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Frozen Desserts

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Ice Cream Sherbets Sorbets Spooms. Granite Souffle Parfait Mousse. Frozen Desserts. Ice Cream. Dairy based dessert Composed of milk product, sweeteners, flavors, emulsifiers, and stabilizers 2 types Custard base : Crème Anglaise- eggs Philly style: Gums

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frozen desserts
Ice Cream








Frozen Desserts
ice cream
Ice Cream
  • Dairy based dessert
  • Composed of milk product, sweeteners, flavors, emulsifiers, and stabilizers
  • 2 types
  • Custard base: Crème Anglaise- eggs
  • Philly style: Gums
  • Both are churned to incorporate air
  • Overrun: Amount of air incorporated- Maximum = 100%
  • Total MSNF (Milk Solids Non Fat) should be minimum of 40%-
  • Fat and milk solid content (MSNF) is regulated by the FDA
  • Milk solids contribute to whipping quality of custard-Too high msnf and lactose will crystallize (known as sanding)
  • Fat content can vary depending on milk product used
  • Rated on :
  • Texture and smoothness
  • Mouth feel or body)
  • Richness and flavor
  • Sugar is most common
  • Honey,maple syrup and molasses are also used
  • When substituting honey for sugar reduce by 20%
  • Freezing reduces intensity of sugar-ice cream tastes less sweet than custard
  • Sugar helps keep product smooth and pliable
  • Too much sugar will prevent ice cream from freezing solid
  • Sugar content usually 15-20% of total weight
  • Yolks add color and enhance smoothness (due to natural emulsifiers)
  • Custard must be cooked to ensure bacteria is killed-cook much more and custard will break
  • Eggs do not affect freezing ability
  • Age custard before churning Chilled custard is used in machine.
  • Amount of air determines final volume
  • Overrun-amount of air in relation to base-100% max. by law
  • Overrun is related to total solid content- More solids= less overrun
  • Freeze as quick as possible
factors affecting overrun
Factors affecting Overrun
  • Freezing equipment
  • Time in freezer
  • Amount of Custard in relation to freezer size-fill no more than 1/2
  • Amount of eggs
  • More eggs-less volume
  • Total solid content-40% produces 100% overrun
philly ice cream
Philly Ice Cream
  • Uncooked-contain no eggs
  • Lacks natural emulsifiers found in eggs
  • Has slight grainy consistency
  • Always scald milk
  • Beat cream -fluffy texture
  • Can use thick fruit pulp-mango, papaya,or banana to improve consistency
  • Chocolate acts as smoothing agent-contains emulsifiers
  • Commercial brands add emulsifiers and gums-lecithin, carrageenan
adding solids to ice cream
Adding solids to ice cream
  • Add after churning and before freezing
  • Fold in solids-Macerate dried fruits in liquer or syrup
  • Fresh: Poach lightly in syrup
  • For liquids-add in layers while putting in container
  • If marbling-add in layers as flowing
  • Liquid: Chocolate swirl-ganache
  • Extrude: Remove using spigot-place spoon in center of container and pull side to side to create swirl-do not overmix
  • Freeze at 6o or lower
  • Store at 6o -14o
  • Store in airtight container-will last 3-4 weeks
  • Must be tempered before serving
  • Tempering-Raise temp to 32-varies depending on type and quality of ice cream
  • Critical-We are using eggs
  • Use stainless steel equipment
  • Machine must be cleaned and sanitized after each use
  • Remove parts and sanitize
  • Use a bleach solution for other parts- 1 oz/gallon-<110o water temp
  • Made with dairy product and fruit juice or puree
  • Close to Philly ice cream when made without eggs
  • Always served as dessert
  • Composed of fruit juice or puree -may also be savory
  • Sorbets use a sugar base which freezes
  • Used for intermezzos-palate cleansers-also 1st course-Also called ices
  • Stabilizing agent may be needed

Have a lower amount of solids and no emulsifiers-leads to less creamy texture and lower melting point

  • Spoom: Italian meringue is folded in to add volume
syrup density
Syrup Density
  • Measured on Baume scale using Saccharometer
  • Baume for Basic Sorbet is 14o (3 water/1 sugar)
  • Baume for 1:1 syrup is 28o
  • Scale is 0-40o
  • Water temp is 65o , Warmer is 3o less
  • The saccharometer measures the density of a syrup. The sugar content needs to be adjusted because the sugar content of the fruit is unknown-General baume is 12-20o
  • When using spirits or liquers the sugar is controlled by the manufacturer
  • Used to prevent bleeding
  • Common ones are gelatin,pectin,agar agar, gum tragacanth
  • Gelatin-2 tsp per 1/3 cup water/quart sorbet
  • Pulp fruits require less or no stabilizer
  • Also true for Fruits that contain pectin
  • Type of dessert ice
  • Lower sugar content-frozen without churning 8-12o Baume
  • Frozen in shallow pan- agitated- then chipped off and served
  • Serve in chilled glass-thaws quickly
  • Can be savory
unchurned frozen desserts
Unchurned frozen desserts
  • Parfait:Whipped cream is folded into a pate bombe
  • Souffle Glace:Italian meringue is folded into a pate bombe
  • Frozen Mousse:Pate bombe, Whipped cream, Italian meringue

Tall mold is used-unmolded before serving

Coupe:Ice cream or sorbet with sauce and other elements- cookies, candies, etc.- done a la minute

Bombe:Round mold lined with ice cream, sorbet or sherbet- filled with parfait- frozen- unmolded

dessert menu
Dessert Menu
  • Lemon tart
  • Chocolate sabayon
  • Crème Brulee Tart
  • Italian Rum Torta
  • Tira Misu
  • Tart Tatin
  • Dobos torte
lemon tarts
Lemon Tarts
  • Base: Short dough- blind baked- thin sponge layer-syrup
  • Filling: Lemon Curd
  • Icing: Swiss Meringue- torched
  • Garnish: Candied lemon zest
  • Décor: Meringue rose- “ Citron” written with meringue
chocolate sabayon
Chocolate Sabayon
  • Zabaglione- Italian – Whipped sabayon made with Marsala wine instead of dairy (Done over bain marie)
  • Base: Chocolate sponge flavored with marsala syrup
  • Filling: Sabayon Bavarian
  • Icing: Ganache ( 3:2)
  • Décor: Rosette topped with Crystallized grape
  • Garnish: Chocolate shavings on edge
cr me brulee tart
Crème Brulee Tart
  • Base: Short dough- blind baked
  • Filling: Crème Brulee custard
  • Décor: Caramelized sugar on top
  • Crème chantilly border- if needed- Other?
italian rum torta
Italian Rum Torta
  • Base: 2 layers vanilla sponge, 1 layer chocolate sponge brushed with rum syrup
  • Filling: Vanilla pastry cream, chocolate pastry cream- piped on alternate rings
  • Icing: Italian Buttercream
  • Décor:Combed sides; Rosette- topped with glazed cherry and angelica leaves
  • Garnish: Cover side edge with toasted sliced almonds
tira misu torta
Tira Misu Torta
  • “Pick me up”- Expresso
  • Base: Vanilla Sponge( ladyfingers) soaked with coffee/Kahlua syrup
  • Filling: Mascarpone cheese Bavarian
  • Icing: Crème chantilly
  • Décor: Top- Rosette topped with Chocolate coffee cup runout Side- Chocolate dipped ladyfingers (1/2 of cookie)
  • Garnish: Top- Sifted cocoa and cinnamon mix
tart tatin
Tart Tatin
  • Sisters Tatin
  • Base: Puff paste or short dough- docked
  • Filling: Caramelized apples
  • Served warm with crème fraiche
dobos torte
Dobos Torte
  • Base: Vanilla sponge- 7 very thin layers - soak with frangelica flavored syrup
  • Filling: Chocolate buttercream- thin
  • Icing: Chocolate buttercream-combed
  • Décor: Caramel covered short dough triangles on double shell
  • Garnish- Croquant on edge
today s production
Today’s Production
  • All Groups: Prep as per Dessert cycle
  • Group 1: Crème Anglaise- 1 qt. for Ice cream
  • Group 2: Chocolate ice cream
  • Group 3: Champagne Sorbet
  • Group 4: Crème Anglaise- 1 qt. for Ice cream