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Media 180 Project. Christopher Robles.

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media 180 project

Media 180 Project

Christopher Robles

Victoria wakes up on a Monday morning and is getting ready to go to work. She is a teacher at a high school. Her husband left her a cup of coffee on the windowsill before he left to work. As she picks it up, she notices the ugly, rainy weather outside and becomes very depressed. She hates rainy weather. She slowly finishes her cup of coffee, stares outside her window for a couple of minutes, dreading the day that awaits her because of this weather, and goes towards the shower.
Victoria takes too long to get ready so she is going to be late to work. She heads towards the subway and as she is approaching, she notices the train is waiting. She starts running after the train alongside a fellow teacher who is also trying to catch the train. They weren’t able to catch up to the train and the next one would arrive 25 minutes later. They decided that they couldn’t wait that long so Victoria chose to run back to her house and take her car to work instead.
Victoria arrives at her house and gets inside her Honda Civic. The car is of a reddish color and it is very comfortable and always reliable. The reason why she didn’t want to drive to her job was because she just recently got her driver’s license and her husband gave her this car as a present, but she is still very nervous about driving. Either way she has no choice. She starts up the car and drives off to the school where she teaches at.
Victoria arrives to school just on time and is ready to teacher her students. She’s a math teacher and has to teacher the kids how to do equations. She already had a rough beginning to the day but it was about to get much worse. Many of the kids don’t understand what she is teaching so she has to keep trying to explain it to them in a more clear way. They still don’t understand. She starts to get frustrated and just tells her students that class is dismissed and that they will continue to go over the difficult topic the following day. As she is walking out of class very disappointed, she meets the new math teacher that was hired.
The new math teacher’s name is Mark. He told Victoria that he heard her teaching the class from the room next door and heard that she was struggling teaching the material. He offered to help her find a way to make it easier for the kids to understand. As he was talking to her, she couldn’t help but find him attractive. They eventually went out for dinner and she really grew fond of him. She knew that this was a problem because she was already married! Still, she couldn’t get the image out of her head of him wearing his formal shirt and tie and gazing at her while they talked.
Victoria arrived home later that day and sat in front of computer looking, simply gazing into space. Her husband had not come home from work yet so she had plenty of time for herself. She decided to look up information on how to become a better teacher and how to teacher her material in a better, more simple way. She still couldn’t get Mark out of her head and it really frustrated her. She decided that once her husband got home, they would go out to eat and she would discuss the situation with him.
When her husband got home, they went out to eat dinner. While they were sitting down, she told him that she met a new teacher at the school and she feels as if she is falling for him. Her husband was extremely puzzled by this news. He wasn’t very happy about it and told Victoria to stay away from the man. Victoria agreed that it was best for her to stay away from him but it would be tough considering that they were working at the same school. The walk back home was a very quiet one.
story 2
Story #2

Victoria woke up in the morning and found a cup of coffee on the windowsill. Her husband left it there before he went to work. She picked it up and started drinking it. She looked outside and thought it was a rainy day because it was cloudy and the window was very wet. It turned out that before he left, her husband sprayed water at the window just to fool Victoria into thinking that it was raining! She found it amusing but then realized that she had to get ready for work.

Victoria decided to take the car to work today. She didn’t feel like going through the hassle of taking the train during rush hour that morning. She got in the car and as she was turning on the engine, she heard a strange sound. The car wasn’t turning on! She panicked and kept trying to turn it on but it just wasn’t working. A very bad way to start off the day, but she didn’t have time to feel depressed. Victoria had to run to the train station to take the train before she was late to work.
As Victoria arrives at the train station, she is patiently waiting for the train to arrive when all of a sudden, she hears gunshots coming from the far end of the platform. All of a sudden, her along with other people start sprinting for their lives as chaos starts. She runs towards the exit and as she gets off the platform, she hears police cars coming to the scene and everyone is panicking. Apparently, someone got mugged at the far end of the platform and got shot when they were fighting off the thief. There was a long delay at the station so she had to take the bus to work.
Victoria finally arrives to work and has to teach her math class. As she is teaching, she notices that kids in the back are talking and making noise. She stops what she is doing, turns around and faces the class, and begins to yell at the kids for misbehaving and causing trouble. She goes on to lecture the whole class about how rude it is to interrupt a teacher during the middle of a lecture. Once the class is over, she goes to the principal’s office and takes her frustration out on him.
She arrives at his office and tells him that she has had enough with her disruptive class. She tells him that she has tried everything but they won’t listen to her. He is very shocked from this news but he said that there is nothing he can do and it’s all up to her. She gets mad at him saying that he is the principal and that he has to help resolve school issues. Victoria raises her voice very loud and the principal gets annoyed and kicks her out of his office. Now she is stuck with a horrible group of kids to teach, and she is now on her boss’s bad side.
Victoria arrives at her house later that day and sits in front of her computer to grade her student’s tests. So many of them did poorly on it and she becomes very disappointed in herself because she feels that if her class continues to misbehave, then they will continue to fail tests and if they continue to fail, than the principal is going to think that it’s her fault that she isn’t teaching her students well and it might eventually cost her the job at the school. All this frustration gives her a major headache when all of a sudden her husband comes home.
Victoria’s husband walks in through the door with his blazer over his shoulder. He kisses his wife and asks what is wrong with her. She explains to him the whole situation and he tells her to take it easy and to calm down. She looks at him and realizes how lucky she is to have such a good husband that she can always count on. His smile always puts her in a good mood and this day, she really needed it.