africa and it is an interdisciplinary unit. This unit will focus on different areas of Africa that incorporate geography, language, science and technology, social studies, music and arts. My goal as the trip coordinator is for my passengers to be fully engaged in learning about Africa by integrating multi-subjects. By presenting the unit into a type of “educational journey” to the students, I hope to stimulate the students’ curiosities on what they will learn on their journey to Africa

Let the journey begin…
destinations and itinerary

African Travel Log: Introduce Africa to the passengers with an overview of the continent (geography, people, language, customs, and history.) The passengers will be keeping their own Wiki blog to record their travel experiences (research, Africa related videos, websites, music, etc.).

Narrative/Multimedia Project: The passengers will choose five locations they would like to visit. Passengers will conduct research on each location they visit and write a fictional story of their journey. They will also use Sound Transit to record sound files of their journeys that will also include maps of their trips to view. The passengers will create their own digital photo story.

Save Madagascar: The passengers will travel to Madagascar and conduct group research on the various animal and plant life that are found on this island. Passengers will research animal habitats and life expectancies of the species. They will formulate a plan on how to ensure the species’ survival. The passengers will present research to class in a PowerPoint presentation.

Who am I today?: Passengers will learn about daily life in various African countries through the eyes of young Kenyans, a Dinka in Sudan, or a Tuareg nomad. The passengers will be placed in pairs to creative a dramatic interview presentation. They will also create a digital slideshow with photos of the individual and their homeland. The passengers will conduct their interviews in front of the other passengers and share their slideshow presentation which will be uploaded to

Let’s Groove: The passengers will learn about African dance and music. The passengers will be taught a tribal dance and use traditional African instruments. Costumes will be provided. Their dance will be filmed and uploaded to Teacher Tube.

African Festival: The students will learn African language and participate in an African festival which will include native food, music, and dress.

Destinations and ITinerary
destinations and itinerary1

Almost Home: The passengers will create a model (essay, PowerPoint, digital photo story, video) on what their journey to Africa as taught them about this continent, the people, geography, history, etc. The passengers can use their travel log notes, previous destinations (assignments), and other materials. This will allow me to assess what the passengers learned and if they enjoyed their travel experience.

destinations and itinerary