we welcome you to the institute for advanced study n.
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We welcome you to the Institute for Advanced Study PowerPoint Presentation
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We welcome you to the Institute for Advanced Study

We welcome you to the Institute for Advanced Study

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We welcome you to the Institute for Advanced Study

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  1. We welcome you to the Institute for Advanced Study

  2. President's Initiative President Bruininks established the Institute for Advanced Study in 2005 as an incubator of new ideas and a venue for interdisciplinary collaboration, exploration, and research that encourages breakthrough discoveries to advance the frontiers of knowledge. Programs include: Residential Faculty Fellowships Thursdays at Four public lectures and presentations University Symposium Quadrant Program with the University of Minnesota Press Research and Creative Collaboratives

  3. The IAS brings together researchers from across the University. Karen Ho (Anthropology), Keith Mayes (African American and African Studies), Rose Brewer (African American and African Studies), Tom Romero (Hamline University School of Law), and Richard Martinez (Chicano Studies). November 30-December 1, 2006 Workshop on Race and Pedagogy

  4. University faculty spend a semester in residence at the IAS. Fellows focus on creative work, research, and writing. They meet weekly to discuss, critique, and support colleagues’ work. Back: RituBhatt (Architecture), Yu-JuChien (Sociology), Nancy Luxon (Political Science), Mark Pedelty (Journalism), Matt Huber (Quadrant), Heidi Stark (UMD-American Indian Studies), Jenny Schmidt (Art). Front: Juliana Hu Pegues (American Studies), Ann Waltner (IAS), Leena Her (Hmong Studies), Lisa Uddin (Quadrant), Jean Langford (Anthropology), Alisia Tran (Psychology), Teresa Gowan (Sociology). IAS Residential Fellows, Fall 2009

  5. Faculty, students, and community members take intellectual risks together. “Natural Rhythms and Time” An Exploration of Time in Nature at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum took place on April 26, 2008, despite freezing temperatures and a driving snowstorm.

  6. Thursdays at Four The range of events in our weekly series is deliberately eclectic. People from many disciplines talk about or perform their work. We put ideas in unexpected juxtaposition to lure you to experience something out of your ordinary range of interests and expertise, to be stimulated and challenged to think about new topics or to think about old topics in new ways. “Developing a Three-dimensional Body Satisfaction Intervention” A roundtable discussion with Karen LaBat, Karen Ryan, Carol Peterson, and Chad Sowers February 10, 2011

  7. Thursdays at Four “A Short History of Feeding the World: American Universities and the Changing Discourses of Food” March 3, 2011 ‘Saving Babies for Two Dimes a Day’: The Politics of Hunger and Race in Memphis - A talk by Laurie Green April 21, 2011

  8. University Symposium Each year the Institute for Advanced Study offers the University Symposium, a series of connected events that explore a critical issue from a variety of vantage points. 2005-06 Politics of Population 2006-08 Time 2008-10 Body & Knowing 2010-12 Abundance and Scarcity 2012-14 Site and Incitement

  9. University Symposium 2005-06The Politics of Population Survey of avian flu patterns in a talk by Stephen Morse of Columbia University on global surveillance and early warning systems for epidemic diseases, particularly influenza.

  10. University Symposium 2006-08Time With the support of a symposium research award, David Odde (Biomedical Engineering) led a group of chemical and biomedical engineers, artists, and film scholars to look at the catastrophic interactions of nanotubules and of popular imagery.

  11. University Symposium 2008-10Body & Knowing “Body Language: Human Dissection, Professional Identity, and the Aesthetic Grounding of Modern Medicine” Presentation by John Harley Warner October 12, 2009 “What Is Sexual Difference Now?” Symposium and conversation with Elizabeth Grosz and Joan Copjec November 13, 2009

  12. University Symposium 2010-12Abundance & Scarcity An Embarrassment of Riches: Picturing Global Wealth - Exhibit opening at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts September 17, 2010 Experiments on Rivers: The Consequences of Dams - An interdisciplinary conference November 11-12, 2010

  13. Quadrant A joint program of the University of Minnesota Press and the Institute for Advanced Study, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Quadrant provides research residencies and other opportunities for collaborative interactions at the IAS and supports publication of the resulting work by the University of Minnesota Press. Focusing on emerging areas of groundbreaking interdisciplinary scholarship, Quadrant has created four groups: Design, Architecture, and Culture Environment, Culture, and Sustainability Global Cultures Health and Society

  14. Examines how architectural and design practices are inscribed with cultural and social meaning. Quadrant: Design, Architecture, and Culture Eric Avila, Quadrant visiting scholar spring 2009, presented “The Folklore of the Freeway: Highway Construction and the Making of Race in the Modernist City.” Paula Lupkin, Quadrant visiting scholar spring 2011, presented “A Lager Landscape: The Cultural Economy of Beer in the Great Southwest.”

  15. Quadrant: Environment, Culture, and Sustainability Explores social and cultural aspects of land use, environmental policy, and ecological sustainability. Lisa Uddin, residential fellow in fall 2009, is developing her project “Breeding Grounds: Race and Renewal in American Zoos.” Jeremy Bryson, residential fellow in fall 2010, is developing his project “The Nature of Gentrification: Urban Environmental Veneers and the Remaking of the Spokane Riverfront.”

  16. Quadrant: Health and Society Focuses on the social impact of infection, disease, and medicine. Brand Aid: Shopping Well to Save the World (UMN Press, 2011) Stefano Ponte and Lisa Ann Richey examine the rise of a new modality of development financing in which celebrities ask consumers to 'do good' by buying particular brands.

  17. Quadrant: Global Cultures Focuses on the historical roots, current processes, and cultural impact of globalization. YasmeenArif, in residence spring 2009, developed the project “Afterlife: Recovering Life after Catastrophe.”

  18. Research and Creative Collaboratives Each year the IAS supports collaboratives of scholars and artists who work on innovative interdisciplinary projects. Collaboratives may bring together scholars from fields as diverse as biology and dance. For example: Choreography of the Moving Cell Carl Flink (Theatre Arts and Dance) and David Odde (Biomechanical Engineering) are working together to design a “Cellular Catastrophe Arena.” Dancers wearing protective suits learn about the subcellular changes within the human body and recreate the collisions between molecules and the creation of microtubules in order to test new theories about cell biology.

  19. Research and Creative Collaboratives IAS supports interdisciplinary research and public programs carried out by clusters of scholars and artists. For example: Dubai, Inc.How can the visual arts be used to raise critical questions about identity, economics, and sustainability with respect to the rapid growth of this global mega-city? How can art help communities to understand the benefits and consequences of rapid growth?

  20. The IAS hosts visiting scholars and fellows from around the world. In spring 2010, American playwright Leigh Fondakowski and Finnish architect JuhaniPallasmaa were Imagine Fund Distinguished Visiting Chairs, hosted by the IAS. They presented a series of six public conversations entitled “Artistic Thought: Conception and Experience.”

  21. More information: Please visit the IAS website at for more information. If you would like to be added to our listserv for weekly updates about events and opportunities, please sign up today!