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Tonight’s Agenda

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Tonight’s Agenda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tonight’s Agenda
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  1. Tonight’s Agenda Welcome and Introductions JCRA efforts in 2010 and challenges for 2011 Financial Report Bylaw Motions Election of New Board Guest Speaker Mayor Burton Question and Answers

  2. JCRA 2010 - 2011 Power Plant 2010 Air Quality and Buffer Bill 2011 Supporting the implementation of Dr Balsillie Air shed Management Report Supporting Flynn’s buffer bill to stop Power Plants near homes and schools Supporting Town Health Protection bylaw • Risk and Safety Analysis • Support of Health Protection Bylaw and Power Plant Zoning study • Thank you to everyone who contributed through emails, letter writing, attending rallies, phone calls, flyer distribution and education

  3. JCRA 2010 - 2011 School Land & Hospital Lands 2010 School Land& Hospital Lands 2011 Engaging the community in a thorough & transparent community consultation on the best use of the Chisholm school lands Continuing to encourage a synergistic approach to decisions on Hospital Lands, school lands, Centennial Square and Oakville Arena Understanding the dominoes • Town Commitment to community consultation on the acquisition and use of Chisholm school lands • Regular attendee at Monthly Mayor Roundtable • JCRA participated in first Hospital Lands Visioning Workshop and highlighted need for broadening scope of mandate

  4. JCRA 2010 - 2011 Getting out the vote 2010 Working with others 2011 Continue to build relationships with other Resident Associations to leverage our impact Engage community in potential Ward Boundary options Continue to work with our representatives on improved communication & accountability to the neighbourhood • Ward 3 Candidate Meeting; great team effort by all Resident Associations • We had the highest voter turnout again • JCRA championed the first ever School Trustee Candidate meeting through supporting the OT School Council

  5. JCRA 2010 - 2011 Community Policing 2010 Community Policing 2011 Continue to be involved Post regular updates on our site Bring forward to the committee neighbourhood concerns • Regular attendees at monthly community Policing meeting • Posted on website key information regarding criminal activity and concerns i.e. vandalism, car thefts, Break and enter • Email urgent concerns to members

  6. JCRA 2010 - 2011 Roads and Industry 2010 Roads and Industry 2011 Continue participation with Petro Canada and Holcim Monitor employment land applications on Cornwall Monitor Mississauga Recycling Plant initiative Continue to look for ways to reduce speeding by schools Address any odor issues Support Go transit bus service to address traffic and parking issues • Representation at Petro Canada and Holcim • Advocated and achieved better streetscaping on Cornwall and Ford • Identified potential Mississauga recycling plant and raised traffic and usage concerns to Town • Informed Town re gas odor at Waste Mgt Plant • Delegated to Budget regarding Bus #25

  7. JCRA 2010 - 2011 Parks and Recreation 2010 Parks and Recreation2011 Connect and create Ward 3 Community Centre Committee to ensure our needs are planned for Encourage a needs assessment of services for our area in Master Plan update Encourage ongoing resident in preserving our parks and creeks • Delegated to Budget Committee need for community services in Southeast Oakville Feb 2010 and Feb 2011 • Identified and championed need for Parks Recreation Arts and Culture Master Plan review

  8. JCRA 2010 - 2011 Membership & Communication2010 Membership & Communication 2011 Grow membership Provide e newsletters after each board meeting Optimize new website for posting updates Increase email participation Survey members on issues/ website • 2009 Membership • 2010 Membership • 2011 Paid up members • Distributed door to door spring/summer newsletter • Regular member email updates • Identified opportunities to enhance communication starting with new website

  9. www.joshuacreek.orgCreated by Skorski web design

  10. Jeff Wigle Treasurer

  11. Membership Fees 21. ANNUAL DUES There shall be dues payable by members at a rate of $ 20 per annum per residence, or such other amount as shall be approved at an annual general meeting of members. Changes in annual dues, approved at any annual general meeting shall not become effective retroactively. Amended By-Law: 21. ANNUAL DUES There shall be dues payable by members at a rate of $ 25 per annum per residence, or such other amount as shall be approved at an annual general meeting of members. Changes in annual dues, approved at any annual general meeting shall become effective for the then current year.

  12. Term of Directors Amended Bylaw 17. TERM OF DIRECTORS Any member of the Corporation shall be qualified to be elected as a Director of the Corporation.  In the event that there are more than 18 director candidates, those individuals whom have served for a minimum period of three consecutive years, whether by virtue of election or appointment or partly both shall be deemed ineligible for re-election.  At any Annual General Meeting, the members of the Corporation may wave this ineligibility by a simple majority vote.

  13. Introducing your current board members • New candidate for the board • Call for any undeclared board candidates • Vote for 2011 Board

  14. WelcomeMayor Rob Burton

  15. Question and Answer