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Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing

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Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Impact, Examples, and Analysis for Accountants and IT Audit Professionals Presented By Michael W. Pinch, CISA, CISM, PMP PricewaterhouseCoopers 2/20/2009. Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing. Why are we talking Web 2.0?.

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web 2 0 and cloud computing

Impact, Examples, and Analysis for

Accountants and IT Audit Professionals

Presented By

Michael W. Pinch, CISA, CISM, PMP



Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing
why are we talking web 2 0
Why are we talking Web 2.0?
  • Web 2.0 has evolved as a major ”buzzword” over the last year and is considered one of the most important concepts for the future of e-commerce
  • Misunderstanding of what web 2.0 really is
  • Companies are implementing web 2.0 solutions for internal productivity and external business
  • Web 2.0 creates new (and unorthodox) revenue streams that we as accounting professionals need to understand
  • Learn the true meaning of web 2.0
  • Discuss some examples of 2.0 projects
  • Code our very own 2.0 ”mashup” project
  • 2.0 revenue streams and profit models
  • Impact on accounting and auditing
  • Cloud Computing
defining web 2 0
Defining Web 2.0
  • ”Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the Internet as a platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on that new platform.”
  • Super connectivity, broken down barriers, and creativity, not skill, that creates value
examples of web 2 0
Examples of Web 2.0
  • Amazon API (Application Programming Interface)‏
    • Amazon opened up its internal databases to programmers with the intention of allowing them to create applications that will drive sales of Amazon products. Amazon has a profit sharing mechanism for developers whose applications result in sales.
    • As the service became more popular, Amazon started adding additional features to their API tools to help developers create more rich applications.
amazon 2 0
Amazon 2.0
  • Great example of an Amazon application
    • www.liveplasma.com
  • Uses Amazon ”Those who purchased this also purchased that” data to create a 3D world to link and recommend media purchases based on what you already like
  • LivePlasma.com has expanded its system to use the same data to also drive sales to iTunes as well
demo liveplasma com
Demo LivePlasma.com
  • www.liveplasma.com
  • Insert Screenshot of ShootandHook.com's payment page
  • Enhancing Web 2.0 services by merging them (hence the term mashup), or extending them with custom programming
    • Example www.shootandhook.com
    • Example www.isacawny.org
corporate projects
Corporate Projects
  • Companies with traditional business models are looking at the technology to provide more valuable reporting and knowledge sharing capabilities
    • Opening up data warehouses to internal users and allowing them to ”mashup” any data they desire
    • Often integrated with knowledge sharing tools such as Wiki to provide better insight into operations elsewhere in the company
      • Ex: Two individuals working on similar projects independently in different parts of the company
technology examples
Technology Examples
  • Javascript
    • Programmer gets javascript from web 2.0 provider and copies/pastes into site. Provider controls what it displays
    • Example
    • Web 2.0 application makes request to data servers for structured data
    • Web 2.0 application then processes that data however it chooses to create new functions and features
    • Example
making our own mashup
Making our own Mashup
  • Walking through the development process for ISACA Western New York site, www.isacawny.org
  • Mashup page consisting of CareerBuilder jobs in the field of IT, Accounting, Auditing, and Security, ”mashed” over top of a Google Map
    • Example
popular apis in web 2 0
Popular APIs in Web 2.0
  • Amazon
  • Google Maps
  • CareerBuilder
  • Ebay
  • CafePress
  • MANY more...
accounting treatments
Accounting Treatments
  • Case: Internet Advertising Company
    • Provides javascript ads to websites
      • Advertiser buys a credit to run their ads with the company, on a pay-per-click basis
      • Revenue can only be recognized when the ad has been priced, placed, clicked on, displayed, and screened for fraud.
      • Each ad may be as little as $.01 or as much as $5.00-$20.00
      • Auditing this process takes extensive process analysis and testing
bottom line
Bottom Line
  • Auditing these companies requires deep understanding of automated processes, control points, and testing of all potential process flows.
cloud computing
Cloud Computing
  • Cloud computing is a buzzword commonly used alongside Web 2.0, but is not necessarily linked
  • Cloud computing is the centralization of computerized resources, with the provisioning of tools to access these resources
  • Cloud types could include types of data, data centers themselves, or just processing power
  • Very much ”bleeding edge” and still evolving
cloud examples
Cloud Examples
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)‏
    • This is a centralized storage engine of virtual machines, mainly operating systems providing web applications or data
    • Called ”elastic” because you can dynamically increase or decrease computing power, and/or increase or decrease number of servers being used
      • Example: You run an E-Commerce business and you know that the lunch hour on M-F is peak traffic for your site. You can automatically stand up redundant application servers to serve the additional requests and take them down after the lunch hour. You only pay for what you use!
  • Pay by the hour
  • Pre-configured Software available such as Sun or Oracle systems
  • Different virtual machine types available
    • High Storage
    • High Processing Capacity
      • Prices range from $.10~$.80/hour, or $72~$600/month
google data cloud
Google Data Cloud
  • Google is currently sponsoring computer science programs to teach programming for the data cloud
  • Encourages students to design programs that do not rely on local resources
amazon s3
Amazon S3
  • Simple Storage Solution
    • Another Amazon cloud service
      • Dedicated to providing a simple, robust, and powerful service for mass data storage and retrieval
      • Pay by the GB
        • $0.150 per GB – first 50 TB / month of storage used
        • $0.140 per GB – next 50 TB / month of storage used
        • $0.130 per GB – next 400 TB /month of storage used
        • $0.120 per GB – storage used / month over 500 TB
potential effect
Potential Effect?
  • How much longer will this be cost effective?
          • Insert Photo of Old Data Center
questions comments
Questions / Comments
  • Sources / Influences
    • PwC Technology Forecast – Summer 2008
    • www.amazon.com
    • www.shootandhook.com
    • www.isacawny.org
    • www.liveplasma.com
    • Web 2.0 – A Strategy Guide – O'Reilly