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Great Falls Basketball 2011-2012 Coaches Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Great Falls Basketball 2011-2012 Coaches Meeting

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Great Falls Basketball 2011-2012 Coaches Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Great Falls Basketball 2011-2012 Coaches Meeting. Wednesday, November 2, 2011 7:30PM – 9:00PM Forestville Elementary School. Fred Weber Commissioner. Great Falls Basketball Welcome and Introductions. Agenda. GF Hoops Overview Fred Weber Website Summary Greg Potteiger

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great falls basketball 2011 2012 coaches meeting

Great Falls Basketball2011-2012 Coaches Meeting

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

7:30PM – 9:00PM

Forestville Elementary School

fred weber commissioner
Fred WeberCommissioner

Great Falls Basketball

Welcome and Introductions


GF Hoops Overview Fred Weber

Website Summary Greg Potteiger

Training Program Larry Zmuda

Referee Program Neal Abravanel

Leadership by Example Phil Simonides

Gyms & VBD Test Debbie Volpicelli

Breakouts with GGC’s All

gfhoops league timeline
GFHoops League Timeline

8/23 => 10/5 Registrations Period

10/9 Late Registrations Close & Wait List Begins

10/1-10/19 Select Tryouts

10/5 Referee Training Begins

10/17 Board Review & Selection of House Coaches

10/24-10/30 House Skill Evaluations (“Tryouts”)

11/1 GGC-Only Mtg (Mandatory)

11/2 House Coaches, GGC’s, Mtg (Mandatory) <= YOU ARE HERE!

House Practice Slots Assigned

11/4-11/16 House Drafts/Teams Formed

11/18-20 House Jerseys & Water Bottles Distributed

Wk of 11/28 House Practices Start

Dec 3,4 House Regular Season Begins

Dec 10,11 House Games

Dec 17,18 House Games

Jan 7,8 House Games Resume (post Holiday)

Mar 2012 House Post Season Ends

thank you to our volunteers
“Thank You!!” to Our Volunteers
  • 13 Board Members
  • 15 Grade Group Coordinators (GGC’s)
  • 121 Coaches
    • 13 Coaching Multiple Teams
new board members
New Board Members

Directors Leaving

Fran Scofield

Salmi Rezvani

New Directors

John McGavin

Liz Fitton

Peter Van Volkenburg

Malia Kishore *

Debbie Volpicelli *

Larry Zmuda*

* Assuming New Board Position

great falls basketball 2011 2012
Great Falls Basketball 2011 – 2012

Fred Weber Commissioner

Dick WarrickDirector of Select

John McGavin Director of Girls House Grades 3-11

Peter Van Volkenburg Director of Boys House Grades 7-12

Liz FittonDirector of Boys House Grade 3-6

Neal Abravanel Director of Referees

Michelle Claude Deputy Director of Referees

Greg PotteigerDirector of Information & Scheduling

Debbie Volpicelli* Director of Facilities

Malia Kishore* Director of Equipment

Christie Shumadine Treasurer

Larry Zmuda*Director of Player and Coach Training

Phil Simonides Director of Coaches

* Assuming new positions

program logistics a snapshot
Program LogisticsA Snapshot
  • 1139 Players (1045 House/94 Select)
  • 1643 Parents
  • 144 Teams (134 House/10 Select)
  • 118 Referees
  • 800 House Games
  • 2255 Referee Assignments
  • 1285 Uniforms
  • 6 Gyms
program enhancements
Program Enhancements
  • Website – 2nd Year in Roll-out
  • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)
    • Select Program - Grades 5 & 6 Boys and Girls
    • House Program – PCA “Lite” Implementation
  • Year Round Basketball Strategy
    • Summer Clinics
    • Friday Night Lights
  • Equipment Changes/Upgrades
    • Water Bottles – New This Year

Greg Potteiger


Information & Scheduling

website overview
Website Overview
  • All League information (Schedules, Rules etc.)
    • Should be parents “First Stop” for information.
  • Coaches: responsible for updating / maintaining certain information:
    • Game Scores / Outcomes
    • Game Summaries / Coach’s Blog (optional)
    • End of year player evaluations
  • Coach’s will receive:
    • usernames and passwords
    • “Help” sheet before season start

John McGavin

Director of Girls House

Grades 3 - 11

girls house director and ggc s
Girls House Director and GGC’s

Director – John McGavin

Grade 3 Erin Hawley

Grade 4 Lisa Rymsza

Grade 5 Peter Kurzenhauser

Grade 6 Kari Levrick

Grade 7 Deanne McGranahan

Grade 8 Terri Nussbaum

Grade 9/10/11 Deborah Georgetti-Piro


Liz Fitton

Director of Boys House

Grades 3 - 6

director boys grades 2 6 ggc s
Director Boys (Grades 2–6) & GGC’s

Director – Liz Fitton

Grade 3 Cori Johnson

Grade 4 Karen Pallotta

Grade 5 Julie Dunlap

Grade 6 Marion Devlin


Peter Van Volkenburg

Director of Boys House

Grades 7 - 12

director boys grades 7 12 ggc s
Director Boys (Grades 7-12) & GGC’s

Director – Peter Van Volkenburg

Grade 7 Nancy Collins

Grade 8 Beccie Collier

Grade 9 Debbie Volpicelli

Grade 10 Julie Casso

Grade 11/12 Beccie Collier


Debbie Volpicelli

Director of Facilities

gym status capacity is tight again
Gym StatusCapacity is Tight (AGAIN!)
  • Just received winter temp gym permits.
  • We don’t have:
    • Lake Anne ES – still under renovation.
    • YMCA Teen Center – still working on it.
  • Just enough to fit everyone.
key dates
Key Dates

Nov 4 (Fri)through

Nov 16 (Wed) House League Player Allocation/Drafts

Nov 18-20 House Jerseys Distributed

Nov 9 (Wed) Training for House League Coaches

Nov 18 (Fri) Training for House League Coaches

Nov 21 (Sun) House League game schedules on web site

Wk of 11/28 House Practices Start

Dec 3,4 House Regular Season Begins

Dec 10,11 House Games

Dec 17,18 House Games

Jan 7,8 House Games Resume (post Holiday)

  • We need to behave in gyms so we don't lose them
  • Police up after yourselves!
  • First Practice: talk to parents and players about the gyms
    • No food or drinks other than WATER.
    • No bouncing balls in hall
    • No players left unsupervised
    • No players left behind “waiting” for their ride!
county gym contacts weekends weeknights
County Gym ContactsWeekends & Weeknights


=> Call: 703-324-5515

Leave message:

=> After Hours On-Call Monitor

=> Will respond promptly.

larry zmuda

Larry Zmuda



Player and Coach Training

player coach training agenda of topics
Player & Coach Training Agenda of Topics
  • Player Training and Development
    • Fundamentals
    • Safety
  • Coach Training Programs
player training
Player Training
  • Coaches:Primary Source of Training and Development
  • One on One Basketball, Inc.
    • 1st Grade – 10 weeks skills and drills training
    • 2nd Grade – 12 weeks (90 minute sessions)
      • 8 Weeks Skills Training; 4 Weeks Full Court Games
    • 3rd thru 10th Grade
      • One on One - assists all teams for one entire practice.
        • Coaches to identify areas of need in advance.
        • One on One then provides team specific sessions.
training for coaches
Training for Coaches
  • One on One Basketball, Inc.
    • Mandatory attendance at 90 minute session on eitherNov 9 or Nov 18 session
    • Each night:
      • One session for 2nd – 5th grade
      • One session for 6th – 10th grade
    • Offering Age Group Appropriate:
      • Skill Level Assessment Methods
      • Drills – individual and team
      • How to Structure Practices and Practice Plans
      • Q & A Sessions
key dates mark your calendars
Key Dates Mark Your Calendars
  • Coaching Clinics

Group A: Grades 2-5Group B:Grades 6-10

    • 11/9 Loc TBA 6:00PM–7:30PM Group A 7:30PM-9:00PM Group B
    • 11/18 Loc TBA 6:00PM–7:30PM Group B 7:30PM-9:00PM Group A
  • Coaching Blitz
    • If you want additional help in December, send a note to and we will set you up with a trainer at your practice session
    • In January at your practice location – Mandatory
coaches manual find it on the gfhoops website
Coaches ManualFind it on the GFHoops Website
  • Code of Conduct
  • House Coaching Checklist
  • Master 2011-2012 Calendar
  • House League Rules of Play
  • Tryouts and Player Allocation/Selection Procedure
skill evaluations and team drafts logistics
Skill Evaluations

Read the process document before tryouts

Five Skill Areas:

Ball Handling





Recording secretary – to collect data



Goal: Balanced Teams

Information Sharing

No substitutes in your age group

No pre-assignment of Asst coaches if they have a child in the group

Skill Evaluations and Team DraftsLogistics
equipment changes upgrades
Equipment Changes/Upgrades
  • Players Jerseys
    • Last Season: no more NBA/WNBA Jerseys
  • Basketballs
    • Improved quality
  • Coaches Jerseys
    • Improved Quality
    • Will NOT be provided each year
      • Fill out order form on your seat
        • Turn in to your GGC Tonight.
      • You may order more than 1 (1st one is on GFHoops)
basketball year round
Basketball Year-Round
  • Summer Programs
    • Weekly skills, drills & scrimmages by age group
    • Sunday shooting clinics
    • Two camps in August
    • 215 kids participated in these camps; some in more than one!
  • Fall Programs
    • Weekday shooting clinics and skills clinics



referee program 2 directors
Neal Abravanel and

Michelle Claude

Recruits Referees

Trains Referees

Manages Referee Performance

Reviews game feedback from gym coordinators, coaches, and others

Provides feedback to referees

Mike Cafferky

Assigns Refs to Games

Keeps Work Records

Computes Pay


Referee Program2 Directors
referee program
Referee Program
  • Largest class of 1st year refs in many years. Very popular program with GF Families. 1st job for most.
  • Training for refs commenced at the beginning of October and continues through Thanksgiving and beyond. “Classroom” and “on-court training”
  • Top Coaches Complaints: Lack of calls made for contact fouls, rules knowledge, “swallowing” the whistle.
  • Top Ref Complaints: Coaches “helping” the ref make calls, uncontrolled parents, rules knowledge
  • Take the “ref exam” and test your rules knowledge!
  • Feedback (good or bad) is highly encouraged! But please give us feedback that is “teachable”.
referee program rule reminders
Referee ProgramRule Reminders
  • Two or more players CANNOT defend the ball or player unless they are driving to the basket in boys grade 5 and below. Refs are being instructed to call this.
  • Please never confront on court ref with “comments” or questions. The desk ref is there to help during stoppages of play only.
  • Understand the GFHoops local rules and create a substitution flow chart for your game, particularly if you have an 8 player team
phil simonides

Phil Simonides

Director of Coaches

coaches you are the key to our success
CoachesYou Are The Key to Our Success!
  • Model Positive Behavior –Winning & Losing
  • Teach Children the Game
  • Spread The Playing Time
  • Manage Your Parents*
  • Respect Referees
  • Youth Coaches
  • Have Fun!
coaches issues from prior years
Coaches Issues From Prior Years


  • Flagrant Fouls.
  • Running up the score
  • Too many “coaches” yelling during game
  • Harsh coaching
  • Improper substitutions
  • Abusive behavior from coaches to refs
  • Coaches taunting each other
  • Gaming the system


  • 5 pass rule, no press, no 3 pointers, change player positions
  • At most two assistants
  • Be positive AND instructive
  • Have a playtime game plan
  • Control your players/yourself – no trash talking and unsportsmanlike conduct
behavior incidents last year

Spoke to several coaches after games

Behavior of assistant coaches deplorable in some instances

Parents and coaches battling on some issues

Harsh coaching styles addressed


Parents thought refs weren’t calling games closely enough and it was too physical

Parents thought their child was being called too frequently for fouling

Coaches/parents calling fouls out too often

Refs got intimidated – embarrassing to GF Hoops

Behavior Incidents Last Year
parent messages
Parent Messages
  • Goal: Model Positive Behavior for the kids.
    • This is more than basketball.
    • It's about teaching good sportsmanship.
  • Zero Tolerance: for verbally abusing the refs.
    • They are an important part of our program.
    • Contact your coach or Neal Abravanel...don't yell at the refs.
    • Yelling raises the tension in the gyms and impacts the players very negatively.
    • Their play tends to get more physical and emotional and it makes the situation worse.
  • Remember: Our refs are kids.
    • Think - about the impact of yelling at children in a public forum
coach messages
Coach Messages
  • Same points as parents -- plus the following:
  • You went to the Coaches meeting and know what we expect. You acknowledged Code of Conduct when you registered.
  • You are the role model.
    • You need to focus on positively coaching the kids, not arguing calls.
  • Most parents spoken to acknowledged that they handled the situation poorly and were apologetic.
    • We had mixed results with the coaches.
vbd test debbie volpicelli volunteer building directors
VBD Test – Debbie VolpicelliVolunteer Building Directors
  • Coaches go to:
    • Create an account
    • Watch the video
    • Take the test on-line.
    • Certificates - sent via e-mail. (Certification good for 2 years)
  • Coaches – you are the face of the organization
    • Protect and enhance the GF Hoops reputation
    • The facilities we share must be treated with care and respect.
    • Leave GYMS in EQUAL to or BETTER shape than when you arrived.
wrap up
Wrap Up
  • Q and A
  • Breakouts with GGC’s
    • Determine Team Names
    • Get Practice Slots