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Warm-Up. Write down the lesson name and date. Write down the SWBAT: cite examples of each of the Five Themes of Geography (Movement) Answer the following questions in your binder: List different things that move around the world everyday.

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Warm up

  • Write down the lesson name and date.

  • Write down the SWBAT:

    • cite examples of each of the Five Themes of Geography (Movement)

  • Answer the following questions in your binder:

    • List different things that move around the world everyday.

    • Explain why the things you listed move around the world.

Teammate evaluation
Teammate Evaluation

  •  Write the following in your binder on 1 page.

    • Include all of your partners. (Partner 2, Partner 3)

    • After you complete it, you will hand it in to me for a grade.

  • Partner 1

  • Name:

  • Grade you would give them (A-F): 

  • Why did you give them that grade?

Groups for project
Groups For Project

1st Block

Dominique , Karessa , Dejuan , Jordan

Emily , Jeter , Shaheem , Tamia

Mi’Asia , Ontonio , Jalen , Ka’Sean

Armond , Julisia , Camarius , Mahogany

Lennor , Destanee , Kevin, Jeffery

Jazzlyn , Makayla, Curtis , Justin

Groups for project1
Groups For Project

2nd Block

Matthew , Isair , Samuel , Asia

Leslie , Travis , Javon , Erica

Mark , Reginald , Jaylen , Joselyn

Jervon , Kevin , Mohammed , Leshley

Thomas , Russelvelt , Janiya

I'Yana , Keti , Demetrius

Joy , Zach , Elijah

Groups for project2
Groups For Project

3rd Block

Tymel , Makayla , Dominique , Hernan

Kianna , Lindsay , Alexandria , Dereck

Arie , Drazen , Baily , Jaiven

Tre', Winstina , Delaney , Kiara

Tanyah , Timothy , Jah'Miyia , Omar

Khalida , Tyrele , Aniah

Louis , George , Demaya

Groups for project3
Groups For Project

4th Block

Nahshon , Joshua , Jadha, Karen

Alexis, Leemetria , Edson , Paul

Donye , Giovanni , Ranferi , Raj

Ajala , Imani , Toni, Saundra

Whitley , Anjali , Dayanna, Dakota


Geography – the study of earth’s surface

The five themes of geography

  • Location

  • Place

  • Human-Environment Interaction

  • Movement

  • Regions

Location where are we
LOCATIONWhere are we?

  • Absolute Location

    • A latitude and longitude (global location) or a street address (local location).

      • Paris France is 48o North Latitude and 2o East Longitude.

      • The White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  • Relative Location

    • Described by landmarks, time, direction or distance. From one place to another.

      • Go 1 mile west on main street and turn left for 1 block.

You are Here


What is it like there, what kind of place is it?

Physical Characteristics

Landforms (mountains, rivers, etc.), climate, vegetation, wildlife, soil, etc.

  • Human Characteristics

    • What are the main languages, customs, and beliefs.

    • How many people live, work, and visit a place.

Human environment interaction

  • How do humans and the environment affect each other?

    • We depend on it.

      • People depend on the Tennessee River for water and transportation.

    • We modify it.

      • People modify our environment by

        heating and cooling buildings for comfort.

    • We adapt to it.

      • We adapt to the environment by wearing

        clothing suitable for summer (shorts) and

        winter (coats), rain and shine.


  • How are people, goods, ideas moved from place to place?

    • Human Movement

      • Trucks, Trains, Planes

    • Information Movement

      • Phones, computer (email), mail

    • Idea Movement

      • How do fads move from place to place?

        TV, Radio, Magazines


  • How are Regions similar to and different from other places?

    • Formal Regions

      • Regions defined by governmental or administrative boundaries (States, Countries, Cities)

      • Regions defined by similar characteristics (Corn Belt, Rocky Mountain region, Chinatown).

    • Functional Regions

      • Regions defined by a function (newspaper service area, cell phone coverage area).

    • Vernacular Regions (Not in your book)

      • Regions defined by peoples perception (middle east, the south, etc.)

Remembering the 5 themes
Remembering the 5 themes

  • If you can’t remembering what they are just ask MR. HELP!!!

    • M – Movement

    • R – Regions

    • HE – Human Environment interaction

    • L – Location

    • P - Place

Your assignment
Your assignment

  • Locate each place on a map and trace a possible route the produce might take to reach Miami, Florida.

  • Name specific modes of transportation (boat, truck, train, plane, etc.) that the good would be transported in on its journey.

  • Use a road map of the United States to identify which major roads will be used.


  • Write this down in your agenda book

  • When you get home take out different items of clothes. Look at the tags of each item and write down what kind of piece of clothing it is and where it was made based on what it says on the tag.