parking and traffic studies at smf l.
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Parking and Traffic Studies at SMF…… PowerPoint Presentation
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Parking and Traffic Studies at SMF……

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Parking and Traffic Studies at SMF…… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parking and Traffic Studies at SMF…… . How Can Airport Operators Reduce Vehicle Trips & Congestion ?? San Diego Airport Air Quality Symposium Jim Humphries - Sacramento Int’l Airport. SMF Has Unique Operational Constraints.

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parking and traffic studies at smf

Parking and Traffic Studies at SMF……

How Can Airport Operators Reduce Vehicle Trips & Congestion ??

San Diego Airport Air Quality Symposium

Jim Humphries - Sacramento Int’l Airport

smf has unique operational constraints
SMF Has Unique Operational Constraints
  • CARB Imposed AQC Mitigation Requirements on SMF for Construction of New Runway in 1982
  • Parking Capacity Originally Limited to only 4270 Spaces
  • CARB Objective Was to “Encourage” Rideshare and Mass Transit
  • Environmental Groups Want SMF to Fund Light Rail with Increased Airport Parking Fees


regional services




Regional Services
  • SMF Serves a Region of 25+ Sprawling Counties
  • ~ 150 Scheduled Flights per day
  • ~ 7.5 Million Passengers in 2000
    • ~ 98% are O & D Passengers
    • ~ 20,000 Passengers per day
    • ~ 30,000 Vehicle Trips per day
  • Total SMF Emissions Roughly Equivalent to the Amount Generated by the Vehicles Attracted to a Single Large Shopping Mall !

SMF Combined Pollutants

smf customer characteristics
SMF Customer Characteristics

Most Air Passengers Unwilling to Pay High Fees for Taxis, Vans, or Parking

Low Awareness of Public Transit

Many Government Travelers (20-30%)

LT Parkers Likely to be Frequent Users on 2-4 day Business Trips

“Drop-offs” Likely to be Infrequent Users on 4+ day Pleasure Trips (more in summer)

30% of Travelers Carpool

Taxi / Van Usage = 5-6% of Passengers, 1-2% of TotalTrips

mode split estimates
Mode-Split Estimates

SP = Single Pax, MP = Multi Pax Vehicles

typical weekly traffic flows
Typical Weekly Traffic Flows





successful smf landside management techniques
Successful SMF Landside Management Techniques
  • Dual Terminals- each with own Curb, Roadways, & Parking Shuttles
  • Additional Parking Capacity
  • Proper Pricing of Short-Term Parking
  • Consolidated Rental Car Facility with Single Shuttle Bus System
  • Improved Van & Taxi Services
unsuccessful smf efforts
Unsuccessful SMF Efforts
  • Limiting Parking Capacity
  • Consolidating Hotel Shuttles ?
  • “Pay-on-Foot” Parking
  • Taxi / Van Discount Coupons
  • Public Bus Service
  • “Major User” Rideshare Policies
lessons learned
Lessons Learned
  • Each Airport Situation is Unique
  • Customers Want Speed and Convenience
  • Customers May Out-maneuver Your “Social Engineering” Efforts
  • Public Transit May Not Significantly Reduce Trips & Emissions
  • Lack of Parking Increased SMF Trips
  • Biggest Trip & Congestion Reductions from Eliminating “Drop-offs"
Carefully Manage Parking Capacity

Pricing Should be Perceived as a Value

Understand Seasonal Variance in Customers & Their Access / Parking Habits

Increase Public Outreach Activities

Encourage Passengers to Plan Ground Transportation at Time of Flight Planning

Provide Very Good Signage