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Conferences and Research Trips

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Conferences and Research Trips . C. entral to how we work and the value we add to clients are our conferences and research trips.

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Conferences and Research Trips


entral to how we work and the value we add to clients are our conferences and research trips.

We believe that the only way to make successful investments in Asia is to get out into the field and meet the people who make decisions as well as those who know what is going on.

There is no mystery to the approach, all it needs isaccess to the right people and knowledge of who really knows what is happening - and even more important what may happen next.

Asia is full of insiders with insight. They are the heart of our networks


onferences are held on location in Asia for clients once a quarter, unless breaking events require a special conference more frequently. The outcomes are relayed to those unable to attend the conferences.


onferences fall into three types.

6-18 month medium-term perspective on a market and its economy

Broad investment themes

Timely market or

country assessments.

Aimed at Chief Investment Officers,Particularly those Outside Asia who Need aSpeedy, In-Depth Update and Insight


Conferences and Research Trips



ll aspects of an important issue are coveredwithin 24-48 hours. We are very mindful of how pressed for time fund managers are. Sometimes We Put Two Topics Together So As To Make The Travel Worthwhile. We invite a wide range of informed people who are all expert in one aspect of the issue to talk with us for about 1hour - this provides plenty of time to get to the bottom of a topic. Usually they are people we know very well who are therefore comfortable to speak frankly to us. The forum of only 8-10 participants encourages openness through dialogue and straight talking, stripped of official rhetoric or defensiveness

e meet with policy makers, international agencies, corporate leaders, bankers and observers in the media and academe. From different angles they all help to build the complete picture of a particular issue.

xamples have included China’s Private Sector, the Pace of Restructuring in Korea and Malaysia and Pre-election Assessments in Malaysia and Indonesia. In all five cases the conclusions were that the market consensus was wrong and participants could benefit in the market.


hese have proved very reliable guides to the future. From China’s attitude to the yuan to corporate restructuring in Korea we have established views that were both against the consensus and proven right.


further benefit is to get the measure of keyfigures who make policy. These have included long discussions with key decision makers and advisers in Beijing and Seoul, as well as with Malaysian Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin and Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.


Provide a View that Stays Relevant for 6-12 Months


China’s Private Sector Conference : March 2001

SHANGHAI(Mar 12-13, 2001)












Hugh Peyman

Ray Tsaih


Fan Xingcha

Mark Channels

Wang Weixiang

Qian Yuanying

Deputy Chairman

Jackie Wong

NFO China

Ee Tai Tong


Wu Xiaoan


Lance Browne

Standard Chartered, CEO

Jasper Becker

South China Morning Post

China Bureau Chief


BEIJING(Mar 14, 2001)





Li Shantong


Development Research


Liu Chijin


Elizabeth Liu

CITIC Securities

Teng Yun

Changsheng Fund


Wang Yuan

Executive Director

State Development Bank

Former Head of International People’s Bank of China

















Grace Semiconductor

This groundbreaking US$1.6 billion Taiwan/China joint venture indicates that China is building the technological base on which many other industries will develop and that will attract other Taiwanese investment. Its high profile, linked with the sons of Formosa Plastics' Chairman Wang Yung-Ching and China-s President Jiang Zemin, has helped secure a further US$2.5 billion funding from China if the project to make eight and 12-inch wafers is successful. A listing is expected, possibly as early as this year. China NetCom

China's fourth telephone carrier after China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile was founded by US-educated entrepreneur Edward Tian and staffed by numerous "returnees". The roll out of its network has been impressive. Already it has 15% of the voice over IP market. Founding investors include the Chinese Academy of Science, the Ministry of Railways and the Shanghai Government. Investors through a recent US$300 million private placement are believed to include Michael Dell and News Corp. Investment plans comprise US$600-700 million in 2001 and slightly more in 2002. Listings on Nasdaq and Hong Kong are planned. Guang Yu Glass

A pure private sector company started in 1985. Its costs are 35% below those of SOEs which produce 90% of China's glass, implying substantial scope for expansion through consolidation of China's 44 glass makers over the next five years. Started to export to South Africa and South Korea. China's annual per capita glass consumption is 6-7kg compared with 17kg in the US and 8kg in Turkey.


China Rare Earth

China has over 80% of the world's rare earth deposits. China Rare Earth has 6% of the world market and aims to raise its share to 25% through expanding its own capacity, by acquiring small financially-distressed Chinese companies and through the shrinkage of higher-cost OECD output. Exports comprise 70% of rare earth sales. Its customers include Philips, Sharp, Hitachi, Toshiba, GE, GM and Samsung. Listed in Hong Kong. Fook Huat Tong Kee

China is the world's leading producer of apples. Combining China's low labour cost, land productivity and climate with Singapore management and Chilean growing expertise, FHTK is poised to become Asia's largest fruit company and a top 5 company globally. Already it has started to build brand. Listed in Singapore. Brilliance China Automotive

The definitive turnaround story of an SOE. Market share in light vehicles, with its Italian design, has risen from 4% to 30% after new financial management reorganised the manufacturing. Although the government retains control, management has options on 10% of stock and effective management control. It ranks No. 1 for productivity in the auto sector, only VW exceeds it in profit . It will probably be BMW's joint-venture partner by the end of 2001. Listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 1992 and Hong Kong since 1999. Nokia

The great foreign multi-national success story in China. Nokia has taken an innovative approach to building its China operations. There are now 86 million mobile users in China, 15% of world sales. Ultimate market size may exceed 250 million, the largest market in the world. Nokia dominates it, giving it scale and leverage globally. Zhu Rongji is very keen to get the successful China operations of MNCs to list in China.


OBSERVERSTony Jiang a new generation entrepreneur spent half his life in Shanghai and half in the US before returning in the mid-1990s. Finding his way round the red tape he opened Shanghai's leading club-cum-restaurant. Since then he has been involved in several ventures. Graham Earnshaw has created a career in Shanghai media and entertainment. Once Reuters Shanghai bureau chief he has gone on to manage China's Boy George while establishing China's first independent paper and several e-ventures. Mark Chennels has restructured three SOEs in the last five years. One he bankrupted, the other two have built a significant presence in packaging. Formerly with CSFB he has direct experience with the changing realities of Chinese productivity, corruption, the banking system, local government and the pace of change. Jia Wei is general manager of Fudan Science Park. Based around Fudan University, Shanghai's pre-eminent pre-1949 university, the science park is one of several that taps into Shanghai's deep theoretical science base: China produces 145,000 engineers a year, Taiwan just 4,000. Previously he worked at Liujiazui, the main property developer in Pudong. Sam Crispin is research manager of FPD Savills. With six years property experience in Shanghai he has built the most complete property database. He is widely regarded as the most knowledgeable person on the sector. Shao Yibo, twice national maths champion and Harvard Business School alumnus, has set up Eachnet, an online auction house. He is typical of the new generation of returnees who are taking China rapidly into the new economy.


Chen Rong is typical of the new generation who with little education due to the Cultural Revolution has built a substantial business. He turned his stock market gains into China's leading bowling equipment maker just as China went crazy over bowling. He has given Brunswick and other global competitors stiff competition in China. Jackie Wong heads NPO a consumer consulting firm with overseas links. Specialising in autos, telecoms and consumer products, clients include Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, GM, Nissan, VW, Toyota and Unilever. Lance Browne has nearly 20 years business experience in China. Head of Standard Chartered and the British Chamber of Commerce he has unique insight into doing business in China from knowing business and political leaders over many years. Jasper Becker is the South China Morning Post bureau chief in Beijing. Last year he published the widely acclaimed The Chinese. Previously he wrote the definitive book on the Great Leap Forward (Backwards) the seminal influence against which current economic policies are reacting. Li Shantong heads macro economic forecasting at the Development Research Centre, a think tank / research institute, that advises Zhu Rongji's cabinet on macro economic policy. Wang Yuan is one of China's leading economic policy advisers. Formerly head of the International Department at the People's Bank of China, the Central Bank, she is now special adviser to Chen Yuan at the State Development Bank that was founded to spearhead efficient lending to the infrastructure sector. Bill Kazer our translator and organizer has had a career that spans nearly three decades of expertise in China. Among other positions he started Reuters Chinese Language Business service first in Taiwan and then in China. He has been financial correspondent in Taiwan for the Far Eastern Economic Review and Reuters bureau chief in Shanghai.


US And Asia Conference : September 2001

( Postponed Due To New York/Washington Attacks )

WASHINGTON(Sep 12, 2001)

Welcome and Introduction

Robert S. Strauss, Former U.S. Trade Representative (1977-79);

US Ambassador to Moscow (1994-1996); Co-Founder of Akin, Gump

The Investment View From Asia

Hugh Peyman

Questions From Asia : From Japan to Pakistan

Philip Bowring, consultant to Research-Works, Hong Kong, advisor on Asia to the World Economic Forum and Oxford Analytica, columnist International Herald Tribune, former editor Far Eastern Economic Review

View from Washington : Bush Administration Attitudes and Approaches to Asia

Thomas Pepper, President, Wave Hill Associates, Inc. New York

Economic Policy: The Strong Dollar-- Plaza Accord II? Priorities in Asia.

Edwin M. Truman, Former Assistant Secretary of Treasury for International Affairs (1998-2001);

Director of the Division of International Finance of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve (1977-1998)


The Relative Importance of Asia for the Bush Administration: Different Perspectives

Europe and Russia : Mark C. Medish, Former Senior Director of the National Security Council (2000-2001);

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs (1997-2000)

Mideast : Frank Anderson, Senior Vice President, Foreign Reports, Inc.; Former CIA Chief for Near East and South Asia

Asia : Liu Yadong, Managing Director of Medley Global Advisors Emerging Markets Group; Former Chinese Foreign Ministry Official (1985-1990)

Pasuk Phongpaichit, Professor of Economics, The Political Economy Centre, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, author of Thailand's Crisis and Guns Girls Gambling Ganja: Thailand's Illegal Economy and Public Policy

What Wall Street Wonders about the Administration and Asia

Robert D. Hormats, Advisor to Hampshire Partners and Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International

WASHINGTON(Sep 13, 2001)

US Foreign and Security Policy: Rethinking Security Fundamentals

Engagement or Neo-Isolationism? New Views on Asian Bases? China after Hainan?

Kenneth L. Adelman, Adjunct Professor of National Security, Georgetown University

School of Foreign Service; Former Director, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (1983-1987); Assistant to Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld (1975-1977)


Accommodating the 800lb Gorilla: China Inside the WTO?

Howard Balloch, Former Canadian Ambassador to Beijing (1996-2001)

Manufacturing Recession Brings Trade Wars?

William L. Paxon, Former Chairman of the Republican House Leadership;

Chairman of Bush/Cheney Transition Advisory Team

S. Bruce Wilson – Democratic Trade Counsel, House Ways and Means Committee (1991-1998);

Assistant U.S. Trade Representative (1987-1990)

Daniel L. Spiegel – Head of Akin Gump’s International Trade Practice

Cooperation or Competition?

Thomas S. Foley, Former Speaker of the House of Representatives (1989-1994);

Ambassador to Tokyo (1997-2001); Chairman of the Trilateral Commission

The Economic Outlook for Asia in 2002

David Robinson, Senior Advisor, IMF



Robert Strauss knows Washington as well as anyone. His intimate knowledge began in his days as advisor to President Lyndon Johnson and continues up to the present. Co-founder of international law firm Akin Gump, his long and varied career has included being Chairman of the Democratic Party, the US Trade Representative who negotiated the Tokyo Round as well as being Ambassador to Moscow when the Soviet Union was dissolved.

Hugh Peyman has spent nearly 25 years in Asia. Founder of Singapore-based Research-Works, an independent research firm that does the long-term thinking on Asia for fund managers, he started Merrill Lynch's research in Southeast Asia before going on to head its research for all of Asia. He also started the Asian brokerage and research for Dresdner Kleinwort Benson.

Thomas Pepper the Founder of Wave Hill Associates has over 20 years experience in Asia that included four years as the Director of the Hudson Institute's Asia-Pacific Office in Tokyo. He is the author of several publications including The Competition: Dealing With Japan which that year the Economist chose as the one book to read on Japan.

Edwin Truman is the Senior Fellow at the Institute for International Economics in Washington. He was US Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for International Affairs (1998-2001) and Director of the Division of International Finance of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (1977-1998).

Mark Medish is a partner of Akin Gump having served as special assistant to President Clinton and senior director of the National Security Council where he helped form and implement foreign policy on Russia and the NIS. He was previously Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for International Affairs, advising Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers.

Frank Anderson was a 27-year veteran of the CIA, having been Chief of its Near East and South Asia Division. He was also Chief of the Afghan Task Force. He is now Senior Vice President for Foreign Reports, the Washington-based advisory firm that specializes on the Middle East.


Liu Yadong was a Chinese Foreign Ministry Official from 1985-1990 when he was a top interpreter for Deng Xiaoping, Zhao Ziyang, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng and Zhu Rongji. Subsequently he taught Chinese foreign policy at Brigham Young, assisted Pulitzer Prize winner Harrison Salisbury and worked with the BBC on three famous documentaries about the personal and political lives of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. He is now managing director for emerging markets at Washington-based Medley Global Advisors.

Pasuk Phongpaichit is Professor of Economics at Thailand's leading university Chulalongkorn. Currently she is visiting professor at Johns Hopkins. Specialising in political economy she has co-authored Thailand's Crisis and most recently Guns Girls Gambling Ganja: Thailand's Illegal Economy and Public Policy.

Philip Bowring is a Hong Kong-based consultant to Research-Works and for long has been Asia's pre-eminent financial and political journalist with nearly 30 years experience in the region. Formerly editor of the Far Eastern Economic Review he is now a contributor to the International Herald Tribune as well as advisor on Asia to the World Economic Forum and Oxford Analytica.

Robert Hormats is an Advisor to Hampshire Partners, a joint-venture between Multi-National Strategies, the New York-based emerging markets investment advisors, and Akin Gump. He is also Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International. In public service his positions included Assistant Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Senior Economic Advisor to Dr. Kissinger, General Scowcroft and Dr. Brzezinski at the National Security Council.

Kenneth Adelman was President Reagan's Director of the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency during Reagan's Super Power summits with Gorbachev. Previously he was Deputy Representative to the UN and advisor to Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Howard Balloch until recently was Canada's Ambassador to Beijing as well as to Pyongyang and Ulan Bator. He was involved closely with the negotiations leading to China's entry into the WTO. After five years as ambassador he is now a consultant for White River in Beijing.


William Paxon chaired the Bush/Cheney Transition Team, having been chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee when the Republican Party captured control of the House of Representatives in 1994. Currently he is a partner of Akin Gump.

Bruce Wilson had a 25-year career in Federal Government including as Assistant US Trade Representative For nearly 17 years he was an international trade negotiator. He directed US preparations for NAFTA and the Uruguay Round. He was also the Democratic Trade Counsel at the House of Representative's Ways and Means Committee.

Daniel Spiegel is head of Akin Gump's international law practice. Previously he has been US envoy to the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the World Health Organisation, the International Labor Organisation, UNCTAD and the International Telecommunications Union. He was also special assistant to Secretary of State Cyrus Vance.

Thomas Foley has had a 30-year career in Congress rising to be Speaker of the US House of Representatives, having been majority whip and Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. In 1997 he became Ambassador to Tokyo and is now a director of the Japan America Society. Currently he is a partner of Akin Gump and chairman of the Trilateral Commission, having previously chaired the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

David Robinson is the Senior Advisor at the International Monetary Fund's research department in Washington. Currently he edits the World Economic Outlook the IMF's forecasting document. Previous experience in his 17-year career at the IMF have included periods spent working on Asia and Eastern Europe.


e include some of the conferences that we conducted in our previous incarnations with Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and Vickers Ballas.


CHINA OUTLOOK 1998/1999, BEIJING(Feb 24-26 1998)

Ian Johnson(Dow Jones) James Kynge(Financial Times)

Bill Kazer(Reuters)Mark O’Neil(South China Morning Post)

Li ShantongDevelopment Research Center, State Council

Prof. Zhang Shu-GuangChinese Academy of Social Science

Zhou Shi-JanChamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals & Chemicals

Cao Yuan-ZhengState Commission for Restructuring the Economy

Dr. Zhang Zhun-LinState Commission for Economy and Trade

Dr. Wang Guo-GuangChinese Academy of Social Science

Dr He Xi JingIndustrial & Commercial Bank of China

Cao Si-YuanMerger & Bankruptcy Consultancy

Jasper BeckerSouth China Morning Post

Wang YuanPeople’s Bank of China













China Outlook 1999/2000



Bill KazerReuters

Marcus BrauchliWall Street Journal

Maggie FarleyLos Angeles Times

Elaine ChanBloomberg

Professor Jin ZhiSITIC

Sam CrispinFirst Pacific Davies

Wayne JiaLujiazui Development

Jian He PingShanghai Municipal Government

Foo Choy PengSouth China Morning Post

Sun DemingGuotai Securities

(Jun 9-10, 1999)

(Jun 7-8, 1999)


Ron HoffmanCanadian Embassy

Ian Johnson

Dow Jones

James KyngeFinancial Times

Li ShantongDevelopment Research Center State Council

Lin KunState Planning Commission

Sa QiBank of China Research Institute

Zhang XueyinState Information Centre

Yang ZhigangChinese Academy of Social Science

Wu Jian BaiSun Hung Kai Properties Beijing

Jasper BeckerSouth China Morning Post and

author of Hungry Ghosts

Wang YuanState Development Bank



















  • Government / International Agencies
  • Dr. Kim Kihwan
  • Ambassador for Economic Affairs
  • John Dodsworth
  • IMF, Representative
  • Deepak Khanna
  • IFC, Representative
  • Corporates
  • Lee Sang Hoon
  • Daewoo, Head of Restructuring Committee
  • Hye Yung Shik
  • Hyundai, Member of Restructuring Committee
  • Koh Yung Chul
  • Choheung Bank, Head of Restructuring Committee
  • Observers
  • Dr. Oum Bong Sung
  • Korean Development Institute
  • Shim Jae Hoon
  • Far Eastern Economic Review
  • Oh Gun
  • Societe Generale
  • Lee Suk Jae
  • Dataview,
  • Government
  • Tun Daim Zainuddin
  • Minister of Special Functions
  • Dr Zainal Aznam Yusof
  • NEAC, Working Group Member
  • Tan Sri Azmi Wan Hamzah
  • NEAC, Working Group Member
  • Dr Sulaiman Mahbob
  • NEAC, Economist
  • Marianus Vong
  • Danamodal
  • Observers
  • Datuk Paul Low
  • Malaysian Manufacturers Association, President
  • Al’ Alim
  • IR Asset Management, President
  • Jayasankaran
  • Far Eastern Economic Review
  • Harun Halim Raisip
  • Halim Raisip, CEO
  • Dato Shahrir Samad
  • former Deputy Minister of Finance

( Nov 26, 1998 )

( Jun, 11 1999 )


Elections and After

  • MALAYSIA( July, 1 1999 )
  • Government
  • Dato Mustapha Mohamed
  • Second Finance Minister
  • Dr Victor Wee
  • NEAC, Principal Economist
  • Political Parties
  • Dato Shahrir Samad
  • UMNO
  • Carl Chow
  • MCA
  • Dr Chandra Muzaffar
  • Keadilan, Deputy President
  • Observers
  • Dr Jomo Sundarum
  • University of Malaya, Professor of Economics
  • Datuk Kadir Jasin
  • New Straits Times, Group Editor
  • Wong Sulong
  • Star, Business Editor
  • Datuk Paul Low
  • Malaysian Manufacturers Association, President
  • Simon Elegant, Jayasankaran
  • Far Eastern Economic Review
  • INDONESIA( May 6, 1999 )
  • Government / International Agencies
  • Dono Iskandar
  • Bank Indonesia, Director
  • Lloyd McKay
  • World Bank, Principal Economist
  • Mel Brown
  • IBRA, Senior Adviser
  • Corporates
  • Kiagus Umar Tochfa
  • Aneka Tambang, CFO
  • Hasan Tebiono
  • Astra Agro, Corporate Secretary
  • Jonathan Zax
  • Sampoerna, Director
  • Krishnaswamy Alladi
  • Unilever, M&A Director
  • Observers
  • Manggi Habir
  • Credit Rating Agency of Indonesia, President
  • Narayan Menon
  • KPMG, Consultant
  • Bob Barton
  • Austindo Nusantara Jaya, Director
  • John McBeth
  • Far Eastern Economic Review

Research Visit

  • Government / International Agencies
  • Dr Arporn Chewakrengkai
  • Prime Minister’s Economic Adviser
  • Dr Renuka Vongviriyatham, Dr Kirida Bhaopichitr
  • World Bank

( Jun 21-24, 2000 )

  • Bankers
  • Niall Booker
  • Nikhil Srinivasan
  • BoA Asset Management, President
  • Jim Stent
  • Bank of Asia,EVP
  • Research / Consulting Organisations
  • Dr Nimit Nontapunthawat
  • Bangkok Bank, Research Head
  • Dr Charl Kengchon
  • Thai Farmers, Vice President
  • Dr Peter Brimble
  • Booker Group, President
  • Chris Bruton
  • Economist Intelligence Unit, Director
  • Brokers
  • Choedchu Sophanpanich
  • Supavud Saicheua
  • Merrill Lynch, EVP
  • Robert McMillen
  • Seamico, CEO
  • Observers
  • Chris Baker
  • author Thailand’s Boom and Bust and Thailand’s Crisis
  • Nick Cumming-Bruce
  • Asian Wall Street Journal
  • Ian Woo
  • Nation