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Logo Designing - The Life Blood of a Business PowerPoint Presentation
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Logo Designing - The Life Blood of a Business

Logo Designing - The Life Blood of a Business

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Logo Designing - The Life Blood of a Business

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  1. Logo Design is never just shooting in the dark

  2. Why You Need Logo Design “We live in a Branded World” Identifies your company Makes your company a BRAND Consumers purchase products based on brand reputation Logo designs are used to boost up your business

  3. Why A Professional Logo is Valuable Logos for Professionalism When you are competing in a global market, a professional image is essential Logos as Identification Images on crates and boxes helped differentiate between mass-produced goods

  4. Why A Professional Logo is Valuable Logos for Brand Identity With a professional logo, you can build a brand and go beyond simple advertising. You can use viral marketing with related products that promote your brand as a lifestyle. BRAND IDENTITY !

  5. Logo should be a blend of Simplicity & Symbolism People will not spend hours analyzing a design to look for hidden meanings and symbols

  6. Logo Design For Your Business Logo is to be recognized and remembered A logo is composed of two important things Distinctiveness Simplicity

  7. Symbolism in Logos Logo speaks Shapes, lines and color of your logo say something about you The design helps convey to others what your company does what you stand for what you provide why people should choose you Don't go overboard with incorporating symbolism in logo

  8. Qualities of Good Logo Simple Meaningful Leave a lasting impression Stand the test of time A symbol representing the company Professional and eye-catching Must look different from competitors

  9. LOGO Integrity Honesty Loyalty Determination Strength Completeness Dependability Innovation What Does Your Logo Say About You A logo should portray corporate image of integrity honesty loyalty determination strength completeness Dependability Innovation

  10. Why Hire A Professional? Hire professional designers who are trained in making logo designs Save your time and effort Getting Ahead of the Competition Uniqueness and Customization Hire Me

  11. Register Your Logo Get your logo design registered so that no one can use your logo design for his own purpose and benefit.

  12. The Logo Designing Process of SYNAPSE Logo Designers

  13. Logo Designing Process 1. Client Interaction 2. Understanding Client Requirement 3. Research 4. Sketching & Conceptualizing 5. Reflection 6. Crystallization 7. Presentation 8. Finishing Touch 9. Delivery Logo Designing Process

  14. 1. Client Interaction Initial accumulation of information from the client is the most important step Face to face interview Questionnaire Know about Company Background Ask for References to draw inspirations from

  15. 2. Understand Client Requirements Look for Keywords Draw Mental Picture

  16. 3. Research Get to know the client business Get a feel of the industry Research the competition too Go through logo galleries or books for inspiration Keep eyes open for new ideas, be aware Study the logos of similar businesses

  17. 4. Mind Mapping – Sketching & Conceptualizing Use the napkin approach Do not grab the mouse unless you know what you want clearly Make a list of words that pop up in your mind based on your understanding; this would start creating images in your mind Remember its not only the graphic but the meaning conveyed through the graphic image that matter more.

  18. 5. Reflection Take a break to refresh your creativity Rest and get back to it with enthusiasm

  19. 6. Crystallize Your Idea Let your ideas take shape digitally Play around with fonts and colors Make sure the logo looks good in color as well as without them

  20. 7. Presentation Take Client Feedback Build trust and create further understanding Implement the changes suggested Let the client choose Feedback

  21. 8. Finishing Touch Give the finishing touch

  22. 9. Delivering Deliver the files & Celebrate Your Success

  23. SynapseIndia Who are We? A web design and development company based in India We have team of experienced graphic designers

  24. Why SynapseIndia? Have the ability to understand your unique needs & create a customized logo

  25. Why SynapseIndia? We are updated with latest tools & technologies

  26. Why SynapseIndia? We have knowledge of corporate marketing & branding

  27. SynapseIndia We create the entire concept, not just the logo Customers can relate to it & identify it Our logos are very effective and bring instant credibility

  28. SynapseIndia – Strategic Alliances

  29. SynapseIndia's Portfolio (Logo Designing)‏

  30. SynapseIndia's Portfolio (Logo Designing)‏

  31. Contact Us USA Call TOLL FREE - +1-855-Synapse(+1-855-796-2773) 4281 Express Lane, Suite L1620 Sarasota, FL 34238, USA Phone Numbers:Florida- 1-941-527-1257New York - 1-917-338-7987San Francisco Bay Area - 1-408-416-3511 Corporate Video: SynapseIndiaF 18, Sector 11Noida-201301, INDIA SEZ Branch SDF B-10, NSEZ,Noida-201305, INDIA Tel: (+91) 120 433 0500Fax: (+91) 120 254 6941 E-fax: + 18018460378(If you are dialing from the USA,please dial 011 first before 91) Contact: Kapil GuptaEmail: London, UK +44(0)2079934232 Contact: Ashish Goenka White grounds, London, UK Contact: Samir Kumar Discovery Bay, HONGKONG