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Accountability & Program Assessment. Governing Board Online Training Module. Accountability Structure. Philosophy and Structure All schools should have an accountability group Separate committee that reports to the governing board

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Accountability program assessment l.jpg

Accountability & Program Assessment

Governing Board Online Training Module

Accountability structure l.jpg
Accountability Structure

  • Philosophy and Structure

    • All schools should have an accountability group

    • Separate committee that reports to the governing board

    • Governing board may expand the responsibilities of the accountability group

    • Governing board provides direction to the accountability group

      • Job description

      • Membership guidelines

      • Reporting structures

Group purpose l.jpg
Group Purpose

  • To advise the governing board and to submit recommendations concerning the contents of the strategic plan

  • To meet frequently to discuss whether school leadership, personnel, and infrastructure are advancing or impeding implementation of the school’s vision and mission

Group membership l.jpg
Group Membership

  • Best practice suggests the group should have:

    • At least seven members

    • School administrator(s)

    • No more than two board members

    • Teacher(s)

    • Parent(s)

    • Community member(s)

    • Members of an organization of teachers, parents, and students

Group function l.jpg
Group Function

  • EVALUATE for effectiveness

  • MONITOR progress

  • REPORT to the governing board

  • RECOMMEND for improvement

What should the group evaluate l.jpg
What should the Group Evaluate?

  • School program effectiveness as it relates to the vision and mission of the school

  • Student achievement

  • Parent satisfaction

  • School safety

Evaluating program effectiveness student achievement l.jpg
Evaluating Program Effectiveness & Student Achievement

  • Student performance on standardized tests and classroom assessments in major subjects

  • Student portfolios

  • Student preparation for future learning

  • Plan to help underachieving students who may not qualify for intervention services

  • Plan for challenging advanced students

Evaluating school safety parent satisfaction l.jpg
Evaluating School Safety & Parent Satisfaction

  • Surveys should be designed to measure:

    • Academic progress

    • School safety

    • School Climate

    • Parent satisfaction

  • Surveys should be approved by the governing board prior to distribution

  • Survey results combined with academic achievement data inform board decisions and strategic planning.

What should the group monitor l.jpg
What should the Group Monitor?

  • Progress on strategic plan goals

  • Progress on accreditation goals (DRSLs)

Evaluating progress on strategic plan goals l.jpg
Evaluating Progress on Strategic Plan Goals

  • The governing board develops goals, strategies, and measures

  • The governing board assesses goal alignment with the school’s vision and mission

  • The governing board directs the accountability group to:

    • Monitor data, measures, and targets

    • Monitor goal timelines

Accreditation l.jpg

  • The Northwest Accreditation Commission accredits district secondary schools and charter schools

  • Every school must have an accreditation plan and submit an annual report

  • Four levels of accreditation:

    • Approved

    • Advised

    • Warned

    • Dropped

Evaluating progress on accreditation goals l.jpg
Evaluating Progress on Accreditation Goals

  • Every accreditation plan must include goals that are specific to the school

  • The accountability group makes recommendations to the governing board regarding accreditation goals

  • The accountability group ,may recommend timelines, benchmarks, performance indicators, and data sources

  • The governing board adopts the accreditation plan and develops policy based on any implications

  • The governing board may assign the accountability group ongoing monitoring responsibilities

What should the group report l.jpg
What should the Group Report?

  • Summary data

  • School survey results

  • Goal progress reports

Summary data l.jpg
Summary Data

  • Data reflecting the school’s values (vision and mission)

  • Data mentioned in the charter application; probably linked to school goals

  • Data required by the Charter Agreement

  • Data needed by administration

  • Data needed for financial decision making

Examples of data sources for the group l.jpg
Examples of Data Sources for the Group

  • School improvement planning

  • Goal accomplishment and tracking

  • Climate survey results

  • Demographics

  • Discipline, attendance, and graduation records

  • Parent involvement

  • Needs assessment and acquisition records

Group reporting responsibilities l.jpg
Group Reporting Responsibilities

  • The accountability group should report to the governing board at least quarterly.

    • Summarized data reports

    • Survey progress and summary reports

    • Written recommendations

  • The governing board formally reports to the authorizer on an annual basis

  • The accountability group may provide year-end reports to the community

  • Accountability group meeting minutes

What should the group recommend l.jpg
What should the Group Recommend?

  • Goals and targets for improvement

  • Needs assessment

  • Resource allocation

Summary l.jpg

  • A program evaluation process and an accountability structure are essential

  • The accountability group could exist as an accountability structure to monitor and ensure: academic progress, school safety, parents satisfaction, and successful attainment of goals.

  • The primary functions of the accountability group could include: evaluating the program for effectiveness, monitoring progress toward accomplishing goals, providing summary reports to the governing board, and making recommendations for school improvement.

  • Data driven decision making should occur at all levels of the school, including the accountability group.